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My Shadow Friend


This story is quite extensive; but I am being patient so I request politely that you are as well. I have quite an amount of information on the paranormal - but this is the one experience which has befuddled me for years. When I was 6 years old I lived in a 100 year old Victorian 3 story home in the (very) small village of Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. My father and I have always been quite close, but as a young child he was gone frequently on business. Being a kid - I missed him and would look foreward to the days he would come home. Even though I was young I remember this distinctively.

I was playing in my bedroom, drawing in cardboard boxes to make "homes" for my toys (I have a very vivid memory, mind you. This is all true and exactly as I remember.) From the hallway I heard my name being called in a man's voice. My father had been gone for some amount of weeks and I thought perhaps he had showed up at home to surprise me. (naive, I know). I was excited - and I ran out of my room to meet him. My bedroom was on the 2nd floor, and from the hallway outside my bedroom, I could look over a railing and see the entryway below. I looked over the railing (or rather - through the railing, being so short as I was) and below saw the figure of a man, standing silently. There was nothing significant about him, and I noticed immediately that he was not my father. In fact - he was not anything. Just a blackness... Contoured like a man... his, face? He had no face. Merely the outline of what a face would be... But blank. And just as dark. But I could tell - he looked up at me...

At that point I screamed and ran into my bedroom - my mother ran out of the kitchen and when she finally coaxed me out of my room there was nothing in the entry way.

I had dreams about that 'man' for years but it merely became a memory. Shortly after that particular incident my family moved from Florenceville to Moses Lake, Washington - so that my father wouldn't need to travel so often.

The next incident with the shadow - man was when I was about 8. I was sleeping in a bedroom which I shared with my younger sister - and woke up one night for no particular reason. At the time I was a very heavy sleeper (as opposed to now - I am an extremely light sleeper)... and it was surprising that I was awake. Something in the room felt - weird - as a child would think something was 'weird'. I sat up in my bed, and noticed immediately, at the end of the bed was the figure, his elbows leaned on the edge - "head" in "hands"... staring at me. I thought I was seeing something, until it cocked its head... Needless to say I hid under the covers - naeseous - until morning.

Nearly a year later, I was in my bedroom nearing night, getting ready for bed. I opened my closet door - and in the corner was the figure of the man, his knees held up to his chest in a very childish position. His head hidden in his arms. The next few weeks he began appearing subtly in my dreams... But I didn't see him again for quite some time.

In fact - I don't remember seeing him again for many years afterwards.

When I was 11 I moved from Moses Lake to my current location in Central Wisconsin (for the sake of safety I won't give the name of the city.) I didn't think too much about the shadow - man until I turned 14. That year I started to become very agitated out of nowhere. When I walked up the stairs from my basement, my heart would race for no apparent reason. My basement is finished and so not scary in any way... Nothing provoked these feelings in any way.

Out of the corner of my eye, during all times of the day I started seeing a darkness that was slightly unnerving. Being older - I figured I was imagining things and refused to connect the darkness to the shadow - man I had seen as a child.

I began waking up in the middle of the night - scared to death for what seemed like no reason. Of course you could associate this to some sort of mental illness or whatnot, I'm sure... But I have no other history of being distraught or what have you.

I was having panic attacks on a regular basis because I became so frustrated and scared of whatever seemed constantly around me.

After a year of this - there was an evening that really set everything up for me. It had been a few months since my last panic attack and thought everything was a - okay. I was laying in bed, unable to sleep - thinking about school or friends or whatever - when I heard a loud rattling noise. My dog (which sleeps in my bedroom with me) was laying on the bed next to me... And she woke up upon hearing the noise. Immediately I recognized the noise as being the beads hanging on my closet door handle. They were rattling violently, and when I looked in their direction - the noise stopped. The beads were moving ever so slightly but the door was completely closed. What I first noticed though was a black figure, in the shape of a man - looking at me. I admit - I was shaken - ... but upon seeing him face to face for the first time since childhood... I didn't feel terrified. In fact I became quite calm.

I should more thoroughly explain this man. When I see him, like I just said, I feel calm... But sometimes when I merely catch him out of the corner of my eye I feel slightly uneasy. His full - bodied appearances are sometimes accompanied by slight tapping noises but since the bead night nothing quite so loud has ever been heard. When I look at him, he does not immediately disappear. He appears to be dark - but since I usually see him in darkness I recognize that he is not only black but is a void of all light. Darker than the dark that surrounds him. Like a black hole with a body.

