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Family Guest 2


I wish to start off this story by saying that this is a follow up on a previous story I had published on this website in 2011-11-01. I have unfortunately lost all my login details and the password help function wasn't successful. Thus, I have created a new account. For those who wish to read my previous story, my username back then was tellanizer and the story title was "Family Guest".


It's now 2019 and much has happened and changed since my initial story I submitted about my ghost "Frikke". I've met my husband, got married, moved out of my parents' house then moved back 2 years later and, just a few days ago, we got granted our visas to immigrate to Australia after waiting almost 10 months for it.

Needless to say, I've changed. I've grown up and my perspectives on life had changed dramatically. Mentally I've matured and somewhat calmed. I had reached a point where I had lost all interest in my friend "Frikkie" and I guess after many Biblical courses attended and Christian research on the matter I've made myself believe that "paranormal things" cannot be made into something that it probably isn't.

Because my outlook on the matter changed and my belief that "Frikkie" might have been a figment of my childhood imagination that evolved as I grew older, he disappeared. I convinced myself that I probably looped my mother into thinking he's real too, because I was uneducated on the matter and a child looking for attention. I've even told my mother I don't believe "Frikkie" is or was ever real. She had come to a similar conclusion.

Well, needless to say, he's back.

I've tried gathering real world explanations to what has transpired these past few days but, to be frank, I don't. In fact, I am now convinced that these past few years he's been hanging around and I just subconsciously ignored him because his little unexpected appearances made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy because they usually meant bad things are coming. Now that I look back at each and every bad thing that has transpired, he did in some way let me know beforehand. I just didn't care to acknowledge them.

Now to explain. My husband and I have had a bad time. I've lost 2 very close uncles beginning this year to cancer and the December before that we lost 3 dogs we loved dearly. We lost our jobs and we initially lost our first working visas to Australia. We had to sell our house and sell my husband's car, moved in with my parents, found out I have PCOS and somehow we had to come up with a plan B for our lives. But in-between all that, "Frikkie" was present. I just ignored him.

I could easily ignore him because his approaches and signs where faint, but the past few days he's been on a rampage. We got granted our Visas and booked our flights to Australia, since then he's been at it.

More than once I've been woken up at 03:00 in the morning to the image of him standing in our room, facing the window overlooking our garden, his face blurred out. I become too uneasy at the sight of him that I just grab hold of my sleeping husband's body and close my eyes and hope he goes away.

He moves my personal items into places that I never would've placed them. I blamed my husband or mother, but the other day I deliberately placed my hairbrush on my bedside table as I went to sleep, and awoke to my brush being flung across the room. I decided that this could've probably been me knocking it off myself in my sleep until I did it 3 times and the 3rd time I woke up to this brush being flung and I was facing my husband, laying on my side with my back turned to the bedside table and my arms wrapped around my husband. I froze and didn't move as I lay there listening to my husband's breathing and then I heard it again... My bedroom cupboard door opening as it used to when I was a younger.

Things have gotten worse since Monday (02/12/19). My husband told me to wake him up at 3:30 on Monday as he needed to leave for Zambia that day. Needless did he know that "Frikkie" would wake us. I woke up at 03:00 to the feeling of unexplained weight to the end of our bed. Yes, there he was "Frikkie" sitting on the side of our bed staring into the hallway where the once closed bedroom door had been opened. I immediately woke my husband and "poof" Frikkie was gone. My poor husband woke up to such a fright that I couldn't bear telling him why I woke him 30 minutes earlier than requested. I just told him I had a bad nightmare.

So, my husband has been gone since Monday and "Frikkie" has decided to target my mother as well. She messaged me at work today to say that she thinks he's back. He's been knocking on doors and the worst of all, my dad had decorated the garden in beautiful Christmas lights. Unexplained, the one particular set of lights are lit but no power is provided to it. To make matters worse, these lights are the ones "Frikkie" likes to stare at when he's in my room. My possessed floating in air nightmares have returned.

My mother and I are very much concerned after a whole different event had occurred. In short, a very good friend of my mother had decided to gift her a beautiful painting that a lady had painted just before my husband left for Zambia. The paintings are not just paintings, the lady painting them requires two of your favourite Bible verses and she goes and prays about it and whatever comes to her mind, she paints. Well, she painted a small little girl with blonde long hair holding a brown teddy bear, walking on a dirt road somewhere between fields of yellow sunflowers. You cannot see her face because the painting is of her walking away towards something far in the distance, a black figure in the shape of a man holding out his hands.

