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Good Evenings to all on YGS and I really missed you guys and gals. My account got hacked, and so I've had to start a fresh. This is my 1st story to you from one of my experiences. Hope you all like...


Cape Town

15th December 2021


My story began with a true tragic event which leads up to what we've experienced.

Quite a few years ago there was a murder of a young teenage boy here in Dunoon.

Now for all of you that don't know Dunoon, it's an Informal Temporary Location Settlement. (Your average squatter camp).

Three older teenage boys stuffed his body into the drain next to our landlord's property.

My Blind partner and I moved here in 2017 to get closer to his place of work. We moved into a room on the side of the drain.

I woke up because I was very thirsty all of a sudden and I reached for our bottle of water and it was empty.

I groan to myself mmm-Ming.

I had to get up out of bed and to go outside to get water from the tap in the yard.

We share this yard with 6 other families so all the places were built into a circle with 2 places on top of the below places with a side exit and front exit.

So as I'm busy with the water I hear this sound that sounds like people in a fight and are struggling with each other.

The dogs are glued looking at the front exit and I kind of said to myself, "oh no no no this might be one of our tenants sister that has an abusive boyfriend and might be in trouble."

Being the brave one I had to go to the front exit to check what was going on. Low and behold I get there and look out the window and nothing. I turned around and took 2 steps and then I heard steps behind my steps.

At that point the dogs were looking past me and growling but also retreating like I was. I started running and this thing starts running chasing after me.

I was ice cold with chills I picked up my water bottle in the process and kept on running. I could hear the stomps behind me.

I literally threw myself into the room and just slumped onto the bed. Next morning my neighbour came and asked me who was chasing me last night?

Our landlady comes down from the stairs of her place and says in a very abnormal way for her "It's that boy's spirit".

After that she was normal again and didn't have any knowledge of what just transpired.

The tenant and I just looked at each other shocked. It was a very Dark Negative Energy Evil feeling.

I keep on thinking and wondering what would have happened if I had stayed longer outside that night.

Whatever it was or is it isn't good... That's for sure.

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lwgrn4real66 (6 stories) (51 posts)
2 months ago (2024-05-22)
You seem pretty brave! If something were stomping behind me, running after me as I'm running, that water bottle WOULD NOT have been picked up by me on the way by!

I would have just had to go thirsty all night! I've had a lot of crazy experiences, but nothing ever chased me. Believe me, the ones I had, I just took them as they came. But getting chased...!

Couldn't have been good. Might not be the boy. Some haunt not meaning to scare you but the spirit is trying to let you know what happened to them and possibly where their body is.

Also, could be a soul collector staying around that area collecting souls as the people are killed.

I would like to think more the boy. You know what really happened and I don't mean you can't tell people about your experience, but unless you really want to "dig into it", when I go to that area again, or even in your house since it happened outside your door basically, I wouldn't be looking for something else to happen. I think, if you look for something enough, you'll find it. And it may not be good. Ignore it. Unless you want to face it! Take care. If you need us, we're here! 😁
Linjahaha (24 stories) (151 posts)
2 months ago (2024-05-17)
Tiktokangel: I agree with Rajine that is a horrific account involving that murder, & quite sad also.
It sounds like more than a residual haunting though if you were being chased. It's like there's more to the story than what you've been told. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. You escaped, & are unharmed. Shaken, but unharmed. I hope you do not reside there anymore, but if you do learn anything new we'd like to read a post about it on here. This was a scary account, but I hope you're doing alright!

Best Regards! 😊 😊
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
2 months ago (2024-05-08)
That's such a tragic story, I don't think that boys sound is at peace, recently the neighbors across the road from my brother, stabbed a guy to death with a screw driver (those neighbors are drug addicts and are terrible human beings) and ever since exactly at 12am all the dogs in the area start howling and it stops at 12:05am every night, I've experienced this personally whenever I went to stay over at my brother's house, I believe that when a life is taken in that tragic manner, the soul doesn't move on.

As for the neighbors (3 brothers vagrant, hooligan type guys), they are on the run, the people from the community went and burnt and broke their house down while they were still in it, they literally had to run for their lives, the guy they killed was well known in the area he used to hang out with said neighbors, he lent them a Bluetooth speaker and when he asked for it back they killed him.

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