There are countless other instances I could record, and if you have any interest in it I could share others. But for now there are a couple other points I'd like to make so you fully understand his nature... Or perhaps can help me to understand.

If I am feeling uneasy, when he's around I feel calm. Sometimes though, when I think too much about what he REALLY might be, I get frightened. I don't know his intentions... If I'm just crazy... If he's some sort of evil who is trying to trick me or just something that needs help. The fact that he's followed me from Canada, to Washington to Wisconsin is a bit unnerving. I didn't think spirits could tag along with a person? I've heard of possessions but I wouldn't even consider this as one.

When I become uneasy about his presence I have told him so. In fact on several occasions I have made his presence known aloud - speaking to him, saying hello... Or at times yelling at him to go away and leave me alone. Usually he doesn't... but sometimes he seems deterred and will leave for long periods of time (sometimes weeks or months).

My long time boyfriend is a partial believer in the paranormal, and certainly open minded. I have told him all the details of my shadow - man and he seems quite interested but thinks maybe it's "all in my head". At one point, he challenged him... Trying to provoke him to show himself.

A week later my boyfriend called me in the middle of the night. Stating that he awoke with a start - and as he looked towards his door, what seemed to be a cat - void of light - was at the foot of his bed. He described it with the exact same qualities of my shadow - man. This cat apparently leapt from the floor, claws out towards my boyfriend... As if it were trying to claw at his face. It disappeared before it made contact.

Whenever my boyfriend spends the night... There are occasions where Shadow (as we now call him) will show up. I have felt emotions from Shadow... Usually curiosity (when it's just me) or calmness... Or sadness.

But when my boyfriend is around I feel intense jealousy and anger... The only times I'm ever afraid of his presence

I need some opinions... Or some stories from anyone who has had a similar experience.

Can spirits (or whatever he is) be intelligent enough to have varying emotions? Is he maybe jealous of my boyfriend? My boyfriend thinks he may have a liking for me... Since he's been with me for nearly 11 years. Is this possible? Any experts out there?

Does this sound like a good or bad entity? What should I do?

I haven't seen him in a few months - the last time I saw him my boyfriend was with me, and I 'told him off'.

I hate to admit it but I kind of miss his presence, don't know whether to call him back or leave it be. Could he possibly need me for something? Should I be afraid or flattered?

Thank you for spending so much time reading all 8670 words to this story. I appreciate it greatly, any help would be fantastic. I'll post further stories (about unrelated ghost stories) at a later time.

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scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
15 years ago (2009-12-28)

I believe your shadow person doesn't mean to do you harm. If he has been around for 11 years and has done nothing to hurt you I doubt that he will. Spirits will try to communicate or contact you in dreams, at least they do with me every once in a while. I have seen many many different forms of shadow beings, and most have not made me feel afraid. I have also seen shadow cats and a few times a shadow cat accompanied by a shadow person, so your boyfriend is not crazy for seeing a shadow cat. If you have a dream about your shadow person again he may tell you something or give you a name of some sort. I wouldn't try to openly communicate with him unless you feel very confident in what you are doing, and remember you might get the attention from other spirits as well and not all are as nice as your spirit friend.

-Sydney ❤ 😊 ❤
sheeeiiilaaa (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-19)
I forgot to mention, when I was little, me and my neighbors and brother were all on a walk. It was a very sunny day and I looked back and saw a shadow walking about 10 feet behind us. I told everyone else to look and they saw it too.

