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The House On W. Elmwood Avenue


This is a story about a house. There are many stories about this house I have to tell. This is just a few of the occurrences, incidents, sightings that went on in this house within the time I lived in it with my family. If you have read my previous story it also took place in this house. I have tried to look into the history of it. Only to find that each families hands it has fallen into all have lost this house and have been unable to keep it. It is currently lived in. From the time we moved to 5 years later I have learned that this house has gone through 2 more owners.

My family and I moved into this house in summer of 1992. I remember going to see the house just right before we moved in. When I first walked into the house a tremendous feeling of hostility overcame me. You could tell the house had been picked up/cleaned up as much as the real estate people could to have it viewed. The tile floors were broken. I could tell it had been done purposely. Almost like whom ever did it had taken a hammer to the tiles. The back yard looked completely isolated. As if no one had cared for it in sometime. I noticed a small beat up kids club house. Something told me to leave it alone and continue looking around the house. In the time that I was in that house I felt an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness. It wouldn't be long before I would find out why I felt so uncomfortable and uneasy from the first day I set foot in that door.

We went about 2-3 years without paying attention to things we couldn't explain. Items of clothing disappearing, unexplained noises, our dogs acting strange. Then things got a bit more serious. I remember one night staying up late playing video games. All the lights were off and all that lit up the room was the portable screen from the game console I was playing on. I had this feeling like someone was in the room with me. I was laying down on the couch. It felt like there was someone standing behind me watching me play. I became nervous and quickly turned off my game and hid under my covers. I had the strongest feeling that if I dared to take the covers off and looked I would see something but was unsure as to what. I forced myself to sleep that night.

On another occasion, my mom and brothers had gone to sleep and my step dad (dad) and I were the last ones to go to bed. I turned off the lights and said good night to my dad. He replied back, "nite" and there was a short pause. Then a loud and deep voice was heard. I did not make out what it said, but my dad heard it too. I even thought it was him trying to scare me and said, "haha nice try..." He told me that had not been him. I think we both got scared and ignored what had happened and just went to sleep.

I refused to sleep in my room after sometime. I always told my mom and dad that it was because I liked sleeping on the couch in the living room and having the tv all to myself. That was not all true. My room had two big windows and for sometime before my dad had that part made into a wall it had a door that went from my closet into the backyard. Whenever I slept in my room I hardly ever got a full nights sleep. I was always woken up by sounds that came from out in the back. Sounds that were not my dog because he slept on the other side by the sliding glass doors. It was whispering. I had a fear that someone or something was watching me or waiting to watch me. I always had the strongest urge to pull up my blinds and get it over with but never found the courage.

There was also a shadow in our home. Now I don't know if it was more than one or just that one, but it was all over our house. I saw this shadow, my mom, dad, 2nd to youngest brother, cousin. They all saw it. It would just walk by. Many times I saw it through the side of my eye. It would be out in the front of the house as well. I think my dog would see it too because he would bark uncontrollably like someone was there. This shadow never did anything to really scare me or others but it made it's presence known to us.

My 2nd youngest brother was given the back room that was right next to mine. He was getting older and wanted his own space. It was the middle of the night and we were all a sleep. Suddenly I woke up to my brother running out of his bedroom crying out for my mom. I saw him pass by and got up to go see what happened to him. I remember him telling my mom as he cried that he had opened his eyes and seen a white cat like animal at the foot of his bed. It was staring at him. My mom tried calming him down by telling him it could have been a pillow. She comforted him and he fell a sleep in her room. As I made my way back to the couch I looked towards the small hallway that lead to me and my brothers room and just froze. I just could not bring myself to go and check.

As our time in that house grew close to an end more and more things became visible. In the restroom that was near the kitchen an image began to show on the green marble floor. It was the outline of an angel. It was so clear from the head to the wings. We even took pictures to show a friend once. Outlines of faces started forming on the wood in the living room. It was no tricks of the mind. We all saw them clearly without having to point them out to each other. They seemed like demonic faces to me. Right before we moved another angel image appeared on the other bathrooms white marble floor. It was as clear as the one in the green marble floor.

My step dad lost that house. The timing could not have come any sooner. We were all overwhelmed and the hostility that the home had was contagious on many occasions. There were times that I did not even know myself anymore. I wish I could say that was the last I saw of the house on W. Elmwood ave. You see this house follows me in my dreams. I have found myself back inside of it numerous times. With horrible things waiting. Horrible things that awaken me until this day and rob me of my sleep.

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Tek (4 stories) (8 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-03)
Thank you for reading. The way I ended this story leaves an opening to my present. I am sure it will make more sense once I post the stories.

Thank you for the advice. I went most of my childhood wearing a cross. That is also another story. I pray a lot, mostly for my loved ones. I am looking to move soon and will be without a doubt placing a cross in my new home.
KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-03)
Once again thank you for sharing your experiences. I to have many a night mare of the past (and some current) experiences. My only peice of advice is to pray, pray, pray. If this does not fall into your belief system, find some spiritual method that does. Also, place a corss in your bedroom, at least one, If not placed in the room, try wearig one. Tell the anger and fear it will not rule your sleep hours any longer. Let it know that in the name of the Lord, you are done with it!

I to am looking forward to hearing more of your occurances and experiences!

God Bless!
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-03)
Hi Tek and what an amazing story! I know it wasn't fun for you or your family living there but, to be honest, I'm looking forward to reading more from you.

I suppose whoever or whatever was there and I think it was more than one entity didn't wish to share the house with anyone. I'm happy you're out of there although you kind of lost me at the end. Are you simply talking about having dreams as post traumatic shock or do you mean these dreams are more than they seem. I sure wish to hear more about them.

Thanks for the thrill.
Biemaster (7 stories) (192 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-03)
Whoa this is DEFINATLEY one of my favorite stories! I would have been dead scared if I were you Tek! You are pretty brave! Very well written too!

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