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Just A Little Too Coincidental For Comfort


I had planned a different submission, something that would explain my thoughts and beliefs about ghosts and other paranormal entities, but that will have to wait. I need to share this with you - it is almost real time because it happened today - 1/24/2018 from 3:15 PM until about 4:00 PM.

First I have to go back about 5 months. I am a certified warranty computer/laptop/printer/Scanner/Television ETC repair person. I went on site to a small town store to work on a printer that stopped printing from the network. The store is a national chain but very much individual franchisement. This store had been in business since the late fifties. TBH it looked like something time forgot and my first impression was... Y'all know that I can sometimes breathe in and know things about people who passed. Very rarely do I get impressions that are not recent. By recent I mean within weeks and a few months. Less common is a year. The first breath I took in there I felt an older, seventy or so man who felt... Determined. And irritated, and kind of... Crotchety? Unpleasantly surprised? If that makes sense at all? I absorbed the feeling, the knowing, but to my surprise I continued to feel like the man was still there. I actually kept looking around, expecting to see him.

However, I was there to do a job. I shelved all of that and got to work.

On initial assessment I noticed only an amber light, no blinking data light on the network card. The end user showed me to his switch (small 8 port, 2 rows of 4 upper and lower). It was covered with dust bunnies and a layer of brown dust so thick that I couldn't see the lights on it or even tell what color it - and the wires leading to it were. To say it hadn't been touched in a while is a mild understatement. I used canned air to blow the dust and bunnies away and saw that three of the cables were plugged in the lower row of switch ports with one - the 2nd one - plugged into the upper row. All of them except the one on the upper row were lit up and working. The cables and ports were unlabeled so I didn't have a clue which was which.

The person working in the store, let's call him Joe, said he didn't know anything about it, but nobody had been back in that closet for probably months, since the original owner had died. There was someone who worked in the mech shop, but he was not in the store for most of this interaction.

I did my local tests and the printer worked fine. Connected it to my personal router and laptop to mimic a local network - also worked fine. So, the upshot is, the printer was fine, which meant it had to be a network issue. Broken cable, bad/misconfigured switch port, something like that.

I assessed the dust covered area - no footprints in the dust on the floor, cables running along the floor covered in dust... No sign of a human having been in there for a very long time. But time and time again my eyes kept falling on the 2nd cable in the top row, the one that had no lights or data. With a shrug and a 'screw it' I pulled it and then put it into the second port on the lower row. In just a second the lights started flashing and in thirty seconds I heard the printer initialize and start printing. Joe called out "You did it!"

Eh, yeah no. I came out and told Joe about the wire and he just shook his head. "It's the ghost." Then he got this horrified look on his face and he flinched away from me. I have to explain, I am not a small woman, I am 5'8 and sturdy built with a deep chest and the ability to lift printers over 100 lbs with just my upper body strength. Joe is about 65, maybe 5'6 and I'd be surprised if he weighs in at over 125 lbs. His response was almost that of a child expecting a smack.

I just gave him a smile. "Was the owner wasn't he? Died unexpectedly. He's kind of crotchety though. Name started with a C I think."

Joe gaped at me like he had never seen a woman before. "You know about Charlie? How... You've been..."

I smiled and interrupted. "So was I right?"

He nodded really fast. "Yeah look." He took me to the other side of the shop where a small photo was tacked on the wall. A big blustery man older man, posed under a birthday banner as he glowered out from the picture. Written below it in black sharpie was "Charlie's 70." He died eight months later." He shrugged. "Everyone here thinks I'm crazy or that I'm doing it because stuff keeps disappearing and reappearing. Things work and then stop like the printer did." He looked really embarrassed. "I've seen and heard stuff all my life and I don't usually talk to people about it."

"Oh wow. He kind of looks crotchety. And don't worry, I don't think you're crazy. You can talk to me anytime you like. You have my phone number. Just call me okay?"

The guy who worked out in the mech shop, laughed from behind us. "Yeah Charlie was really grumpy." Then he made a remark about Joe picking me up and went back out to the mech shop.

Joe apologized and said he knew I was married (which is odd because I don't wear a wedding ring. It's too hazardous to work on electronics wearing any jewelry), and it wasn't like that and to ignore the idiot.

I could see he was upset, and I felt he needed to talk so I sat at the counter and just started to chat. The man completely lost it almost immediately. He started crying. A man that age in a small rural town where men were men and women were expected to conform? I wanted to just wrap him in a hug and tell him he was okay. I didn't, but I wanted to. I hate to think the stresses he's lived under. He talked about some of his experiences, about seeing and hearing people he knew were gone. He talked about the ridicule of his family, and he talked about how he'd lost friends because he was 'crazy.'

