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This is about my background leading into future demon hunting, and revenge for the past.

Sometimes I can feel something watching me. I don't know what it is, but I can always tell where it is. It makes me nervous and paranoid. Even if I'm with other people, it'll come. It doesn't feel like a good thing. It scares me. Like it's playing with my head until I finally break. I can see things out of the corner of my eye a lot, just little shadows running around. I can't quite figure it out, but I need to get rid of it. That's what this is about. I'm pretty sure it's going to come out all over the place, and I apologize for that. I believe in spirits, and demons, and a lot of other stuff. I'm being followed by something, and I'm going to find it and get rid of it however possible.

I'm the apprentice to a deceased hunter. I was being taught to hunt by my father, although I didn't know it at the time. He used to take me with him sometimes, not on actual hunts, but deer hunting. It's funny, I looked up all the places he took me, and you can't hunt deer there because there aren't any. I was only six when it all started. He taught me how to move through anything without making a sound, how to use the four kinds of guns he owned, how to listen and really hear the things that you'd think are just normal noises in nature. He told me about the supernatural whenever he could, and taught me how to figure things out from scratch. He'd give me puzzle after puzzle and I'd solve them. He always played favorites with my brother and I, but to be fair, my brother was never very fond of him, either.

My father moved into a house in Buffalo with my mother. I hated that house. It was haunted by a little girl named Mary and something else. I would always talk to Mary. She was my best friend, but she would never leave the house with me. I remember times when I'd wake up in the middle of the night and all my toys would be floating. It sounds fake, but it gets weirder. I was in the basement with my step-brother when a brick flew right at his head. Me being eight, I ran upstairs screaming. I'd have horrible dreams of things you'd think would terrify a child. Yet, I was never afraid of them. The only time I got afraid, I went to my father and he gave me a small black bible. Why he made us live in that house, I'll probably never know. But I'm glad we moved out. I can't even find the place on Google maps. It's like it just disappeared. I know they condemned it after we said we wouldn't take it back, though.

When I was ten, my father started going up to the alter at church to pray. The Monday right after Mother's Day of 2003 he died. They say it was suicide. It's taken me until now to figure it out that's not how it happened. He didn't kill himself. I knew that I should've stayed home that day.

I left my school books by the door so I could call and have him drop them off, but I never did because it was too late, and I knew it. The night before, he was talking to my mother and step-mother, talking in circles, saying things he knew only I could understand. It was his last puzzle for me, and it took me six years to put it all together.

I'm the daughter of a hunter. I will hunt when the time is right. I don't fully understand everything, so a little guidance would be nice. I know there's a lot more I have to learn before I can go out and stare into the abyss. I just wish I had more time. Anywhere I go, I feel something watching me, even in my own home. I keep three knifes and a katana by my bed at all times. It's just difficult because I can't take them outside. And I still have those dreams. Most tell me I'm describing a nightmare, but that's not what they are to me. They're just extremely vivid dreams to me. My shrink says I'm completely normal. Not even depressed, just slightly stressed with a side of insomnia.

Some will think I'm insane, some may say it. I have my beliefs, and that's all. Once I can go, I'm gone. Off to fight for what they took. Some say they believe in angels, but say they don't believe in demons and spirits. You can't have one extreme without the other. All the women on my mother's side of the family up have some kind of spiritual gift. My great grandmother knew everything about anything in her family's life. She knew the exact day my mother would have her first son and the day he would die. She knew my mother would marry my father. She knew the exact time and day she would die. Every now and then, my mother and I can smell roses and cigars, which means my great grandmother and her boyfriend are around. Yes, she had a boyfriend. My mother's cousin has something to do with dreams. And apparently it's not good at all if she has a dream of you. What scares me is that when I first met her, she looked me in the eye and said, "You're the one I've been having dreams about." I asked her to tell me about them and my grandmother ran up and stopped her. I never stop wondering what they aren't telling me.

My mother has visions. Not very often, but she does. I don't know what I have, if any at all. The closest thing I can think of is that whenever I close my eyes, I see eyes everywhere. Just eyes, that seem to move around and change into more eyes. So many I can't seem to keep track. It's really odd. And I get migraines as well. I'm not old enough to be having migraines like that: where you get dizzy, then just fall to the ground in agony, but what can I do?

I come from a family of spiritualist Christians on my mother's side, and army men and hunters on my father's side. Which I'm supposed to be, who knows? But I will do my best to explore both possibilities. Maybe I'll get lucky and be a little bit of both.

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Shinigami0 (2 stories) (203 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-05)
I'm very curious about this story. When I read it, I was reminded of Sam and Dean from the show Supernatural, especially when you mentioned you were learning to be a hunter from your father, and you kill demons with guns.

I don't mean to sound mean, but was this meant to be a fanfiction for Supernatural, and you thought that this site was for any type of supernatural story, including fiction?

Anyway, I think WhiteBuffalo is spot on. Human weapons probably won't to anything to a demon, who has speed, manipulative skills, and other possible weapons at their disposal. I have heard on this site that cold iron is a godsend, apparently. Who knows if lobbing a hunk of it at a demon can knock a lump onto his head.

I hope you stay safe in whatever you're doing. 😐
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-30)
I get migraines too so I feel for you. I know when I'm about to get a migraine because I get an aura about 20 minutes before a migraine. I see white spots in front of me everywhere and get dizzy. I've only had these headaches for about a year now. Fortunately if I take over the counter migraine medicine right away I can avoid the headache. I wouldn't wish that excruciating pain on ANYBODY! I found out mine are caused by stress, and maybe yours are too.

