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My husband and I and our cat live in a hotel. As I mentioned in my other stories, the hotel used be an asylum for the criminally insane and the basement was a morgue way back in the day. Out of all the rooms we lived in there was one room in particular that had the most paranormal activity and it was a negative experience. When we first moved into that room, right away the energy felt off. The atmosphere just felt heavy and depressing. One night my cat, Selene, was following something invisible around the room. She kept trying to climb the wall and kept looking up at the ceiling with her eyes moving frantically in every direction. I could feel how uncomfortable she was by all the energies she was giving off. I tried to pet her to calm her down but she pinned her ears at me and gave me an angry look. Now, Selene is one of the most sweetest cats in the world and extremely friendly with people so by her suddenly acting like this was definitely out of the ordinary. So I backed off and layed down in bed while watching TV and then Selene jumped up on her cat tree which was about a foot away from where I was laying and when I looked over at her she still had her ears pinned and she was literally giving me the death stare looking so angry. She wouldn't stop staring at me. I started getting scared. Every move I made while in bed she looked like she was ready to pounce. I never felt scared of my cat ever until that day. I was so afraid to move so I just layed in bed not moving and hysterically crying. The energies in the room were strong and angry. Finally Selene calmed down and returned to her old self. I hesitated to pet her at first but her energy reassured me that she was ok. I cried with relief when I scooped her up in my arms and held her close. Days later my husband and I were moving to a different room. As my husband was grabbing the last bit of storage from our old room he suddenly sensed negative, eerie energy around him and it freaked him out. My cat and I were already in the new room at the time my husband was in the old room feeling these negative energies. My husband isn't really a firm believer in spirits. He tries to find more logical explanations for things but this time when he admitted to me that he felt those strange energies, something was definitely in that room.

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Linjahaha (24 stories) (137 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-18)
Moonchild, I'm glad, for your sake, that you got out of that room. Knowing what it was in it's turbulent past has a very strong bearing on what you were sensing. Pretty bad when even your husband sensed it, & it scared him. Very alarming, but glad that you're alright!

Take Care! 😲 😕
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-16)
Hi Moonxchild,

Maybe whatever was in that room moved near where you were in the room, on the bed. Selene may not have been looking at you directly, but whoever was there. Don't mean to freak you out, actually intend the opposite! Because cats don't give that reaction without a really good reason. The bond you have with her, it doesn't make sense that she'd be having that reaction at you directly. Sooo glad you got out of that room! There be some really nasty stuff there. Wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences in that room. I suspect it doubled down on you because you and your cat could sense it. Sorry it happened, that sounded absolutely horrendous.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
1 month ago (2024-04-15)
This experience does not sound good at all, do you think it's an angry spirit or something else, something malevolent?

I think you should look into doing some research and possibly a cleansing.

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