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Ghosts are Stalking Me


Just to get this straight, me being followed by ghost 99% of the time is completely my fault. Ghosts have always been something interesting to study about and I have always believed in. But lately the feeling of them being around me has gotten stronger. Sure its fun to read about them and talk to them, until they start stalking you.

Of course I have all the bad luck, I can't see them until its totally dark so I make sure there is always some light everywhere I go at night. What really scares me though is the feeling they give of it is not a good one. I also know that I am not imaging it.

A few days ago at lunch I went up to the porch at school to check the time when I suddenly felt as if someone grabbed my neck it did not hurt or anything, but I couldn't breathe. I ran of the porch as soon as I was back around other people, I could breathe again but my senses could still feel that thing near by. I told my friends about it, then my friend Lisa (not her real name), told me I had to fingerprints on my neck. It freaked me out even more.

We sat down near the lake, about five to six yards away, then suddenly I felt a ghost crowd around me, I knew that people have drowned and died near there but they were crowding so close to me it was like I was being smothered. It bugged me and frightened me, but they didn't leave me alone instead they followed me home.

That was annoying and now I have trouble sleeping because the sense of their hate kept me awake for fear of going to sleep. And the weird thing is I am usually a very positive person.

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vampira (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-30)
thank you that is very helpful I shall try to remember that in the future.
Diyanuh (2 stories) (39 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-10)
if you are ever scared in the night just start singing then it gets your mind off of it because your so busy trying to remember the lyrics to song, that you forget all about the ghosts
Hope it helps
vampira (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-13)
yes but for me, singing doesn't help betreading aloud does. 😁 I try my best to be positive and happy
Twilightkiss (guest)
15 years ago (2008-05-25)
I get that feeling I leave were ever I'm at, and if that doesn't work, I sing.
It may sound strange but my house is haunted and whenever one of the spirits here is upset I sing to try and calm myself and it winds up working on both me and the spirit for some odd reason... My friends say its a gift, but I'm not entirely sure.
Anyway, good luck, Oh and p.s.- if your going to sing a song sing a happy one, like (for example) at my house I found out that songs about friendship tend to make my spirits calm down!
Hope that helps!

-Twilightkiss ❤
ysorensen11 (4 posts)
15 years ago (2008-05-01)
i totally agree, I have the same feelings as you.
sometimes you just have to block it out and take control of it. I DO!

