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Sleep Paralysis And Energy Drain


Before I start my story, I think it would be beneficial to give out some background information. When I was around 15, I had started looking into the paranormal. Shortly afterward I started seeing things. The first time I saw a young girl in a white night gown and the second time I saw a dark shadow following me, suddenly disappear. I had shrugged both these occurrences off as imagination. It wasn't until I awoke around 11 one morning about a month or so later, unable to move, and with an immense sense of dread that I began to understand I was not hallucinating. I remember the basics of this "sleep paralysis" experience. I was unable to move or call for help. I never saw or heard anything but I could very much feel the pressure holding me down begin to increase. I remember once I got my mouth to work, after much work, I shouted the most logical thing to shout at that point, "Get OFF of me!" Not instantly but moments later, I found myself shooting out of bed as though the pressure holding me had suddenly been released. After this experience I was very terrified and immediately looked for explanations online. I came across many people who described the same experience, I was shocked but happy I wasn't the only one.

I had stopped my research, years passed and I never experienced anything like that again until today. I also should add that my older brother started experiencing this a few years ago after he started researching the Occult. He gets them 2 or 3 times a month and it wasn't until then did I change my belief on what this was. Initially, I never thought this was a demon. Recently I started researching sleep paralysis, demons and the Occult more often. I had read that I was likely to experience this again because I was digging deeper into it but I truly never expected it.

This morning I was startled awake from a dream. In the dream, I was with a man and a woman in bed. I was in the same position but the room/bed was different. The man was behind me and he started rocking against me and kissing my neck. But suddenly, it became too intense, too strong and too real. I jumped awake to something sucking on my neck and growling. Everything was the same as last time. I was pinned down and couldn't speak. The two differences were that I was sleeping on my side instead of my back and my soul and/or energy felt like it was being drained... I also don't remember the immense presence and fear the presence brought on. It was so overwhelming and bone crippling. Another difference was that after I was startled awake, I snapped my eyes closed... I did not want to see anything, though I'm not sure I would have regardless.

It was terribly hard to form a coherent thought while this was going on but I managed to do so and the attack stopped after I called for help from God.

Personally... Although I believed them to be demons through my brothers experiences and my research, I did not remember my experience as vividly as I would have liked and therefore I could not relate to the -feeling- as I can right now. I am surer than ever that what I was dealing with was not something Science can explain. It was not "sleep paralysis." It was an attack. Now, I'm not here to convert anyone but I'd like some feedback on this. I want to know if anyone has ever experienced this? I've heard of the entity choking their victim. I've heard of shadow people and the old hag... But not this. I had heard it happens when one is on their back most often but it can occur differently.


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Vikki_garcia (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
[at] blistered_logic well one night I was so tired but I could not fall asleep so I just stayed laying on my back starring at the wall and I started to sing a lullaby my mom used to sing to me then I couldn't speak and I all of a sudden I could not move at all I started to hear someone screaming. It sounded like my mom and I went into panic mode and tried my best to get up but I just couldn't move! I stayed like that for a couple minutes then when I was "released" I jumped up and screamed bloody murder. My mom came in the room and asked what was wrong? When I told her we said a prayer then I went to sleep. The morning I woke up I had a huge red rash in my chest. It was so weird... Afterwards it just started happening once a month. No rash. Nothing that would indicate a physical attack. Now it hardly ever happens.
supernaturalservices (86 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-02)
I would recommend putting out bowls of white vinegar mixed with sea salt and leaving them to evaporate. Refill as needed. It will make manifestations of these beings difficult. Also saying protective prayers such as psalm 91 and 71 before bed create a psychic shield. I recommend doing this daily.
blistered_logic (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
Thank you for the alternative explanation; however, what I meant by saying this experience was more vivid this last time was because it had just happened less than two hours prior to writing this.

The first time it happened was when I was about 15. I'm 21 now, so that makes it about 6 years, give or take. Naturally, the most recent experience would be the most vivid as I am able to recall it easier than an experience from years ago.

I can still recall the events that happened 6 years ago easily though. What I could not recall, however, was exactly how or what I felt besides mind-numbing fear.

Even now after this last experience, I can not recall the intense feelings. It was unnatural and strikes me as a feeling I, as a human, am not or was not suppose to feel. I can't accurately describe it even after only a day.

As for my research. I should have elaborated a little more. I have been researching the Occult for about a year and a half. My brother has for three. This last half year, I have gotten more involved. A few days ago, I had a strange dream that didn't make sense. It was demonic related and reminded me of my first sleep paralysis experience. I couldn't understand why I had this dream out of nowhere and was not seeing demons as those ugly goat-like creatures you see in movies. Instead, the demonic entities were bright golden-white balls of energy that looked like what one might call orbs. Consciously I had never made this connection and thought it was extremely odd. I remember feeling scared when I woke, like something was there with me.

I thought it was strange and contacted my brother. Shortly there afterward, I set out on researching sleep paralysis and demons a little more. The day prior to the last experience, I explained it to multiple people and tried to reach out to others who might have experienced the same thing. Strangely, I had heard a yowling cat twice in the midst of my explanation but the person I was with and talking to, did not. I shrugged it off as noting. I do not have any cats and neither do my neighbors as far as I know... But it easily could have been a stray.

I did question after what happened really happened - I won't deny that but after many tears and the realization that I could still feel the suction on my neck, I had to come to terms with the fact that, yes, it did happen and no I did not imagine it.

Another odd fact. I had a bible next to my bed but due to a friend coming over who is agnostic, I put it away in my closet for the first time. It stayed there all night and did not put it back on my bed side table.
shellzy (8 stories) (218 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
blistered logic

I can understand that these experiences are incredibly scary but I think the 'power of suggestion' may be at play a bit here. You said the second more vivid experience happened AFTER you (and your brother) started to research the Occult. It could be simply sleep paralysis (or a horrible nightmare) coupled with your subconcious playing on the whole demon and occult research that you have been conducting.
Please don't think that I am discounting your experience at all, just simply trying to offer an alternative explanation. 😊
blistered_logic (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
Don't be scared! I don't know whether or not it is dangerous but I do not think it is in anyone's best interest to let this keep happening without taking some action. What exactly happened to you too?
Vikki_garcia (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-01)
omg! I've had that same thing happen to me too! I always let it slide and never paid much attention to it though. Could that me dangerous? Like if it happens that often?... I'm scared now:S

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