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There Is Something In My Office Building


My account is about the building I work in (Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand in case any of you have knowledge of it that might be helpful).

There has been talk of haunting type activity for over a year now. At first just a few people and we thought they were crazy. Then a few more people. Most didn't talk very openly about it.

People have talked about hearing laughter and hard to make out voices when no one was there, weird shadows, inanimate objects moving, someone said they saw lights briefly whizzing around in the underground car park. Two people swear they saw a ghostly dog. I would definitely discount that as imagination if not for they were both together and say they saw it on the stairs. 

I thought they were all nuts until I started having experiences too. I've had three that I think may be haunting related.

1). I've felt someone rubbing their hand on my back when no one was there.

2). I watched a swivel chair swivel through 360 degrees slowly one way twice around and then back the other way twice around. No one was near it.

3). I'm getting a feeling a lot now like there's someone behind me when there isn't.

I don't know if its to do with the haunting itself or if it's just because I'm scared now, but I have been having really realistic bad nightmares about being followed by someone I can't see.

A lot of the staff here have had experiences but we keep it amongst ourselves. Management here is really bad and they will take any excuse to bust our chops.  

I don't know what to do. Is there something I can do to protect myself from whatever is happening?

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Whatdoido (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-30)
Thanks for your comments guys. 2nd1st that does sound like it may be the same building. The Department did move into the building in December 2017 so I probably overlapped with you there at some point. Big building though 13 floors. LOL 13 floors that suddenly sounds ominous to me. I'm on floor 7, where were you?

Ladyglow I hope its just trying to get attention and nothing worse. I wonder if the dog is a pet? There was a girl in my team that had a black dog and it did die last year. But the dog had never been to the building that I know of and the girl left before we heard anything about dog sightings so I'm not sure if that could be it.

Biblio you talk about it being an urgent thing needing to get lots of people attention quickly. I guess that makes sense since everything seems to have happened really quickly and very subtle
2nd1st (1 stories) (118 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-30)
Well mate, this is familiar territory. Literally. Thorndon is about a half hour walk from where I live. Indeed I worked in thorndon before switching jobs early last year.

Thorndon is not that big a suburb and only the part that impinges on the city cbd has office buildings and there are not many of those.

I say this because there is a fairly good chance that I know the building you refer to.

Is it a building that was recently renovated before a large government department moved in there towards the end of 2017?

The building I describe is the building I worked in. I first heard rumours of haunting type activity a few months after I left. Locally it is now widely considered haunted.

I don't know for sure if its the building you are talking about but given the locale and timeframe I think it likely.

The building I refer to is a miserable, toxic working environment with extensive workplace bullying and an unusually high degree of corruption for NZ.
The sheer anxiety, fear and stress of so many of the workers creates a massive amount of negative energy there.

Its the sort of environment in which a negative or low vibrational entity would thrive.
If someone were to introduce such an entity to that environment, it would do very well very quickly.
It would be like sneezing into a petri dish.

If someone was to introduce such an entity, it would probably be done in a controlled way and for a specific purpose. As such, I think its fair to say that although many people may sense and have some experience of it, the presence would not constitute an actual threat to anyone other than parties against whom it was specifically targeted.

So if this is the same building and same situation, I doubt that there will be any risk to your safety from it.

Given that its all happened so fast, and given the degree of mistreatment of staff and conflict, I consider it likely that this is an introduced entity. Again that is assuming it's the same building.

Is there some way I can send the OP a pm? Seeing as we are both locals I think a coffee catchup could be of benefit
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-30)
Greetings, Whatdoido, and welcome to YGS.

One of the reasons I like reading lady-glow's suggestions and ideas is that she takes a very positive and reassuring approach to dealing with the unexplained. I would have had a lot more to type tonight, but I agree with her line of thinking.

I tend to like factual analyses and investigative thinking when reading a submitted narrative on YGS. Sometimes my brain makes odd, intuitive leaps without any explanation *why* it has dredged up an idea. I've had to learn to trust this, even if I occasionally make suggestions that seem peculiar.

As I read your narrative, I couldn't shake the notion that you need a bottle of lavender water. If you are allergic to lavender, or you hate the scent, this suggestion will be completely useless. Whoever (whatever) is haunting your offices is desperately seeking attention from a great many people in a short period of time; this can indicate a rapid escalation of activities to generate a lot of fear, shock, surprise, and distrust, which are negative emotions that some spiritual entities seem to feed upon or -at least- draw strength from.

I did not get a particularly religious sense of you from the narrative (sorry if I mis-judged this point), but people have been known to burn incense and/or spray scented water to "cleanse" a location, much as you'd see a Catholic priest use in a blessing ritual. I'm not suggesting that you seek out an exorcist, though! I think you may benefit from having a small spray bottle of lavender water from Amazon (or similar) at your desk, so that you may lightly mist the area with a pleasant-scented spray when activity begins. If you happen to be alone, you may speak to it politely & firmly, along the lines of "you're upsetting me and my friends; please stop trying to surprise us because we're not finding it funny." You could tell it to move on, I suppose, but telling it that its activities are not appreciated may be sufficient.

Again, this is the thought that just dropped into my head as I was reading your narrative; as I couldn't shake it loose, I'm passing it on to you with good intentions. If you choose some other method of dealing with it, that's entirely your decision, but please let us know how you are getting on *especially* if the situation changes.

lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-29)
Welcome to YGS.

Whatdoido - that sounds like a lot of activity and numerous witnesses. Can you think of any event (like the death of a former employee, or an accident at/nearby the building) happening shortly before the activity began?

Based on your narrative, the activity, though unnerving, doesn't seem to be negative. Perhaps someone is just trying to get some attention.

I imagine it would be difficult to bring a paranormal team to the premises, much more to perform a blessing/cleansing of the place but, next time you sense this presence you could try to talk to them acknowledging its existence and asking politely not to disturb you and say a little prayer on their behalf.

"Two people swear they saw a ghostly dog. I would definitely discount that as imagination if not for they were both together and say they saw it on the stairs."

You'd be surprised to know how common is for animals to visit their humans after (the pet's) death!
The dog might hold a clue to who this person was in life.

Please keep us posted.

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