Have fun,
yianni 😁
vampira (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-25)
Thank you sandy good story. I most unfortunately have no way of helping anyone at the moment, being stuck with problems of my own and I just recently found out that my mom and brother also have the gift as you could call it. But as for helping people I do have one bit of advice, don't count so much on your gods because they may not answer. I am not trying to be rude but that is one thing I have learned over the last few days. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story. Oh and please those of you who of some advice for me email me my email is at my profile.
Sandy (3 stories) (48 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-23)
Since the website is too busy for me to publish this story, I had simular experience. I was taking a short vacation just this past weekend 4/19/08; I was resting on the beach one night and I began to dose off, until I heard these voices... I jumped up, and my friend was like "are you ok?" I said "did you hear that?" She said "no..." So I shrugged it off and began relaxing again... Then I heard a woman singing softly, like a lullaby right in my ear. I shot up out of my chair that time, and my friend thought I had done lost my mind! I then went back to my room. So when you had said you were by the lake and felt them, I heard them. Freaky huh? I have been reading and telling ghost stories literally since 3rd grade, and seeing or hearing them for yourself is a lot different. I have TONS of stories that I have been trying to post but I'm unable to do that. So any feedback? I would enjoy hearing from everyone. Thank you, and good story Vampira. ❤ Sandy 😁 😁
vampira (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-22)
isabella just go to my profile and email me:) 😁 😢 😆 thanks:):) oh and thank you everyone!
essiej (guest)
15 years ago (2008-04-21)
Like Mama said, I think you invited them in to. Take the invitation back. When I get bombarded (mama likes that word) with visitors, I have to say something like ok, anyone with a problem has to go away today, but if you came to visit you can stay for a while. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. But when they feel bad I light a lavendar insense in the room and it chases them away. If that don't work, I go get Mama. Maybe she could help you?
tweedinbaudle (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-17)
I'm so sorry. I have that same problem. Its given me insomnia. I've learned how to weed out the bad ones and block myself off and protect myself.
My mom taught me. But if your mom isn't like that then maybe you should see a Raiki master because they'll teach you how to guard yourself and protect yourself.
Best of wishes with you.
isabella (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-16)
hey there... I think I would have a few answers for you... And its goin to involve somethin supernatural... But not ghosts... Just give me some other way I can contact you:P as in not through comments:P good luck:)
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-04-14)
Hello vampira.
I agree COMPLETELY with FRAWIN on his comment. You admit that you may be the cause of so many of the feelings that you receive from ghosts, and the reason being that you are interested in them, you search for stories of them, and you find it fun to read of, talk about and discuss them.
Here is a thought on that. When we begin to open our minds to the possibility that there is something more out there, we do open our lives to the possibility of a visit. Ghosts are not stupid. They are not ignorant either. Being naive is not really something that can be used to describe them.
What I feel has happened here is that you invited them in. You sent out the invitation, either knowingly or not, and they have responded splendidly. I would say that in order for the call to have been answered so well, that you must be a sensitive person, if all of these Beings truly are around you so much.
When you have too many visits, or they are just too much to handle (it happens to the best of us) simply state: I need to... Wash the dishes without interruption right now. Or whatever it is that you would rather be doing. If you are visiting with friends, ask them (the ghosts) to please leave you alone during this time as you are interested in the meeting with your friend and you do not want them to be scared by either your reaction to the ghosts visit, or by experiencing something themselves.
Things would be much easier if there was one of those ticket machines up at the entrance of our third eye. If things worked like they do at our local meat market, a ghost would have to tear off a ticket and stand in line and wait for Thieu number to be called. Unfortunately that is not how things work.
I would suggest slowing down a bit on reading of the stories. I am not saying that you should stop. It is something that you are interested in, and I am not one to discourage someone from doing something that is important to them. What I am suggesting is that if you usually read the stories seven days a week, cut it down to five. Read for one hour LESS than what you normally do about ghosts.
Our minds are powerful. There are some things that happen around us on a daily basis that we would term Unknowns, but they can be proved to be a known. If you are feeling and receiving the marks of a touch, then you need to back out of the situation and head into it from a different angle.
Change your research to the ways to STOP these feelings. Check into Protection Rights and other forms of blockages. It CAN be done. It is a known fact that some people are able to block themselves off completely from the Spiritual world, and may NEVER have another experience after they learn how to block. Look into it. There are ways to slow it all down.
Thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
15 years ago (2008-04-14)
Excuse me, just for a moment please, vampira. I see something in the comments that I simply HAVE to ask about. I have so many sensors going off, that I can not let this be 😆.

GhostGal, I have no idea if you will come back to this story and see this question for you, but I truly hope that you do as I would love an answer to this question.
You state in the first comment to this story " I have never had any experiences with the supernatural..." But in response to FRAWINS comment you say "if these things are 'ghosts' or 'demons' you can't stop from them stalking you..."
Here is my question to you. If you have never had a supernatural experience, how do you KNOW, so strongly that you would go to bat on the subject here on the site, that you can not stop a ghostly stalker?
I am just curious as MOST who have not had a Spiritual encounter would not state that so strongly.
Thank you.
iWereWolf (17 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-13)
judging by your story, it sounds like you got a gift.

if I were you I'd grow some balls and start talking with these ghosts of yours.
key2theafterlife (24 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-11)
oh yea just ytolet you know my friend and I were reading your story a little while ago and we thought you would like to know that we are along with a few others the only ones who came see them but have never tried to talk to them personly and we believe that we are gifted and you might share this gift. Many people believe that their are mediators that help spirits to get to another life or where ever are they suposed to go. Maybe you are one of them if you can see them that is 😊 😊 happy hunting - key2theafterlife 😁
key2theafterlife (24 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-11)
my school is haunted. I know how you feel 😨 Orbs float every where and there are weird jelly blobs that are clear an d thay walk in the hall ways
PrincessKatie (7 stories) (420 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-11)
maybe this ghost is a stalker and doesn't know they are dead. A stalker is always a stalker. They will carry on life how they did before even if they are dead. There are different forms of ghosts. What is the difference between spirits and ghosts? I thought you could feel spirits and see ghosts.
chelleck (3 stories) (56 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-11)
This is very scary. I know the feeling you are speaking of when you say the presence feels smothering. I wrote about a similar experience but have yet to type and post it.
Samwise (3 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-11)
I had a similar thing happen to me when I was in high school. I was very interested in spiritual stuff and the paranormal (still am obviously!) and used a "psychic circle" board with friends, which is similar to ouija boards but designed to help link in with highly evolved spirits etc. Of course it's a doorway that can let in any spirit that is interested in tagging along to any of our energies.

As we were using it, it became apparent that we were talking to not so highly evolved spirits, but we had so much fun talking to people from all over who had passed on, hearing their stories and ideas and stuff that we kept using it anyway. It actually started taking over our life (much like how people spend lots of time in cyber chat rooms, connecting with people that way), we'd rush home to see 'who was on' kind of thing, and after a while I started 'feeling them' around me at school and elsewhere.