Later that week, I saw him behind a tree. He had a type of weapon. It was all black like him so I couldn't tell what it was. But it looked like a knife. That's why I was afraid of him at my party... I thought he maybe had that knife again, and I thought he would try to hurt us.
Again, please answer my question.:]
Oh and I'm not sure if it's just my house with him in it or not. Every time someone saw him, it was by my house... And my house is over 200 years old. Many people have died in it.
sheeeiiilaaa (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-19)
I've had a similar experience. When I was having my 11th birthday party, me and 3 friends saw an 8 ft tall shadow figure standing on my porch...we're not sure what it was but it was the second time we saw him. Both times it was from 11:00pm to 11:30pm. The next morning, he was in my bedroom. It was at exactly 5:55 am. When it turned 5:56, he vanished... How tall do you think the shadow man you saw was?
Also, the shadow man we saw, we couldn't see a face on him. All we saw was a reddish tint where his eyes should be... It looked like he was wearing a mask. After we ran away from him, he ran the opposite way-towards the fire we had going... Then when the light hit him, he vanished. All 4 of us could have sworn he was faster than a cheetah... We still see him every once in a while, too.
I had the same feeling you had when you saw him-calm. I was alone at the time. The man was in my room when I was watching tv... It seemed like he was reaching out to me or something-like he needed help. That was about a year later, too.
Anyways, could you reply to my questions please?
Kenaz (2 posts)
16 years ago (2009-01-07)
Wow! 😊
I saw a shadow man too but white. First time when I saw him (2000-2001 I don't remember exactly the year) I was in the room for guests, staing in the dark, listening a music and thinking like somebody else about my life that I have to make some changes. So, I saw for may be a second a white light coming from the entry. The lights in all appartment- turned off. I thought that may be it's my imagination and I continued to think about my life but something made me look again there and I saw a white shadow of a high slim man without a face, just white shadow who just was standing looking at me. I was really shocked and afraid. I couldn't move by fear and I thought that my heart will broke to million pieces and I think he felt my fear and just disappeared. He was with a short hair, long nose.
The second time was last year - 2008 (in the summer) but this time I saw only the white light (in the kitchen - all kichen was in a white light again for a second and I felt like something has hit me with a ball of fire in the stomach like I had 50 C temp. And my part of the body with the stomach moved a little back) before he comes and than I went to my mother's room 'cuz I know that he makes himself to see it when I'm alone, when there are no others. I turned on the lights I continued to feel that thing in the stomach but not so strong, but enough. I understood that he was still there in the kitchen. I standed waiting to calm down to feel that he's not there anymore. However, I went to the kitchen's door with all courage I had but when I was near I heard that the door was creaked two times and I went back to mom's room and I woke up her. She saw me how I tremble - my legs, my arms - all my body... I was so scaried so much, God!
I don't know why and when exactly he comes to me make himself to see, may be in some special or critical period of my life - I don't know. I thought that he may be is some angel because he's white and he comes always with a white light first and rarely (years) but why then I'm so afraid from him? I thought also that he's may be my mother's dead brother but why I'm afraid so too? I ask myself what was that "fire ball" that I felt in the stomach... For what... Like a sign that he comes or may be some symbol of something or something about my health? I can't also ask him by fear! You know I don't remember well but I think that I start to see him after my incident when I was almost dead by something that the doctors haven't explanation and I saw the white light with all that feelings of harmony, peace, love, truth, calm, Home - just wonderful.
I also think that may be there is a sense about what colore they are - black or white and SADA_OSEGUERA may be has right about it but if it's right I want to ask WHY? Why the white shadows are in this way when they are white and they have to be Good leave a good feeling in the person when they come and not fear?
monkeyking12345 (5 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-07)
😕 yea I would say don't trust anything super because there dead and stuff but what ever floots your boat
16 years ago (2008-05-07)
hi there. You guys got to understand one thing there's the white shadows and black shadows. White shadows are creepier they give some kind of a horror vibe when they are around. The black shadows are more of a selier kind of ghost. My own shadow played mind tricks on me I litteraly mean my own shadow as in the one you make when you walk to places. It seemed to jump and when I looked at it it would stop but this was two years ago. While my experience with the white shadow was not that pretty at all this one would slam doors and give night mares of falling of a cliff and looking down and for my surprise it was waiting for me to die. Buffalo your wright they are smart but to smart for your own good in other words don't trust them 100percent they play tricks. And time is nothing to them since they travel through time AND THIS I MEAN.
tidiwife (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-23)
I have seen my shadow person to, and it unnerved me. I wouldn't call them back but would like to know who they are. I feel that they are someone that is related to me, but how. Why are they watching over me? Good Luck with yours.
Ballybumba (3 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-23)
Gosh, a shiver has just run right down my spine. A very interesting story.
Do you think the feelings you say you experience could be his?
Maybe he projects his own emotions onto you.
So when he feels calm, you feel calm...etc.
Please keep us up to date.
whitebuffalo (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-23)
Looks as if you have quite a few good thoughts going on here, bravoesque77.
Yes, Spirits CAN be intelligent enough to... Just about anything. A spirit is an inner being of a person. It can think and perform just as a human. The thing that makes things harder on them is the fact that they are "life impaired". They do appear to have a wide range of emotions, just as live beings.
Honestly, though, I do not feel this one is jealous of the relationship you have with your boyfriend. I would think that his emotions are more along the lines of a protective older brother. You may have had a threatening feel coming from him directed towards your boyfriend, but no less or more than what a brother would give in warning to any little sisters new love interest.
I do feel he is connected to you, but he will not harm you. He has had eleven years in which to sway you in whatever way. I do not think he has any evil intent.
You have a harmless spirit hanging around you who seems to be happy just checking things out. I would not call him back. Perhaps the reason he has left is merely because you have found someone that he approves of, or is comfortable with you being around. Just wait it out. When he feels you need him, again, he may return. Until then, count yourself blessed to have had such a friend.
Thank you.
Tella (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-21)
I used to have a shadow friend at a store where I worked. He just liked me. Just something about me he liked. He would play pranks, leave things in the middle of the floor for me to find and look over my shoulder at what I was doing occasionally.

