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Philbert The Pizza Ghost


So, this started a few years ago at my old job at a pizza place. I don't have great memory so this won't be a fluent story, more like disorganized highlights.

It started not long after we began working there. Stuff thrown, things missing, but I didn't think much about until I noticed the footprints. Bare footprints through the left side of the kitchen, coming from the fryer through the storage area and to the drive through window. Now, I'm a logical person and we had a person with schizophrenia working with us so I debated the possibility of it being him with my boyfriend, whom I worked with. We even went as far as try to compare feet to the footprints; none of us matched. It was about 10 1/2 in size and we noticed that over time they would slowly disappear. I don't know why but while I was working there, I had the feeling that his name was Philbert. I don't think I'm psychic, but I could be sensitive to the paranormal as anytime I thought of the ghost, I thought Philbert. A few other happenings were glass fogging in the drive through at odd times, a window was broken after closing one night, from the inside. I personally found it fascinating, but it scared my boyfriend because "I don't believe in ghosts!" Well he does now.

Anyway, after a while I started talking to it, asking it questions or asking it to do things. Like this one time we all were goofing around and T asked about the ghost.

I said "Philbert, if you're here move this sign." I pointed to it, it was a map of the surrounding delivery area. We watched it for about 20 seconds and as we were about to give up, it started to move. Not a small amount either. My boyfriend told me there is an air vent next to it so that didn't prove anything, but I didn't hear the air come on. Well as time went by it just became normal life. Things got thrown we'd just be like "Be quiet Philbert". Now I'll say I didn't feel anything malicious from it, it just felt more like it wanted attention, to be seen and heard. So, I made a decision one night that I may come to regret, but I don't as of yet. I invited it home with us. I told it that if it was lonely here it could follow us home.

Of course by the time we had closed I'd forgotten about it. I was sitting next to the side door waiting in my car for my boyfriend to finish up. As I was sitting there I heard a metallic clunk, like someone pulling and letting go of the door handle. Then, rustling in the backseat. I immediately remembered what I'd said and although I did mean it, I didn't think it'd actually follow us home. I told my boyfriend about it when he got to the car. I don't remember the conversation we had but soon after that we started having experiences at home.

Electronics would turn on by themselves, we'd constantly lose things (items on the bed would just disappear). No footprints, but I put that down to not having constantly greasy tile like what was in the store. I remember once I asked Philbert to turn on the PlayStation for me. I know PlayStations can turn themselves on sometimes like my boyfriend pointed out when it did turn on seconds later. That's when I looked and noticed a controller on. It was about 5 feet from me and 3 feet from my boyfriend, on a clothes pile against a wall. I was like "It wasn't the PlayStation, he used the controller to turn it on." And I pointed over at it. Another time we were just sitting around watching TV. We have these soup cans that we put cigarette butts and ashes in. It was sitting in front of me and suddenly with a thump it flipped over onto its head. Like someone flicked the bottom of it. I was like "Did you see that?" "Yup." Thinking about it, it could have been a spring in the mattress, but I find that unlikely as we have a very thick memory foam layer in our mattress.

Eventually I got so used to it I forgot about it. Not completely, I just didn't think about it all the time anymore. I stopped talking to it. It recently crossed my mind to post somewhere my story as it's gotten different lately. The last few weeks my boyfriend and I get random scratches and I tend to get headaches every night about midnight. I don't find it scary or even threatening. I think it just got tired of not getting any attention. We're currently in the process of moving, so I'm kind of just waiting it out and seeing if it follows us to the new house.

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Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
7 months ago (2023-10-18)
I don't think this is a benign entity, especially in my experience and reading dozens of stories on here, malevolent spirits tend to attach itself to a person and leaves their mark, literally, on its victims.
CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
7 months ago (2023-10-16)
Hezza000, Looks like he not only followed you home and took up residence, but is now demanding you include him in your life. He must be sent packing. If he's angry, be careful.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (820 posts)
7 months ago (2023-10-14)
I'm reminded of a line from the great horror novel and movie Jurassic Park: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they never asked whether or not they should."

I agree with Lady Glow that you should endeavor to get rid of this spirit ASAP.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 months ago (2023-10-14)
Welcome to YGS.

Usually ghosts remain attached to places that were important during their lives and/or at the moment of their passing, hence it's rather odd that "Philbert" would followed you home.

I wonder if he's ready to cross over and thinks that you would be able to help him.
I hope not to sound harsh or critical but, in my opinion, he may be upset at you for first inviting him to come to your place only to 'forget' about him. And if, at this point, this spirit is able to hurt you and drain your energy, things could escalate and turn ugly.

Have you consider helping him to cross over? Do you think it would be fair for the new tenants to move into a haunted place in case the ghost doesn't follow you?

In my opinion, the best you can do is to try helping this ghost to move on, either by yourself or asking for religious intervention according to your faith.

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