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Ghost Manifesting as Fruit Flies?


I've never seen anything like this mentioned and hope someone can give me some insight.

My ex husband wound up being a really angry, hateful, mentally ill man towards the end of his life. Even after 5 years and several girlfriends, one of them serious, he never got over me leaving him. He always felt that I was his wife, his property to the end. He would vacillate between trying to destroy me emotionally and trying to bring me back into his life. He would forget all the resentment as soon as a real problem would occur. A problem with his computer, one of his animals, when he had his first heart attack, or subsequent chest pains and the heart attack that killed him he was on the phone calling me, completely forgetting the animosity. For the sake of the kids I did the best that I could to get along and except that he was unexplainable.

He died on his living room floor with my older child in attendance. He left the hospital after going in for severe chest pains. He insisted to the nurses that he was fine and stubbornly signed himself out. Within two hours he was dead at the age of 47.

Two days after he died, I went to his house alone to retrieve any paperwork and photos that belonged to me or us jointly that he kept. I wound up spending almost 2 hours there bagging up his clothing and sorting through what had been our file cabinet. As I was leaving, I was surprised to realize that I had never been bothered by being alone in his house, not by being alone at night and not by the fact that he had died there. I had found myself feeling very comfortable and safe. I decided later that I somehow knew his anger had died with him. That I was welcome into his home, welcome to take what was rightfully mine or ours and that he wanted me to take care of removing his personal items instead of his family members.

I went back several times with the kids and without to retrieve any items that were theirs. I never had that same feeling again but, always wondered if he was there watching.

A few weeks later, my current husband and I went to the house to get his lawn mower. This made me feel very uncomfortable as my ex hated my current with a passion. The feeling started long before we entered the house but, became very uncomfortable as my current husband looked at my ex's things. All very explainable with the conscious mind. I hadn't wanted my husband to even enter the house out of respect for my ex's feelings but didn't say so as I would have received a look that told me I was being ridiculous. After we had been inside a few minutes, the discomfort was becoming very strong. I wanted nothing more than to shoo my husband out the door and make a hasty retreat. I started feeling like things were falling on me as I picked up common household items like the tuna and spaghettios he kept there for the kids. I must have looked pretty silly ducking from the imaginary things attacking me from the tops of cupboards and the refrigerator. After a few minutes of that, and my discomfort growing to beyond uncomfortable, the fruit flies started.

Not real fruit flies but, again, imaginary ones. If you think of what its like in the summer to have a fruit fly or gnat buzzing around at the very edge of your peripheral vision you'll know exactly what I was seeing. A black dot almost touching the side of your head that you instinctively swing a hand at. Now, instead of ducking from invisible things, I was swatting at them. (Trust me, there were no fruit flies.) At this point I decided I had ignored the hint long enough, shoved the husband into the car and headed home, vowing never to bring him there again.

I went back to the house at least once after that but, never saw the fruit flies or had any feelings good or bad about it while I was there other than the expected ones. More than a year later, the house still stood empty waiting for the bank to foreclose on it. Life had taken on a new normal and we were preparing for our second Christmas since his death when I swatted at a fruit fly. Somehow I just knew that the house had been sold and he had moved in with us. I drove by the next day and while the house hadn't been sold, there was a for sale sign out front and a full dumpster. The bank had people come in and remove the remaining items while getting it ready to be sold.

I saw the fruit flies regularly for a few weeks, always on my right side but, they never bothered me. I even got up the courage to tell my husband (but not the kids) about it and my theory. He is very open minded and didn't seem terribly bothered by it either. We even joked about it once or twice, blaming my ex for taking things we couldn't find.

I talked to a psychic I know, she said that she felt that there was more than one, that he had brought family members with him and that this sometimes happens at holidays. That kind of bothered me. It was one thing to have my ex hanging around, another to have my mother in law visiting! One night, a month or so into the occasional "sightings" I was in bed alone. The kids were asleep and my husband working the night shift when I felt someone sit on the end of the bed. While occasionally seeing fruit flies that weren't there was acceptable, feeling things was not. I told the air in general: "I don't mind you hanging around here and keeping an eye on the kids, however, you are not to make yourself known..." That ended it. I didn't see another black dot, until the next Christmas when I saw one once, in the kitchen, the most common site and his favorite room. It was only when I was cooking, something he always loved. I felt as thought he was just saying hi and letting me know he was there.