Now... My favourite flowers are sunflowers, I had long blonde hair as a child and still do. I had the exact same looking clothing and teddy bear as painted in the artwork as a child. This lady didn't know any of this. All she said about this painting is that this was the vision she got when painting. This painting is beautiful, but when we noticed that black figure, we both looked at each other, stared at it and the uneasy feelings crept in. Softly my mother said to me, "This image had been printed in my mind since a child."

That's when I knew something really weird is happening here. Something unexplained, something unresolved. I know my mother had a very rough childhood and she grew up very much abused and neglected by her mother and father. Is this man someone from my mother's youth that looked after her that she cannot remember? Someone who had passed on and felt he needed to still watch over her and now somehow confuses her with me as many had said we look like twin sisters rather than mother and daughter? Is this "Frikkie"?

We both know that when "Frikkie" is around causing all kinds of mischief, something's up and my mother and I have been bracing ourselves for whatever it is that he is so eager to warm us against. I get the feeling he's mad. I hope he doesn't follow me to Australia and I hope he stops soon.

I've never been afraid of him, but I'm petrified at the unknown and possibly pending bad event coming my way. I noticed my mother had hidden the painting in my brother's old room behind the door. I need to get to the bottom of this.

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jabond99 (3 stories) (61 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-21)

Through both of your narrations, I do not note any instance where you tried to cleanse or help to move on Mr. Frikke. Now, it seems you are at a point where you want to take action on this. I would encourage you to try. Is there anyone where you stay in South Africa that can help? If not, I am hopeful those with more experience on this site can guide you. My only guidance is that you should try to do it before your move to Australia (more for your mother's sake than for the sake of it following you).
silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-16)
The 3 AM encounters and the facelessness of the entity are worrisome - but your events, shared by your mother, are undoubtedly happening. Different faiths have different beliefs on spirits and ghosts and I do not want to get into that. Whatever your belief system, these events are obviously continuing. I would worry if the instances start involving physical attacks as this seems to be the progression with negative entities (ie, infestation, oppression, possession). Hopefully this entity is only a harbinger of bad omens to prepare against and nothing more than that.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2019-12-13)
Hello Tellanizer,

I have read both of your accounts; I hope you don't mind if I write the comments that I have for both of them here.

I will start with your first account:
I think that the spirit shape that you saw first was another thing. I don't think that it was Frikkie. Did it respond to you or to anything else at the time?

You said:
"For weeks he would stare at me while I slept and then disappear for months. He would just walk through the room, but strangely never would walk in the hallway as if something or someone was keeping him from doing so."

Maybe, you were dreaming this specific encounter in response to an emotional feeling from seeing this being between you and your uncle; with children, it is very uncomfortable when unexpected things happen and it would not surprise me to know that the sudden appearance of an unexplainable "person" would get into your subconscious.

I feel like this is the case with the dream that you describe yourself having; a response to a feeling of being shaken out of normality (I have this theory about children and comfortable routines because, fifteen years ago, I used to babysit a three-year old girl who watched: "Dora the Explorer"; all the songs are repetitive in a very obvious way; those songs put me in a state of mind where I had to find the answer).

I think at the time of your life that Frikkie makes his debut, after the death of your uncle, you were in an emotionally fragile place; death of a loved one is not easy and leaves young people preoccupied with questions that they never had to consider before. I think that Frikkie is a different entity because his actions are always attention grabbing.

It may very well be that Frikkie is your uncle; your uncle died very suddenly and died young. If it were me that died in the way that he did, if I was on Earth with energy to pitch a fit, I might do exactly that. I don't know. I might demand the notice of my loved ones; though, most of my loved ones are quite stubborn and would probably ignore my antics until forever.

Comments for your second account:
I'm not sure that Frikkie is able to predict future hardships; it may be that he can, in some way, sense illness that is in it's early stages and hasn't yet come to fruition.

His actions make me think more of an entity that childishly wants your attention; not so much the "helpful" variety. I think that he is using the energy that you and your loved ones are producing during all of your times of upheaval. I am pretty sure that it centers around you and is only noticed by others when things are particularly agitated.

I am very sorry to read about the deaths of your loved ones, human and animal. I, for one, do not take the passing of my loved ones with any grace.

One more thing: is there any way that you might be able to speak to the woman who painted the picture that your mother has? I would be curious to know what prompted her to paint the black figure.

I hope things have gotten better for you since you submitted your account.

- Maria ❤

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