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My Dog Reacting to the Ghost Hunters Show


Hello again! Boy, it's been awhile since I last entered a story. Well, you remember my last story The Cat Coming to Visit? Yeah, well, I just remembered something. I had told about the haunted slave-house that the cat story had happened a year after that incident. Well, I'd forgotten about my dog and Ghost Hunters (TAPS) experience.

My dog is a Brittany Spaniel. Real sweet dog. She is usually hyper around family and friends, but shy around strangers. And, she almost never barks. Unless it's at the neighbor's dog. This proved to be important.

I was around, ummm... 12, I think. I'd been thinking a lot on ghosts (it was october) and, even though my mother had forbidden me to watch ghost shows, I had gone into the living room to watch Ghost Hunters (TAPS). I'd never seen it before, and I was already nervous about my mom finding out. But, after a few minutes I relaxed and settled into the show.

Okay, this is how we were arranged: I was sitting on the couch, facing the T.V. My dog was laying diagonally facing the T.V on my left, while my cat was curled up near my feet on my right.

I do believe the episode I was watching was called Shadow People. The guys were talking to the family about the spirits of children living in their children's room. Now, they were showing the family a clip of audio they had heard. It was Jason talking, then a little girl's voice saying "Who's Jason?"

Well, right after that played, my dog leapt up from her spot and started barking at the T.V. After about a minute, she settled down to just woofing, looking from me to the T.V as they replayed the "Who's Jason?" over and over. I turned off the T.V and she settled back down.

My cat, interestingly enough, hadn't reacted at all. So, I went scoping through the house to see if it was something else that had startled my dog. There wasn't anything. Both the neighbors on either side said their dogs had been asleep.

And yet, about a month ago, when I had my friend over and was showing it to her, my dog didn't react. I wonder if it was just a one-time thing? I wanted to get in contact with Ghost Hunters (TAPS) and ask them about it, but I just figured it was too stupid to bother with.

If you guys have ever had that happen to you, please let me know!

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sameeca (4 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-18)
Maybe the dog was just scared by a new noise. I know one of my dogs (who will quite happily savage a rat to death) barked at a pot when it boiled over on our electric stove. The rocking sound it made frightened him... And me... But dogs can be silly over new noises. 😁
Ohiowatha (11 stories) (415 posts)
14 years ago (2007-11-02)
In none of your stories do I think you have evidence of anything supernatural. Dogs bark at all sorts of things for no reason. The fact that he only barked once upon seeing this show twice and your cat never stirred (maybe she was engrossed in an electrical wiring book) should tell you it's just coincidence.

Try not to jump to conclusions so much!

cupcake10132 (4 stories) (193 posts)
14 years ago (2007-07-26)
to Jason,
Haha we get it! No need to scream it out, yet quit amusing! Thanks for the luagh Jason, I needed it!
To Tiffiny,
I love that show! No it never happened to me, but I would consider on getting advice from TAPS as I will do soon enough. I never had my dogs go crazy lol! Your dog may have heard or smelt something that we can't hear or smell with our own noses. That may be the cuase. Have you ever had any weird dreams about that? If so what happened? Please share!
Blessings to everyone,
fizzylizzie (2 stories) (67 posts)
14 years ago (2007-07-02)
I saw that episode
I love TAPS I considered calling them to do some work in my house
evilblackwidow9 (6 stories) (132 posts)
14 years ago (2007-06-27)
Maybe your dog picked up on the nonhuman voice. Sometimes dogs will do that and go crazy.
jason_hawes (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2007-06-27)
kinda funny, my dog blackjack freaks out when I am watching ghost hunters (TAPS)...


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