Over an hour later, he seemed calm and more relaxed. I could tell he was embarrassed by his melt down, so I very kindly told him I had to go to my next appointment, but not be a stranger and to call me and I went on my way.

I didn't hear from him. He never called me and I hadn't stopped in when I was in the area until today. Because of the storm and customer issues, I found my busy wednesday completely empty of calls. I decided to get some logistics (shipping and tracking) done. I went to my Mailbox Pro to drop off 3 packages and the clerk there asked if I wanted the package that arrived that morning.

Eh, sure - I wasn't expecting anything but there have been issues of mis-routed packages showing up unexpectedly. To my surprise it was addressed correctly and praise be, the work order number was on the outside shipping label. I looked it up and found that the the work order was in back order status. According to HP they hadn't even shipped the part. Because our parts are shipped overnight, that kind of screw up is really unheard of.

I called the boss and told him I had the part, the call was in my territory, should I just run the call? Boss was ecstatic, seriously, the idea of making an SLA before it's even dispatched... All SLA's are averaged, and a NEGATIVE? One by DAYS? Our SLA times would shrink down by several points. *coughs I digress. So I got the call assigned to me and called the End User. He was so happy - he'd just gotten an email from HP saying it would be 2 to 3 days until service. *grins.

Now, even though I saw the address and the name of the business, in my mind, I was going back to that small store. It was almost a compulsion to go back. I used the work order to program my Siri to take me to my destination. IN MY MIND - I was going to the small store - but the address my company's system plugged in was for what was on the work order. Something on the South side of town, and the small store was on the north side. Not even close, no numbers the same in the address.

On my way out of town, I stopped and had my gas tank filled and my windows washed, then hit the road. The small town is just over 130 miles from my hometown. At mile 120 my check engine light lit up. Well crap. Because of the hundreds (1200-2100) of miles I drive a week, I keep an ODB2 reader in my car. I checked it and found it was an issue with the fuel pressurization. Because I'd just gotten gas I didn't worry about it. Figure the guy didn't click the gas cap all three times or something. I cleared the error and the light went out. I just kept chugging along, after all I was going to a mech shop/store. (in my mind - not according to the work order.)

I wasn't surprised to find myself following the directions to the little shop. As I pulled in, Siri, who had been saying, "Arrived." went silent, then started saying, "Make a U-Turn and Proceed to the Route."

Eh what? I pulled up the work order and looked - and SAW - that I really was in the wrong place. I was at the little shop, but I should be across town... Eh... WTF?

I flipped around and went to my site. I did the repair and left, customer and computer happy. By the time I'd finished the compulsion had faded and I was just going to go straight home. Then, when I started the car again, the check engine light came on again and when I checked, same error. I went back to check on the gas cap and bit back several choice words. The gas cap was gone. Well hello. Guess I will be going to the little store with the mech shop.

When I got there, the first thing I noticed was the presence was still there, strong as it had been months before. Second thing I noticed was Joe, who was busy with the first of three people ahead of me, looked like he was about to jump out of his skin. I wasn't the only one to see it either. The guy he was working with asked him twice if something was wrong. The mech, who was leaning against the counter, not helping anyone, said that he'd been jumpy for a couple days. Anyway, I browsed and waited my turn. I needed a gas cap.

The Mech, catching my eye, gave me a look that I don't even want to decipher, and went back to his shop. When the last person left, Joe asked, "What can I help you with?"

I explained I needed a gas cap. He went in the back and got me one. I actually thought he didn't recognize me or he forgot me or something. Then after I paid he said "Lady, I don't know what brought you here, but I am so glad to see you. I am about to lose my mind."

"Uh, gas cap." I nodded to the box in my hand.

He shook his head. "We both know better than that. I gotta... I saw a boy on the road the other day. He stood in front of my truck and looked right at me. Thing is, I knew him. He died last year in a car accident. Him and his mother, both died."

He had tears standing out in his eyes. I asked him what he'd done. He said he stood on his brakes and ended up in the ditch. He went on about the boy, 13 years old, and how he knew the boy's father. They both worked on the volunteer fire department. I let him talk, and as he spoke, he visibly calmed. When he wound down, I asked if he had talked to the boy.

