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The Man With The Golf Clubs


It was a few months ago, in summer, that this experience took place. I couldn't sleep that night and when the sun came up at four in the morning, I ended up looking for birds out of my window. I was looking in the sky, mostly, but I can see the ground as well.

The footpath is at the back, behind a grassy patch, and in front of that grassy patch is my gravel driveway. Behind everything is a large hedge, that obscures everything from view. The only way through is a small gap. There aren't any other ways.

So I'm looking for these birds, when I notice this man striding towards the house. He had a blue hoodie on and had a pack of golf clubs on his back (Which is weird, as we don't live near a golf pitch). My immediate thought was, "Oh my god, he's going to smash into my house." I was thinking he was a burglar or something. I watched him getting closer and closer.

I drew the curtains and I could hear him come onto my drive, the crunching underneath his feet. So, I quickly got out of bed and ran to my friends room, who was staying the night. I woke her up and was explaining what I had just seen. She was reluctant to look out the window, so I did. There was no-one there. I checked down the street, both sides and there was no-one.

It wasn't my neighbour, or someone visiting the neighbour's, because I asked them. There's only one house he could've been visiting and he didn't. There was no way he could've come onto my driveway, turned and disappeared from sight in the little time between me seeing him out of my window and then looking out of the other window.

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Twilight1011 (9 stories) (322 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-20)
MiaG - Hey, I was wondering why your other page, was no longer up, and you were now under a guest, when I would see your old post. I'm glad that you reached out, and let me know that you have a new account name, on here. I won't continue to distract from this OP, so hopefully we can get back in touch under 1 of my old submissions, if you'd like 😊
Lady-glow - I'm glad I didn't offend you by what I said. I wonder if it was an actual spirit, was it just passing through, or was it attached to the property or something 🤔 I think it's strange to not have noticed it before or since. Then again, perhaps it's residual, and only appears at a certain time, that you're not normally up at, to be able to have noticed it before. I'd really like to hear if there's any reports of someone passing away around that area, that may seem to fit the spirits description...
Rajine (14 stories) (831 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-18)
That certainly is strange, and just plain weird, did you try asking any of your neighbors if they seen that as well?
MiaG (29 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-18)
Hello Twilight1011,

I haven't seen much of you recently. Its great seeing you online again.

I changed my profile name to MiaG from 'Sleeping-with-steve', just so you know who this is.

Hello Oceana,

Ghosts seem to do what ever they are capable of doing from moving things, taking things and putting them back, slamming doors, and occasionally scaring us with their unpredictability. I know first hand they can communicate, whether that be subliminally or out aloud.

Sounds like you have genuine cause for concern if this continues. Whether it be an intruder or ghost, hopefully that's the last time you see him.

I have security cameras and am waiting to catch anything paranormal so I have hard proof. Sadly it's boring on the paranormal front here. Not much to talk about.

Hello Lady-Glow,

You never fail to provide food for thought. You are definitely a fountain of knowledge. Thanks for the link

Hopefully this won't be a frequent occurrence Oceana.

Oceana (11 stories) (47 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-17)
In response to your questions:
Yes, I did have the window open, it was summer.
My bed is right nest to the window. The direction I sleep is also next to the window.
Nothing has changed recently.
My house is opposite a lot of trees and hedges, and the birds start flying when it first gets light.
I mean, he could've easily hidden where my car is, but then I would be worried about some guy with golf clubs near my car.
He couldn't have got to the hedge in that time.
It was just properly strange. I didn't make much noise getting out of bed and I doubt he would've heard me.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-17)

Your observations are well grounded and I'm glad you have asked this question. My answer may be a long one though.

To begin with, I think it is important to consider each case individually and without overlooking the history of any place where footsteps are heard.
Is this a recurrent event?
Has someone passed away recently and (their spirit) could be visiting their home or family?

