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I stay in Goa and, not wasting time, I will come to my story. Goa was ruled by Portuguese and got liberated in 1961. I live in a building which was built by my grandfather way back in 1950.

This incident happened with my dad's sister way back in 1977. She was unmarried then and she had a habit of getting up in middle of night to use washroom. One day she got up to use washroom that was located outside the main building in those days, so she had to walk some distance.

When she was returning she saw one old lady in the bushes with a small kerosene stove, frying something in pure ghee. As smell was apparent, it felt like she was frying egg on tava. She got shock of her life seeing this old lady in dark, but she could not make out her face. All of a sudden this old lady appeared in front of her and she looked very scary. Seeing her, my aunt fainted. Later in the morning she was spotted unconscious and had high fever. She recovered in few days but what she saw that night she never forgot.

To date when she comes home she remembers this incident. She told her husband about this and he said she was mad, but my aunt believes that it was a spirit.

Later my granny cleared this that it was a spirit of a worker woman who was involved in construction of that building and fell from the terrace and died at night. No one knows if it was a murder or suicide or accident. But one thing my granny stated was even more shocking. My granny said that the woman liked eggs very much and she would make sure that she ate eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that too she loved egg fried in pure ghee.

So it must be the spirit of that lady wandering in premises.

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Rocky-sur05 (1 stories) (2 posts)
18 minutes ago (2019-11-20)
But I think she was stupid women wo robbed other people eggs n ate them too... 😠 😠 😠
Rocky-sur05 (1 stories) (2 posts)
20 minutes ago (2019-11-20)
She is spirit of that worker wo fell frm our building terrace, she used to even like boiled eggs n sometimes she was spotted boiling eggs in container, she would sometimes make omelette adding onion tomato n eat it for lunch, but usually she liked egg fried in pure ghee for dinner, but she hated otheer non veg stuff, I wonder how can persom eat eggs all d time n all over d day wiyhout being bored... I wonder if she is dead how can she eat eggs, my granny stated thatshe would buy eggs in bulk from a wholesaler n store them in earthen pot, but sometimes her grandson used to come n rob few eggs, n she would get annoyed, so she used to hide it, she was very attached to eggs n anyone maddelling with her stock of eggs, she would curse dat person, omce she sat to eat her dinner n got up in d middle of fud to respond to voice calling her out, meanwhile her dog ate all d eggs in her plate, next day her dog was found dead... Sucj was her love for eggs, I think she would eat atleast 6 eggs in a day, n never her stomach got upset...
silverthane61 (1 stories) (127 posts)
2 weeks ago (2019-11-09)
The old woman's ghost apparently bonded with your relative through eggs prepoared with ghee. I wonder if anyone else in your family has had an encounter with this woman.
Lealeigh (2 stories) (126 posts)
2 weeks ago (2019-11-07)
Hi Rocky-sur05,

You said that your Grandfather built the place where you are living in 1950 and that the woman who met with an accident or foul play was a worker who was connected with the construction.

I was wondering if she was connected to your family in any other way. Like a family acquaintance or something.

When your Grandmother confirmed that there had been a death of a similar woman did she tell you or did she tell your aunt? Has anyone else reported seeing her?

Thank you for sharing your story, Maria ❤

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