He said no, the boy had disappeared. I explained that not being able to see them doesn't mean they can't see or hear you. If it happens again, if he feels safe, pull over and just talk to him. Tell him about what his dad is up to, about what the kids are up to around town. Just... Talk to him and maybe mention that he should move on.

He looked doubtful, but he promised he'd try to not end up in the ditch next time. I also gave him my number again and asked him to call me and I would try to help.

Okay readers, what I don't say in this and I hope Joe didn't pick up on it, is that I was quietly freaking out. The strange way I got the job, the way I felt compelled to go to that little shop, consciously thinking I was going there even though the words on the paper clearly said otherwise. Me hearing Siri tell me I had arrived even though I hadn't been at my programmed destination. My missing gas cap... That forced me to stop there. Joe's certainty that I was there for a reason - although I didn't tell him about anything - except needing a gas cap.

I don't know what to think about this, not at all. Joe and I are not related, nor had we met at any time previous to 5 months ago. I do know that The Creator moves in very mysterious, incomprehensible ways, and I know that I was returned here because I have much to do. I can't help but wondering if my role is evolving... Or devolving? Maybe we, Joe and I are nuts and birds of a feather flock together?

Anyway, forgive me if this account is too raw and not well structured. As I said, this happened just a few hours ago. A real time paranormal experience Almost. I am actively looking forward to your assessments, speculation and comments. I will answer any questions as completely as possible. I have typed this in about an hour, I've proofed it, but there may be some issues. If you see anything just let me know.

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Serenflipppity (guest)
6 years ago (2018-03-30)
Hi Maggie (and everyone reading this). I came across your postings last night and I'm thrilled by your writing - so much detail, you don't leave me wondering. And the way you answer questions! DOUBLE THUMBS UP.

I agree with catleyablu about people coming into our lives for a reason. I've always believed that everyone who enters your life is not meant to stay in it forever. Some come with lessons to teach then leave. Yet others contribute even more in their absence.

I've submitted one story for proofing and prior to that experience I've always just gotten a feeling about certain people and would steer clear of them. At one of my previous places of employment, a female in her mid-twenties walked into reception to start her first day with us. I had taken one look at her and instantly disliked her. Not a word was exchanged between us. I never befriended her and later on, through the office grapevine, I'd heard she was a mean-spirited person. Eh? Looking back, I'm guessing my thoughts showed on my face because she'd given me a strange look - like WTF?

I'm busy reading my way through all your stories - chronologically, though this is the first time I've felt the 'nudge' to comment.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us - it's definitely a way to learn more and that's the reason why I've signed up at YGS.

Kudos to you for extending a helping hand to Joe - I can't begin to think how terrified he must have been and like Abrahan Lincoln said, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men (and women in your case) to do nothing."

You sound like a phenomenal woman. Keep on keeping on.

All the best, Maxine
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-19)
You definitely have a gift! I don't believe in coincidence, just synchronicity. You were led back to help Joe. Amazing story, thanks for sharing ❤
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-09)
MK1 - To me evil is like breathing in deep rich scented blackness. A blackness more profound than the darkest night, or even an ocean deep oil pool.

Maybe not blackness, so much as a complete absence of light. And I have no other way to describe it. The thing is, when you breathe it in, it spreads like air into your blood, spreading throughout your being, blotting out the natural light that is there. It has it's own beauty. It is compelling and pulls you further to it, making you want to breathe in more. And I know, absolutely know, that the blackness is void of everything human, light and alive. I believe that the absorption of those things as it's purpose. Destruction has it's attractions - why else would humans want to stop and look at disasters/accidents etc? - Why would some actively court it?

Anyway, being able to feel it? Some people do breathe it in, and some are lost and don't realize they have been taken over by it.

Feeling it is a plus and a minus because yeah, good to know, but try explaining to a boss why you refuse to step foot in a customer's house.

The vibe you describe could be your way of sensing what I breathe in. I can only speak from my own perceptions, but I'd say if you are getting that kind of vibe, you are smart to walk away, and stay away.
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-09)
LuciaJacinta - Clairvoyant? ME? (Did you see the double take?) I consider myself divinely guided and nudged, not really psychic in the classic sense. Maybe they are the same? I have zero control of the knowledge, it just appears. I've always been able to breathe in information about any of the dead nearby, but I attributed that to my genetics and family history. Maybe someday I'll post about that. The nudges started after Johnnie died and I went on my visit to the Terrace. I've always thought they were why I was sent back. The reason I think that it is divine nudges rather than clairvoyance is because well, I've sorta tried to pick up thoughts about things that might *cough* enhance my personal situation. Not only does that fail, but it rebounds quite dramatically. The situation can go from bad to worst in just a few heartbeats. I am not a masochist, so if I had any control, or ability, that would not be the case. Oh, Butterballs are a russian/german thing. Kind of like dumplings in chicken soup, but they are seasoned with allspice. Not really my thing but a lot of people love them. Here is a bit about them
MK1 (2 stories) (28 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-09)
Thanks, again, [at] Maggie, for that kind explanation of another kind of experience you have regularly had.

