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Was It Really Me?


I want to share an incident which took place 12 days ago with me. And I don't know what you all will think about me, but I swear I saw it.

I am now 17 and will give my IGCSE exam soon. For my exam, I have to move here and there to do coaching's. I live in Bangladesh's capital city, Dhaka. There is a place near Dhanmondi, named as Lalmatia. I use to study in a coaching center situated in Lalmatia.

One night, after my coaching ended, I was coming home. It was the time of Ramadan and many of the people were in the mosque to pray. There were few people in the road. I saw a boy like me, probably of my age, running. His run was as fast as Usain Bolt. Few people in street were laughing loudly, talking on phone, some were having a smoke, where some were gossiping with their friends, few were getting slap from their roommate.

I was in a hurry, hurry because of study and also to pray to Almighty. So when I was in block-G I had noticed that the street light suddenly turned off, which I ignored. I switched on my phone and started to walk. When I had passed through the Street Light, I came back in back. It means, I saw myself, coming out from the coaching. I got scared and also shocked. I run as fast as Usain Bolt and now I had realized that it was me who run like Usain Bolt, that boy. So you can say I was stuck in a time loop. Not only me, I saw another me. I talked to me. (Just to clarify your confusion, you can consider it as Jcct-3, as Jcct-2 came out now from the coaching center.) He told me to take path from right. I listened to him and did it the same. But nah, nothing worked. All of a sudden I had realized that my hand is shaking and paining. I saw that my hand is turning yellow and I could hear sounds of a crying baby. Then someone dropped water on my eye and I found myself in my coaching. My teacher said that I fell asleep.

Then after my coaching, I came back home. I gave a Salam (Muslim style of greetings) to my parents. They shockingly looked at me and asked me why I gave Salam twice within 4 minute? I got shocked and at the very right moment I heard a crying sound from our garden. When I looked at the garden, I saw myself there and within a few second, it got vanished. So was it really me? And who was crying?

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ParanormalInvestigator19 (1 stories) (17 posts)
9 months ago (2022-07-08)
Sounds like the possibility of a Doppelganger, however, the main question I am wondering is, did the crying disappear when the spirit disappear, or were you still hearing the crying after?
Jcct (4 stories) (17 posts)
11 months ago (2022-05-09)
Hi Rajine Yeah could be. I've more interesting spooky incidents to share.
Rajine (14 stories) (568 posts)
11 months ago (2022-05-07)
Hi Jcct

Perhaps it could be your doppelganger, I shared a similar experience in one of my older stories, a doppelganger is someone who is exactly like you, however your'll both are around at the same time, and since you are alive and your parents also, experienced it as well.

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