I was bored in class one day and began talking in my head to a certain regular spirit and I concentrated my attention on my hand moving with my pen, and then it did! I started briefly tapping into them that way so I didn't need the board any more. Big mistake! From then on I sensed their presence non-stop and it drained me - I also realised my thoughts were not private anymore as I would think something, and then out of no where my arm would raise and start writing, or touching my face and I knew it wasn't me doing it, it was something else responding to my thought. I started getting angry at the situation and the more depressed/ angry I felt, I attracted spirits with the same resonating energy, so it was a dark time back then.

It took about two years to snap out of, by then I had met a spiritualist who helped me connect with my spirit guides of that time and with completing ignoring the entity's presence, (by focusing my energies elsewhere) it dwindled down to nothing.

I would suggest Vampira, that you meet people or a person who specialises in spiritual/ psychic phenomena and learn about etheric energy and all that stuff. I noticed for me when I found out more information, it built up my confidence to 'tell' these spirits just like I would to any other human, that they have no right to invade my life like that and that I have protective guardians that I give permission to step in and act on my behalf to enhance my quality of life. And then after this statement and maybe reinforcing it a few times, I gave them no attention. Every night and morning, still, I circle myself in white light and mentally 'cut cords' of anything/one that may be attached to me. My solution sounds simple but it took guts, willpower, outside support and time!

I realise your situation is unique, and I hope you find the answer you are looking for - trust your intuition.
All the best...
Lalat (2 stories) (38 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-10)
well maybe you can try asking for professional help someone who knows how to close a third eye. I have a friend who had her third eye closed because she just couldn't handle ghosts following her around. Much like you, you can also say shes being stalked. I have already mentioned her in one of my comments.
Qtgrly111 (2 stories) (58 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-10)
WOW ghost stalkers are much scarier than real stalkers. (like human and alive)
I am not exactly sure what to say on this one.

What I want to know is how and why this entity attached itself to you. Do you have any idea?

GhostGal (6 stories) (104 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-10)
dear FRAWIN, its not simple. When you are being stalked, you are being stalked. She can't control 'when'. What you may be thinking of is 'ignoring' these things that could pissibly be stalking her. That or whatever these thigns are, sagest to them to move on to the afterlife. And bable to live without having the fear of being hurt by them ever again. But if these thigs are 'ghosts' or 'demons' you can't stop from them stalking you.
GhostGal (6 stories) (104 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-10)
I wish I could help. But I have never had any experiences with the supernatural. But I WOULD like to know how this might of started. Were you just reading about ghosts? Then sooner or later they started appearing? Or were you just cursed with being followed by ghosts. I also suggest possibly using your powers to sense ghosts for good. When you grow up, maybe try helping ghosts pass on. Just a thought.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-10)
Okay... We have asked some basic questions to give opinions regarding your issues. Without answers? How can we help?

God Bless!
vampira (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-10)
learn how? I do not understand I also every now and then make other thing happen but I would rather not say what it is.
FRAWIN (guest)
15 years ago (2008-04-09)
Hello vampira. I found your story quite interesting. If as you say, you are followed 99% of the time by spirits, then you need to learn how to control your gift/curse.There are methods to "open" and "close" this ability so you can have a normal life. Take care and thanks for sharing your story with us.

vampira (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-09)
No I see ghost only in the dark and I can sense them all the time and I hope you do not mind if I answer how I brought them about me. And no the bruises they became bruises later on took some time to appear. I do not mind them totally but they are crowding to much now it is starting to scare me.
Flutterofwings (13 stories) (428 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-09)
Spirits come to us in many forms. I am also interested if it were in, the day time with your friend. And did the prints on our neck be there suddenly? Or did it take a peroid of time for them to appear? I will wait for more info on this before I make more comments.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-09)

It certainly sounds as if there is a gift for you with paranormal.

I do have a couple questions, however, before I comment further. How did you bring these 'ghosts' stalking you on yourself? In one part you said you can only see or sense them in the dark, but when you went to the porch at school to check the time, was that day time?

Just trying to understand a bit more,

God Bless!
Patch (3 stories) (91 posts)
15 years ago (2008-04-09)
Hey, Thanks for sharing, I'm going through pretty much the same thing (Except I tend to feel less ghost than you do) At night I've recently stopped being able to sleep because of them, if you can burn some incense and wear a cross or something like that. It helps me, also at night, if you're really scared and can't sleep, read a good book. I always have two by my bedside just in case.
Good Luck ❤

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