I guess I'm also curious about the "shove" you receive when you encounter the "evil" of which you spoke. You said not "sin" or "anger," but rather a feeling of evil. What sort of evil? That the person giving you that feeling is possibly an earthly criminal/predator/etc, or something beyond that, or both?

I cannot speak for anyone else on here, but I'd think that being especially enlightened to recognize possibly undetected "evil" would be something I would cherish.

That said, from time to time, some individuals have actually creeped me out so much just by their "vibe" that I actually physically moved away from them, after not even exchanging a word, but just by sight. Is this the same kind of feeling you receive from this sort of thing?

Thank you so much for patiently answering questions. Greatly appreciated. Best to you.
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
Wow Maggie, if someone commented like that to me I'd be amazed because seriously how common is it to make " butter balls" lol... I don't even know what butter balls are lol... I'd consider you a clairvoyant. Did you always have that skill?
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
Catleyablu - Crystal is your name? It's also the name of the Cirque show we went to see. Ah, I partially answered your questions in MK1's reply. Sorry about that. I have a bit of a fascination as well, but it's more in the way of being aware that I am different and because it's not something I asked for, trying to figure out why. You know, most people are afraid of ghosts - spirits of the once humans. I don't have that issue. People, even dead people, I can deal with. It is the entities that have never been human that scare the ever living heck out of me. Humans have the human experience and I understand that - it is a commonality we can share. The non-human entities don't have that and because of that I can't understand them. Why do they attack? Is it a form of feeding? Maybe they are like college students and it is a form of hazing - scare 10 humans to make it to the frat? I don't know, and I am attributing human motives to them, but the reality is, the motives are unknown, and not all of them are positive or altruistic, from our point of view. From theirs? Who knows?
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
MK1- Not normally this direct and pronounced. Sometimes I'll get a nudge, or a thought that seems random that I will act on and find out later it had specific meaning to that person/people at the time. It is usually strangers, and normally it isn't... Reciprocal. Joe knew I was directed to him when he needed me. I have mentioned one or two instances in some comments prior, but to give you an idea of what I mean I'll give you a quick example. I was shopping and the elderly lady behind me had only a loaf of bread. I had been doing my two week shopping so I had a full cart. I offered to let her go first, and she declined. She set her bread on the conveyor behind mine, with a divider in place. Neither of us noticed (her busy with her purse and I with the club membership card input) but the check out person rung her bread up with my stuff. Rather than make a fuss I just shrugged and a thought bloomed out of nowhere... She needs to get the allspice for the butterballs. I asked her "Don't butterballs need allspice?" She stared at me really hard for a moment and then turned and went to the spice aisle. I left her bread with the clerk. The clerk told me the next time I went in that the lady was freaked out, because she hadn't told anyone she was making butterballs, it was a dish she and her sister used to make. Her sister who passed away from Alzheimer's months ago. She was making it for her niece, who was visiting the first time since the funeral. THAT is the usual kind of thing I run into. YES it used to freak me out, but I've learned to roll with it. It doesn't bother me at all. What do I do when I get the 'GET OUT NOW" shove? Yes that has happened. I get out. I've actually turned and walked away rather than speak to someone who elicits that reaction, I don't even exchange a word with them. I've see true evil. I am not talking about sin, or anger, or anything that simple. I am talking about evil. If I get that feeling I get as far away as possible. Fear yes, but also... A strange attraction. I know better than to even get close... It's like dancing on the edge and it's a fall I refuse to even contemplate. I hope that answered your question.
catleyablu (17 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-05)
Thanks Maggie ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and the tea. I looked it up, it looks like a place I'd love to visit! Funny that you mention the Cirque, I attended one sometime last year with a friend... But can I ask what made you parenthesize my name (how interesting considering I only have my nickname on

Well, since you have the book you are bound the stumble upon it soon. I couldn't help but read it all and have since purchased his second book, Destiny of Souls! I have yet to dive into it.