I have some questions about this story:

Does the OP know or have asked the neighbours if this man has been seen before?
Is this a development of row houses, semi-detached or single family homes?
Is there a porch, privacy fence, or any other architectural structure where a person could hide?
What's the distance between the house and the hedge?

About her bedroom:

Was the window open?
What is the placement of the bed in relation to the window?

This information may not look important but, based on the narrative, the OP "drew the curtains... Quickly got out of bed and ran to my friends room, who was staying the night. I woke her up and was explaining what I had just seen."

I may be wrong but the image my mind has formed upon this information is: a bed placed either under the window or beside it but against the wall, hence the OP making some noise during the process of getting out of bed; perhaps loud enough for an attentive person to notice?

Also, the information provided, - or better said, read between the lines - by the birds, "the sun came up at four in the morning, I ended up looking for birds out of my window. I was looking in the sky,"

It's not clear to me if the OP saw any birds or if she only heard them. In my own experience, birds start singing, chirping, cooing or cawing early in the morning without actually leaving their roosting places. What makes me wonder if there are any trees or a forest close to the OP's hose = hiding place.


What makes me wonder if the birds reacted in any way to the man in blue's presence.

" As for the writer, I think these are one of those cases, where it's best to go with your instinct, that you felt about this experience"

I think the OP's first impression/instinct was: ""Oh my god, he's going to smash into my house." I was thinking he was a burglar or something."

Anyway, at this point my comment may be longer than the story per se!

Before I'm done saying what I have to say, I feel the need to make it clear that I have asked myself all the above questions before my first comment and, though I don't discard the possibility of this man being a spirit, I think there's not enough information to reach any conclusion about his nature. Although, to be honest, in this day and age, I would feel safer knowing that he was a ghost rather than a person with questionable intentions.
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (322 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-17)
Lady-glow, I'm no expert of the paranormal world by any means, so I do not ask this to be rude, or disrespectful. So I welcome any feed back on this, but I see you say that you don't believe a floating ghost, could make a crunching sound, from walking on gravel. But what about the people (I included) that have heard the sounds of a spirit's footsteps, either walk through people's homes, going up, or down stairs etc? It's hard to make sense of it, whenever you do hear footsteps, that doesn't belong to anyone living, yet somehow spirit's seem to still make a sound, when walking around your home. So much so, there's time's that you can even tell what type of shoes they must be walking around in, from high heels, to boots of different styles etc. I just wanted to speak up about that though, to see if I'm misunderstanding in your comment? I hope you don't take my question the wrong way, as I do not mean any disrespect by it. I really would love to hear your response to my question 😊 As for the writer, I think these are one of those cases, where it's best to go with your instinct, that you felt about this experience. With you being the only one that really knows your yard area, I think only you can decide if it's possible or not, for an actual person to either be able to run off, before you looked out another window, or like Lady-glow had mentioned, or if they could have hidden out of your view as well. It's a really odd encounter, to have someone at that time, to be walking with golf club's, towards your home. 😕 But it's hard to tell if it was a spirit or not, from a reader's point of view. That's why I say you're the best one to decide that mystery. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, as it does make you wonder if it really was a spirit, and if so, what's the story behind it walking around with golf clubs. 🤔
CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-16)
Oceana, This sounds nerve-racking. It's quite possible someone was floating around, but I'm not sure if it was a ghost. As LadyGlow says, ghosts wouldn't rustle or make crunching noises. But I guess if poltergeist can move objects, then anything is possible. I'd be interested in hearing about anything else on this topic. Thanks for sharing.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
9 months ago (2023-10-16)
How long did it take for you (approximately) to get out of bed, walk/run to the other room, then wake up your friend and explain to her what was going on?
Maybe a couple of minutes?
In my opinion, long enough for a person, if not to walk away at least, to find a hiding place out of your field of vision... Specially if he didn't want to be seen.

Also, I'm not sure if the steps of a weightless ghost would make crunching sounds on the gravel. Maybe the guy took cover in the hedge?

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