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I mentioned in one of my previous stories that I am a delivery driver for a Pizza Hut in NY. Today I am going to tell you of the experiences I have had while working in the restaurant. These are short, quick encounters with sentence long stories.

Lights throughout the store will flicker at random times. Sometimes weeks will go by and nothing happens, then it will start happening again. There has been a couple times that I have seen a shadow moving, the first time I saw it go through two walls, and the second time I thought someone went to the back, only to go back there and find no one there, and all my co workers were up front.

I also once heard a woman's voice say "hello?" right before we were about to leave.

My manager once said that a stack of plates seemed to rise up and back down like a slinky, but without any sound.

But one major thing that happens is when me and other co workers are on break, I will be sitting in my car and sometimes I will hear what sounds like little stones hitting the back window, and to my annoyance, there's no one around. I mentioned this once to a co worker and she said that just that night it sounded like someone was throwing snowballs on her car. Once, one of my co workers went one break, then we got a phone call, and it was that co worker, freaking out, telling us to come outside and get her because she heard knocks on the car door that she was sitting in, and there was no one there.

I guess that's all for now, hoping to post more things in the near future.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-18)
I agree with Twighlight - I think the hauntings are tied to something that predated the building. Spirits have also even been known to migrate a bit - say from a house where something terrible occurred to the house next door, from a cemetery to the building across the street, or spirits from a fatal car accident haunting the areas immediately adjacent etc - so it may also be something like that. Maybe do a little local sleuthing and see what you can dig up!
Jerms (1 stories) (1 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-14)
To answer several questions, yes, it was under a different account cause I keep forgetting my password. Here is a link to a previous story about a paranormal encounter while working. Https://
rynne (69 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-11)
I too, like Haven was wondering about any earlier posts, since the page indicates here that this is you first story/posting.

Random question/curious: do you all take/have to take breaks in your cars?

Twilight1011 (8 stories) (277 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-03)
LuciaJacinta, my oldest son is also obsessed with pizza 😁 I swear that boy can live off of it. My other 2 kids like pizza, but I wouldn't say that they love it, especially like my oldest does. As for haunting a pizza hut in his after life, I doubt that they would be his pick. He use to love eating there, but now he's not a big fan of them anymore. I have wondered though, with hearing of another so called "haunted" Pizza Hut, if it's because a spirit just chose to haunt there, despite it not being where they died at, or if it goes back further, to where maybe they passed on the site that the Pizza Hut restaurants were built 😕 my other thought was that maybe it's a past employee that had spent many years working there, to where they couldn't help but be drawn back to that familiar place 😕 wish I knew how to find out actual facts, instead of just being left with unanswered questions.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-03)
Interesting Twilight. I know if my son came back as a ghost he'd haunt a Pizza Hut because he loves Pizza so much.

But the part about the rocks hitting the car is creepy. Could it be birds in the area? Was the car parked beneath trees and maybe some acorns or squirrels hurling buckeyes hitting the car?
Cuddlebear (4 stories) (173 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-03)
Jerms ~

An interesting story indeed. I echo Haven's question and would add, when you've heard things hit your car, or other cars, did you ever find evidence? Small stones, marks on your car, that sort of thing?
Twilight1011 (8 stories) (277 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-02)
Your title interested me, and made me want to see where you had your experience at. The reason I was so interested, was because my husband had also worked at a Pizza Hut, but this was in North Carolina, where he and other employees had some experiences that were hard to explain. One being that things on the top shelf, would just fall, as if someone smacked them with a force, making them fall further away than if it had just fell over. Generally it would happen as someone walked by. This raised the curious question of what was causing it, and why exactly was a pizza hut being haunted 😕 we never heard any history of anything happening there. Other odd things happened as well, but I just thought it was interesting to hear that apparently other Pizza Hut restaurants seem to be having something odd happening, despite the distance in between them.
Haven (20 stories) (307 posts)
3 years ago (2019-04-02)
Hi, Jerms,

Do you know what was there before they built the Pizza Hut?

You mention previous stories but the site says this is your first story. What was your previous accounts name? I would like to read more of those experiences you submitted.


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