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The Girl Under The Tree


This incident happened to me in the year 2018.

I was traveling from one district to another by public transport, i.e. Bus. I always loved to travel at night time. I had applied for a job in a reputed company. And they called me for an interview after a week's time. As soon as I got the interview letter; I immediately packed some important stuff, booked a seat on the bus through phone call & in due time bid goodbye to my parents.

It was near midnight when the bus stopped near a Dhaba. The conductor said in a loud voice that whoever needs to use the washroom or have something to eat may go to this Dhaba. Maximum of the adult passengers got down and lazily, in a half-sleep state went into the Dhaba, and ordered a dish or two. I too did the same. After I was done eating and paying the bill, I came out of the Dhaba to have a cigarette. While smoking leisurely, I noticed a shadowy figure standing under a mango tree at a bit of distance. At first, I didn't pay any attention to it, but after a few minutes passed, I started to have a feeling of being watched by someone, and that too very intensely. Moments passed and I realized that there was something weird near that tree.

As my suspicion grew, I started staring at that tree. Something unknown, invisible kind of thing seemed like calling me to come there.

I walked a few steps towards that tree and then stopped, just to keep a safe distance from something unknown. Now the distance between that tree and me was about 10 feet. Although not very clear, I was still able to see the surroundings of that mango tree (Thanks to the street lights which were not much far away). I was deeply engrossed in observing the surroundings when suddenly out of nowhere there was a faint sound of "chrrr...chrrr"; as if someone had just then walked over the dry leaves scattered all around the tree. Now, honestly, I was shiat scared and therefore started chanting the holy name of Lord Raama. After two minutes of continuous chanting, I stopped and tried to focus on one side of the thick stem of the mango tree (straight to my right-hand direction). What I saw there freaked me out terribly. There was a girl standing under the tree, staring at me with a smile! Her long hair was getting disheveled in between all across her face due to the wind. Her facial expression was like as if she was trying to communicate with me. I couldn't stand there any longer and ran away out of extreme fear. Never ever before had I been so scared.

Never ever I shall be able to forget that girl. From the year 2018 to this year 2022, there are numerous incidents where I have felt her presence around me.

Can any one of you guys help me to know what this entity could be? How to get rid of it? To this date, I haven't done any kind of pooja regarding getting rid of her as I'm too scared of what she might do to me or my family members. And No, so far she hasn't done any harm to me.

(pardon me for my English.)

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The_Dark_Soul (5 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-27)
Thank you for this suggestion, itsdan4u.
Yeah, I'm planning to start this as soon as possible. ❤
itsdan4u (23 posts)
2 years ago (2022-06-02)
sundar kand bro.
Just do it religiously. It will save you not just from this problem but many other that may befall...
The_Dark_Soul (5 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-31)
Hello The_Lost_Voyage_11 and Rajine, Warm Greetings...

Am so sorry for the late reply... Please don't mind.

I don't remember that much now, but I still remember that it was just a kind of smile you give when you meet someone or when you're about to greet someone.

3 months ago, I did a ritual in a temple. Just to keep me and my mom-dad safe from anything negative. To be honest, I didn't even remember about that girl the days before going to the temple for worship, and even the days after.

Now I experience a light atmosphere around me and even the room where I sleep and stay has also become quite pleasant.

From these signs, I conclude that the problem is solved - at least for now! Let's hope for the best in the future.

Lastly, thank you so much for your concern. I'm honored and I appreciate it.

Take Care!
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (245 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-13)
Hello The_Dark_Soul, thanks for sharing your encounter with us. It can be unnerving to say the least to be followed or see anything that is not of our world, fear can definitely factor into how these experiences play out.

It seems to me that your original assumption is probably the correct one. She is trying to communicate with you, for what purpose I don't know, but surely if she had something negative planned for you it would have surfaced by now.

When you saw her smiling, was it a genuine smile do you remember, or more of a grin which depending on the context of the situation can be a negative thing.

Perhaps you can seek the assistance of someone skilled with dealing with otherworldly presences, someone of course who is reputed and reliable and can help safely communicate with this entity. If she is indeed reaching out for some kind of help, then that is something that should be uncovered before you send her off.

If she is watching you, waiting for another chance to communicate, then yes, that would produce some anxiety, especially since she is no longer part of this world. That kind of fear could cause you to react the way you are, not necessarily because she is harmful or a negative spirit.

If you're looking for advice, I would enlist someone to try and communicate with her, find out what she wants and if you can assist by sending her on. I'm not sure what you're customs are, but you may have some people who deal with spirits that can assist. I would not try it on your own as it may open some doors you cannot close without the proper protection. It would benefit to find someone who is also unbiased, someone who doesn't judge all spirits as evil and must be banished, someone who seeks the truth and can really help, that's all this girl may really need, and for some reason she seems to have seen something in you that made her believe you could help. I could be off base about this, but I trust my intuition, tap into yours and see what it tells you once you get past the fear you have (which is understandable). Good Luck!
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-12)
Hi The_Dark_Soul

Maybe there's a reason only you were able to see this entity, after reading your incident and some of the replies I take it that when you spoke to others, they didn't seem to know what you were saying.

Do you feel that whatever it is, is following or attached to you? And can you care to elaborate on the numerous incidents where you felt her presence?
Jcct (4 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-11)
Then ig she is in love with you and wants to marry u. 😁😁 Ig she is alone and need a life partner.
The_Dark_Soul (5 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-11)
Hello lady-glow and Jcct,

First of all, thank you for welcoming me to this site and appreciating my English.

Secondly, I am not quite sure about the good or bad things that might have happened to me in the past. But yes, life seems to become a bit easier... & simple. I repeat, "a bit easier", not much.

Yeah, I happened to go from that same route multiple times and I did ask a few of the vendors & shopkeepers and the staff working in that Dhaba. None could reply anything positive and even seemed confused on hearing my question.

I didn't really ever care about having any sort of vibes from her and from the past 2 years am even not feeling much threatened but, you know, the feeling when you get because of someone or something, like a sound echoing inside you, saying, 'you can't escape my eye.' I don't know if it's for good or bad for me but doesn't that suppose to mean weird? Scary? Crazy?

Do guardian spirits make you feel anything like the above-mentioned things? Does their presence make your inner intuition say to you 'you can't escape my eye'? (Just asking.)

(I swear I never caused any kind of serious harm to anyone so far.)

I hope I have answered all of your doubts.
Jcct (4 stories) (17 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-11)
Why we will pardon you, your English is way better than mine, or others. And well I also have the same question, as Lady-glow that '' Has anything bad/good happened to you around the times of these "encounters". Have you gone back to the Dhaba and asked if anyone else has seen her?''
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-11)
Welcome to YGS.

First of all, your English is very good.
Secondly, it's hard to say for sure, and based upon the little information provided by your narrative, who or what this girl is.

"there are numerous incidents where I have felt her presence around me."

What is the vibe you get from her?
So far, she hasn't done anything against you, have you considered the possibility of her being some sort of guardian spirit?
Has anything bad/good happened to you around the times of these "encounters".

Have you gone back to the Dhaba and asked if anyone else has seen her?

If you feel in any way threatened by her, it's time to ask for help though, in my opinion, she doesn't seem to have interest on harming you or your family.

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