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Cox Bazar is the famous place for tourists and the 2nd end land of Bangladesh.

Zamil and I are cousins but we are more than that, like brothers. So after my mid-exam, I planned to go outside for a trip to Cox's bazar with Zamil as my parents were outside of country for business work.

It was 7th of April 2019 when we had started our journey, at night 10 pm. I know the exact time as 8th April was his birthday and also there was a big digital clock with red numbers. So at morning we had reached Cox Bazar. We booked our hotel room. Our hotel name was Long Beach. It's a 5 star standard hotel with all kinds of amenities usually what we get in Pan pacific or Radisson. So we booked our room 1209 (you can't forget any spooky room numbers at all.)

At first all the thing worked superbly. We had our breakfast in the Jhi-Jhi restaurant. Actually it was the first time I went to any kind of 5 star hotel without parents, so I thought they will not take charge for 1st day breakfast (usually you will get breakfast for next morning.) And also the price was more than what we thought. A beautiful looking woman probably of age 33 or more with a glass in her eye, helped me by sharing money. I refused her first, but she gave me, forcefully, and went away suddenly.

Zamil was on the washroom on that time. So when he returned, I shared everything with him. So time passed all the day, by enjoying at sea-beach, by swimming. At night, when Zamil went outside for a walk, that woman came in my room. I thanked her for sharing money. She said ''It's ok, I like to help others.'' Then we became good friends. She said that '' My name is Lily.'' And all of a sudden, she disappeared. Then Zamil knocked came to the room.

Next morning, before entering to the restaurant, I saw that all the staffs and managers was worshipping to Almighty. When I asked what actually had happened, one of the staff replied that ''our owner Mrs. Lily died in the same day a year ago by accident.'' Then he showed me the picture of Lily, which matches with the woman who helped me.

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Jcct (4 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-13)
Hi Rajine! Thanks for commenting. Yeah it could be possible, but why she came to me only, is my question. Still I am afraid about these kinds of paranormal incident.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-12)
Hi Jcct

I suppose that hotel meant a lot to Mrs Lily that's why she's still attached to it.

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