-Sydney ❤ 😊 ❤
Lanoira_Iyo (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
Though I think you are very able of taking care of yourself and are a very good demon hunter the other users are right those normal weapons can affect a demon if something decides to attack you sometimes, especially with strong demons, three knifes and a katana won't be enough ammo. But I think what is fallowing you is your guardian demon. Guardian demons are uncommon and very hard to control. Try confronting it. 😁
FRAWIN (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-07)
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I think you would make a fantanstic science fiction writer. Take Care.

whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-06)
You have my curiosity peaking, why is it that a demon hunter would need the use of four different types of guns?
How would three knives and a samurai sword help in the event of a demon attack?
You say that you know there is more for you to learn, and you wished that you had more time.
Hoh boy, I REALLY hesitate to write this, but something just will not let me walk away from this page. I would like to appologize in advance for anything that may be viewed as being rude, I am NOT trying to be.

Yes, to be a demon hunter would be an honestly adrenelin kicking awesome profession. But let's take it down a notch first. You may have had the chance at an apprenticeship, but I am HONESTLY confused. Your father, who was a hunter started going to the alter when you were TEN? And he was teaching you from the time you were five or six?
I would think that if he were a truly gifted demon hunter, you would have seen him up at the alter many times previous, if nothing more than to instill in you the importance of balance. If you fight evil, you MUST have holiness on your side.
The scales can not tip, for the hunt to be successful. They can not even DIP, they must be in perfect balance.
I HAVE apprenticed, Hun, and I will be totally honest with you. The Spiritual War is NOTHING like an episode of The Supernatural, The Craft, or any of the other media portrayed instances in which hunters always get their bad man. MY mentor would have struck me blind should I even have HINTED at calling him a demon hunter.
For starters, in the demon hierarchy, there are only so many to fight off. To be a specifically trained, and solely apprenticed demon hunter is limiting.
And the use of weapons?! For WHAT?! How can you, literally speaking, carry a katana to another realm and fight off a Being who has lightening bolts at his disposal and an arsenal of servants at his beckoning call?
I just, if this is what you have been trained to do, I feel that you have been disillusioned. The War is not like a movie set, and the types of things you will encounter as a hunter are SO not limited to what is seen on the screen.
Before you fancy yourself a demon hunter, PLEASE do some more research into it. There is SO much more to it than chanting a few phrases, and positioning your body in really cool stands, and being able to carry a business card with awesome graphics on it.
Thank you.
gary11872 (1 stories) (60 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-05)
First of all, I'd like to ask you what a katana is supposed to help you with? If a demon attacks you physical weapons are about as good as a used kleenex.

Secondly, I highly doubt your are experienced enough to go after a demon. Your clearly very young, My guess would be 14-16. You have a small vocabulary, and you didn't state any specifics that would say any ditermination as to what your age is.

Even all the stuff your dad has taught you wouldent help you in a real situation. I know from my own experiences. Knowing what to do and doing it is two very different things. Book smarts isn't enough. You would also have to be an apprentice for at least a few years. (your dad dosent count, I think he was knowledgeable, but he wasn't a true hunter)

And thirdly, You cannot "self-diagnose" unless you have a PHD. If you needed medication you would not be able to write yourself a perscription. You should see a shrink. You need help.

It's "demon hunters" like you who give real ones a bad name.

Go to school, get an education and a good career. Stop playing around with stuff you don't know.
FinanceMajor (1 stories) (64 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-03)
It seems as though you are very young to chase the unknown. Have you spoke with you family about your career choice. If I were wanting to be a Hunter, I would first start off as a Apprentice to someone with more experience in your area. Google it.

Just remember you need a job to pay the bills and eventually have a profession later on in life.

Most People are Open Minded, especially on this website, but people really can't understand the situation unless they have been through something extraordinary.

Stay Grounded and Godbless.
Valicity (guest)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
Tonith - Well, to tell you the truth, I loved hanging out with my dad. I was with him 24/7 unless I was at school, or when he wouldn't let me come with him. He was my mentor, my best friend, my dad. Yeah, it might have messed up my life a little. But it would've anyway. And I get what you mean about not believing in demons. I'm also one of those people who only believe in something if it happens to me.

Emma2008 - I figure I need to see a new shrink too, but I can't with my health care. To tell you the truth, I'd rather look up a bunch of psychology stuff and self-diagnose myself and then go tell my shrink what I think. See what they say.

SchizoSephy - I don't believe I hallucinate either. It's not in my head.
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
You may be sensitive and you may be suffering from other issues as well. You were very young and impressionable when your father started teaching you things that may have been be a bit too much for you to handle. Guess he figured you had the gift and could deal with it but sounds like it did some harm as well. As you get older you may be able to sort it out. I don't believe in demons and I think they are the source of a lot of psychological damage. Could they be real? Absolutely to the person it's happening to. I just have no experience with such beings so I don't believe in them. I think we have enough natural horror in this world due to man's ego without believing it's a product of the devil made me do it. Good luck and thanks for sharing.
Emma2008 (4 stories) (110 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
Oh boy. I'm sorry to suggest that perhaps you need to visit another shrink for a second opinion. I believe the death of your father really impacted your life. Don't get me wrong, it seems like you have all your ducks in a row, but there is something definately disturbing about your story.
SchizoSephy (74 posts)
14 years ago (2008-09-02)
Seeing things out of the corner of your eyes can be quite horrific. The majority of my experiences are those elusive things. The thing is I'm told I hallucinate. I don't believe I hallucinate. I think their real.

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