I was reading ghost stories here and on Obiwan's site the other day when I saw a dot again, on my right side as usual. I couldn't help but feel like he was teasing me while I was frightened.

Now the question. Has anyone ever experienced or heard of a ghost manifesting itself as a black fruit fly like dot? I can't help but feel I am just a little out there with this one.

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muldoon0623 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-24)
My husband passed away in our home within the last year. Since that time I have witnessed several inexplicable events in my home.
I know full well that it is him. I have witnessed things moving, lights turning on by themselves etc. I always try to debunk what I have seen but come up with no explanation, of these happenings.
I also noticed something that I found strange which I called ghost flies. Because they looked just like little fruit flies, but they don't hover around like a fruit flies, they move past you, but make no noise, and they fade away. At first I thought that maybe they were something in or on my eye, but the problem with that is that this only happens in my home. Not at work, not in my car or not in any other location. Also, they do not necessarily fly across my vision, like something floating on my eyeball. They come at me, they fly from behind me to in front of me, come across from left to right and from right to left. Up at an angle etc. The last time I witnessed one. My husbands light on the side of his bed came on and the ghost fly flew from the lamp.

This also is happening in the dead of winter, when normally you do not see flies. This leads me to believe that it is something paranormal and that it is my husbands energy.

I have had no fear of these ghost flies and no fear of the events happening in my home. I feel he is watching over me, as he knows I am still greiving for him.
Ron (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-03)
The thing that has unintentionally moved this into the wrong category (and should probably never been mentioned in the first place), is the analogy to "Fruit Flies". Everyone is now (naturally), associating the activity with Fruit Flies, when that has absolutely nothing to do with it.
If I understand this correctly, Amy first "mistakenly" thought it was an insect of some kind, but found out soon that it was a manifestation of the paranormal.
A manifestation is energy and can take the form of many things. Our peripheral vision (in my opinion) is the "easiest" place to make themselves known, because it is an area between the focal-point of our world and the "place" where they now reside.
The thing that really concerns me is the activity advanced to a new, more dangerous level, with the "physical movement" and known intentions of him (or something else) sitting on the bed!
Amy, be very careful you don't "invite" something in, thinking it is your ex-husband with good intention toward your children.
Many evil entities use circumstances just like this to "fool" their way into the realm of our world. Reject ALL entities immediately!
Don't be fooled!

Amy (1 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-20)
And a good one. At 42 I've had plenty of the same situation myself. This is nothing like that. Also, the odd part, just knowing.
Jem (guest)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
I'm not going to tell you that what you feel isn't your ex-husband's spirit, but those fruit flies may just be floaters inside your eye. I have many of them now, but when I was younger, I was always batting at bugs that only I could see. Turns out that because I was somewhat nearsighted the vitreous part of the inside of my eye began pulling away from my retina as I aged. This caused some dark material, probably blood cells, to enter and float around in there. I didn't see them all the time, only when the light entered my eye a certain way. Now I have so many that when I see things moving out of the corner of my eye I don't even bother wondering because I doubt if I could tell now if it were a ghost or just them. Just a thought:)
Amy (1 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
No cold spots, change in atmosphere or anything like that. Only the first occasion, when I felt very uncomfortable, that's it. I somehow just know its him. Manifesting in the form I am familiar with makes a lot of sense though.
Shane (13 stories) (1258 posts)
17 years ago (2007-03-19)
Amy, though I have never heard of them manifesting themselves as fruit flies, spirits are pure energy that has been released upon passing and I am sure that they can take on any form that they choose. Other than seeing these dots do you feel any change in the atmoshpere around you? Cold spots, feeling tired when they are around, ETC? Spirits need to be able to draw energy in order to manifest themselves, maybe this spirit was unable to draw enough energy to fully manifest itself the first time around and now only does so in a form you are more familiar with. Peace and luck to you.

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