Sometimes I wonder why I have such a fascination over these things but have never experienced anything for myself... Well minor, if anything, as they were in a dream state. I rarely have nightmares but when I do the evil felt within them is profound. It hasn't happened in a while but when it did/does the dreams would be mainly about my closest family relatives. Anyways, yes I agree with you that if I feel something is right then I do it/go with it... But what do you do about feelings that tell you to steer clear of something/someone or those minor "I don't know" feelings, whether they are about people or things/places? Thank you again for getting back to us all!

I hope you had a nice start to your week:)
Myst (63 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-04)
Maggie- If we're still living, we're still learning. That gets passed on in further teaching, further learning. I think this can be a circle, or a merry-go-round. I don't know which is better. Maybe alternating? Hope I get the chance to try the tea house.
MK1 (2 stories) (28 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-04)
Thanks, [at] Maggie.

I appreciate your kind response to my and the others' comments. Have you had other experiences of this nature? I'd sure love to read them. Thank you again, and best wishes to you.
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-04)
Catlyablu-Thank you for responding. I have the book, but I haven't had time to start it yet, unfortunately. Don't underestimate yourself. Honestly I usually just do what I feel is right and it works out. If that means something as simple as recommending a soft drink to sitting and chatting with a very upset man, I do it. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, I'm sure you will do what is necessary without second thought. It really is as simple as listening to the voice inside is telling you. I am sorry for the delayed response. I was in Colorado Springs for a few days and just got home. I did see Cirque Du Soleil (Crystal) and enjoyed Yellow Mountain Tea and had a great time.

Thank you again,
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-04)
MK1- I attribute every breath I take to a Creator. I am not particularly religious. Don't ask me about Bible, Koran, Torah, Geeta, Katabi Aq Dos, or Dead Sea Scrolls. I have no expertise with any of them. I simply know, down to my bones the creator exists. I don't have any other insights into this incident. I rarely try to read more than I am given in these instances. To be honest, if I am gifted with a direction, I follow it and I figure anything else - why etc. Isn't my business. I am not a divine creature and trying to understand the motives of guiding me? I couldn't fathom them. That would be like asking a caterpillar to understand the motives of a human trying to save an endangered butterfly species. Not possible, no frame of reference and a complete lack of capacity or ability to understand. Thank you for replying and if more happens, I will update everyone.
MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-04)
LuciaJacinta - Thank you for responding. Its fun work and I love it. I don't ever assume one way or another that I will speak to Joe or any of the others again, but it's interesting because when I checked my assignments today when I got home, I have one that goes right by that little shop. I think I'll plan to stop so nothing happens to make me stop. Sorry for the late response - I was out of town and just got back.

MaggieMay_Not (15 stories) (106 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-04)
Myst - Thank you for replying. Ah teaching? I think I am a student, always trying to learn more, simply by being there for people, you can't imagine how much I learn, not just about them but about myself and the world as I know it... And don't know it... As the case may be.

Sorry for the delayed response. I have been out of town and just gotten back. I was in Colorado Springs - if you love tea and enjoy Dim Sum I heartily recommend the Yellow Mountain Tea house.
catleyablu (17 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-02)
Wow, how insanely destined was that?! Have you read the book that was suggested to you, Journey of Souls? I find you will enjoy the answers there. I definitely think people come into our lives for reasons. This is great stuff and sometimes I wish I had the courage to take experiencing these things but I am not I would know how to handle it. Thank you for sharing! <3
LuciaJacinta (8 stories) (291 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-02)
Wow, I loved this tale. I think we are going to need ongoing updates on this.

Loved it too because my husband does the same sort of work and you are speaking a familiar language to

And I really identified with Joe. I have felt like him over the years which is what brought me here to YGS. I lived in an"occupied"house of the spirit world for the last few years and it really broke me down to tears. I felt the exact same way and lost friends because they thought I was crazy. I search the internet (too often) for others that have seen what I have seen and feel like Joe did.

Loved this story. Keep us updated please.
MK1 (2 stories) (28 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-02)
I am fascinated by this story, because I've had some similar experiences in the past, one in particular being especially vivid and otherworldly.

Please do relate any more information you feel relevant from this experience if anything comes to mind.

I am especially tickled at your feeling that this experience was somehow orchestrated by a "Creator," because that was the only explanation I could find for my own experience. Thank you for sharing this!
Myst (63 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-01)
Maggie- "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Sorry, can't remember who said it. Sounds like you and Biblio are called to "other" teaching. Good for you, helping out that poor guy. He must be terrified.

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