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There Are Others In Our House


We can hear someone or something calling our names, we can also hear other things like "Hey", "Baby". We also, at times, can hear like someone is breathing. For example we would be sitting in our den and we would hear someone behind us. However no one is there and we could hear someone breathe deeply.

There is also what seems to be mist. For example, I left our room to go check on our kids. When I got back Jimmy had asked me if I was smoking. I told him I was not smoking. He explained to me that when I left the room it looked like a mist of smoke went the opposite way of which I was going.

Also in our den we could be sitting there and smell incense burning. We have also smelled perfume in the house as well. It is not any of my perfumes I wear.

Also in this house we can hear other things. We have heard boxes being moved. We have tried to find it and could not. We have heard our dishes being moved around and could not find them. However there have been times we have found things in the kitchen moved around. For example on that, we have our pepper by the stove, the next day we could not find it. Then on the third day we found it mixed with our cans. This is not where we left it.

There was also one time I was putting my kids to sleep. I had turned the hall light on to see. When I was in the kids' room the hall light turned off. I had thought it was Jimmy. However it was not him. He was in the den and nowhere near the hall at the time.

We have seen the doors in the house open and close. We have seen our bedroom door do this, the kid's room has done this and the spare rooms have done this as well. We could hear doors open and close as well.

One day I was in the kitchen and heard water running. I thought it was the ice tray in the freezer. However I found the noise was coming from our bathroom. I went in there to see what was going on and found the faucet on. I turned it off. Nothing happened again. We have heard the toilet lid slam down as well.

There is the feeling of being watched. We also sometimes can feel like something has touched us. Jimmy and I were in our bedroom; I got up to go do something, when I went back Jimmy had this weird expression on his face. He told me it felt like someone had touched him. He said it felt like someone ran their fingers on the back of his shoulder. He had the hair on his arm standing up.

We also have seen apparitions. One night we were asleep and woke up. It looked like there was what seemed to be a dog at the foot of the bed. It was not our dog. I could be in our room and it seems like a bird would fly by. Jimmy one night told me that one of the kids was at the door calling mommy. I got up and found no one. The kids were in their bed fast asleep.

I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I looked behind me and thought I saw Jimmy walk towards the bathroom and found he was outside. Jimmy one night was coming out of the bathroom and looked by the kids' door. He saw something black run up the wall and into our cooler. Nothing was there when the cooler was checked.

We heard something what seemed like something running on our roof. When Jimmy went to go see what it was he saw something black run out of the chimney and run across the roof and was gone. It could not have been a cat or something of that sort. I say this because it moved to fast.

There have been shadows in the house. We could see a shadow like someone is walking in the living room and no one is there. Jimmy has seen shadows walk by our room or the den. I have seen this as well. In the den, Jimmy had one of his remote control airplanes on the table. It is a F18. It tilts back where the nose is upward. Well the plane has been pushed down where the nose is even with the body. And then the plane goes back up.

Also in the den we have a screen saver on the computer. It changes all the time and you can see the light it puts out change. However at times you can not make out anything in the den. It is like the den goes pitch black.

One night we were taping the den, when we reviewed the tape later we were shocked by what we saw. We saw on the plane what looked like a face. It was white and looked not normal.

We have taken pictures in the house and saw lights what some people would say orbs in them. These are not round. They look like a huge line of light. However there have been some pictures where it looks like huge lights are coming out of the chimney. When you transfer the picture to the computer you can only see a black spot and can not make out the chimney or the wall behind it.

Now there is one room in this house I will not go into at night. This is now used as storage. It is Jimmy's daughter's room. I find that if I go in there I get what feels sick to my stomach. I feel like I can throw up. Jimmy has seen a black shadow move around in there. Now I have found out that Jimmy's grandmother has died in the house as well as his aunt. There have also been many animals that have died here as well.

The kids have told me they hear noises like voices. My youngest son yesterday called me into the kitchen and told me he felt like someone was watching him from the hall. They have also asked me if I was in their room checking on them when I answered I was not on that day.

They said they saw me standing at the foot of the bed. They have seen things walking in the hall. They have just ignored them. However they want to have a light on at all times and is afraid to go out of their room sometimes at night.

Our dogs and cat have been running in the house and then would just stop and not go into a room. They have also just stopped and then looked up at the ceiling and stared like they were seeing something. Our littlest dog would start barking at nothing and start to growl at the hall and the kitchen area that leads to our room.

Now I don't think that there is anything that will hurt us in this house. I try to tell my kids that. I just don't know what is going on. I do believe in ghosts. I have lived in houses that were considered haunted. So they don't bother me. I just want to make sure that this house is haunted.

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jmcgill (17 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-11)
Why don't you have a paranormal team come in and do a check just to be on the safe side. Especially with animals which are extememly perceptive and can see what you can't. I hope you keep them safe but they would normally let you know if something is dangerous.

Also it wouldn't hurt to have your house clensed. Any spirits should be continuing there journey to the other side and might need some help getting there. A paranormal team or psychic would be able to give you some answers. How are our children with all this going on. If they are scared let them know that every one has sprit guides to watch over and protect them. Ask them for there guidance and protection and they will keep you all safe.

Protect your home have it clensed.

Good luch and stay safe
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
denisekoehler, I'm curious as to why you think this is a demon. It has done nothing to physically hurt the people in this house. Whatever this spirit is, I think it's just a poltergeist or a wayward spirit that wants to be noticed. I haven't seen any evidence of demonic activity in her account. Dimondeyes, I think you'll be okay. I know that it's scary but I think you have a great head on your shoulders and whenever you want spirits to leave you alone, simply tell them to do so and most of the time they will. If there's a particular room in your house that feels uncomfortable, try brightening it up with some lights and decorate it with pleasant colors. Usually adding a few small pieces of positive change to the atmosphere in your house will lighten up those shadows! Don't take any crud from spirits.:) Tell them whose house it is and politely speak to them out loud, and lay out the rules (i.e. No doing anything to wake the family up or scare the children!)


denisekoehler (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-20)
😨 Honey it really sounds like your house is haunted by a demon You need to send those photos to Lorraine Warren or John or Paranormal State Ryan Buell and get that house blessed asap. This is weird as I type this my computer is really tripping and I don't like this... Just be careful especially with those kids in there. They can harm u.
EVPResearcher (34 stories) (140 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-19)
Hello. If you are not afraid...good. If you are, don't be. I lived in a house with similar happenings for 5 and a half years and nothing ever "got us". It sounds to me like they are trying to communicate or get your attention. What I would do is do an EVP session. Do it in a dark room. Invite them to come in the room and let you know what is on their mind. Explain what a recorder does. Maybe you can be of some help to them. Maybe they don't need anything, just living their "lives". Just my advice.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-19)
Wow a lot of activity going on then. I take it you are not afraid buy any of this which is good. There is judging by your description a family in the shouse with you. Sounds like they are carrying on with their normal day to day activities. You can't see the smoke or see Incense burning but you can feel the thickness in the atmosphere & smell. That is very interesting. Do you recognise the smell?

You speak about Jimmy's daughter room, where you feel very unwell, I would start with this room as it sounds like it may be source of where it all starts and hopefully finishes.

I would cleanse the room as well as the whole property and get the house blessed.
There are many methods of spiritual cleasing, burn purifying incense and walk around the room with it while visualizing it dispelling negativity, smudging uses the herb Sage, (meaning to heal) to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area where a ceremony takes place.

Hope this helps.

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