He did shove a couple of people off ladders that had done things to me, so if he didn't like someone he made it known. I saw him once, he looked like a reflection in a window. And I had a bad accident in the backroom of the store. I fell off a chair, it crumpled under my weight and sent me flying backwards against a stack of dinnerware. A very wobbly stack that shoudl have fallen over with just a look but when I hit it it was solid and I slid down the stack onto the concrete floor. Got a broken tailbone, but if the dinnerware had fallen over it would have been a snapped spine, so I have no doubt in my mind that my ghost helped me that night.

After I left that store due to troubles with the manager, it felt angry. Shortly after all the previous staff that had been there left for other stores, got demotions or fired and the store went from an A list store to D and nearly got shut down. :)

Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-20)
Hi bravoesque. I found all 8670 words very interesting. Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed it. This shadow fellow could very well be attracted to you and been following you. I agree with Sorcha - don't try to contact him, you could become open to entities that may not be as passive. By the sounds of it he'll be back, it's like he's keeping track of you. As Shelby said, just be respectful and ask him to leave you alone.
bravoesque77 (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-20)
I agree with both Sorcha and Shelby--I don't think he'll do me any harm...You're right Shelby, I need to try to treat him wih respect. It's been a while since I've seen him last but I've dreamed of him recently... Though that could very well just be my imagination.


Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-20)
MAN, I would love to figure out what these things are, they are almost ubiquitous. They seem to act independently and not residually and are capable of either taking natural animal forms or working in concert with animal-like beings. Sometimes they're described as short and quick, other times as tall and lingering. The "facts" around these things are so disparate, it's hard to discern a presentable pattern. They just will NOT be pigeon-holed, will they? 😆

Even some residual hauntings which seem to be re-enacting past events sometimes "break character" and interact with the living briefly.

So intriguing, I can't understand why this isn't THE scientific study of the century.
mustang (5 stories) (749 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-20)
Hi bravoesque77. I have had many experiences with a shadow man. I talk about him in my story "Shadows in My Life". My husband has also experienced this being a couple of times in his life. Is your shadow man around when you are under a lot of stress, anxiety, depression or all of the above? It seems like mine has come around more during these times, especially when I was younger. It's obvious to me that he is not there to hurt you but just look after your best interest maybe. If he was threatening or going to hurt you, it would have already happened. I believe that he or "IT" is probably your spirit guide or a family member that has passed on. I don't understand why he would show jealousy towards your boyfriend. I'm thinking this being was more along the lines of angered because of your boyfriend provoking and challenging him. Wouldn't you be a little upset if somebody was yelling at you or trying to provoke or challenge you. As for that cat incident, if that really happened and it wasn't a dream, I think maybe this being did that to scare your boyfriend for being mean to him but never intended on hurting your boyfriend or anyone for that matter. Also, the feelings that you are feeling when this being is around or in your peripheal vision are all natural feelings. It's kind of like if a family member or friend came up behind you when you were not expecting it and startled you. That's all it is. If there is ever a time that this being makes you feel uncomfortable, just politely tell him to leave. Don't yell at him or be mean. You get more of what you are asking for when you use kindness and respect instead of hatefulness or anger. 😊 Thanks for sharing your story.

Sorcha (59 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-20)
Hi bravoesque77,
Thank you for posting your story! I enjoyed reading it very much. 😁 What an intriguing entity! I think perhaps it might be either a relative who has passed on or someone you knew from a past life. I know this is not helpful but knowing this site, you will get a lot of ideas and answers to your questions! I don't think it would be a good idea to try to contact the shadow though. That might open you up to other things.
Good luck!

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