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It was 1987. I moved from Indiana to California. I was 21 years old. I had my son with me. I was no longer married. I came out to California so that I could get away from the strong religious background I grew up in. I was raised Jehovah's Witness. I never adhered to the religion. No offense to Jehovah's witnesses, I wanted to hear about Jesus more so.

I left after I saved enough money to set up things. I visited my dad who lived in Los Angeles since 1960. He had sort of a cult going on and people from the entertainment industry were coming to get their charts read at Venice beach in the evenings. He wanted me to join this thing he put together. Some people believed him to be some sort of prophet.

One day he wanted to read my charts and set out at 6p.m. To Venice beach, CA (U.S.A.) He told me that would come back to tell me about the reading. Whenever someone reads or tells my fortune, they always become frightened and I don't know why, they never tell me. (I'm pretty comfortable with myself; I'm different in a sense, so it's ok). He came back looking frightened and puzzled. I had planned to talk with him on his return as I thought his teachings were not for me. Before he sat down I asked him what he found about me. He said nothing. I asked if he was ok because he looked frightened. I could clearly see that something was wrong. I told him that it is unfair that he'd found something out and would not tell me. I asked if I was a mean person, was that it? He would not even look me in the eyes.

I had a heart to heart talk with him explaining that I could not adhere to his teachings; I just came out of the J.W. Religion, and not a person who believes everything just because a person feels they are called or chosen to lead a group etc. I didn't mean any offense, but he grew upset and told me that I had to leave his home. I realized that my money had been stolen from my purse (by him) I was in deep trouble because I had nowhere to go. He made an evil comment. "I hope they find you in a dumpster" I could not believe he said something like that. Why was he so mad and how could he talk this way to anyone. At 12 noon the next day he reminded me to get out.

I felt like I walked right into hell when I found myself and child on skid row (down town Los Angeles) I saw literal spirits of men who belonged in a mental institution. I asked a few people why so many severely mentally ill people were out on the streets. They said something about a law that President Reagan passed where these people can no longer stay in institutions for their mental disorders. I had no idea that a law like this was passed and it was more than dangerous for anyone to be amongst most of them.

A Mexican lady who was also homeless with two little boys befriended me and smuggled me into her aunt's house in Riverside. I had to leave when the aunt found out that Maria was stealing food and milk for me and my baby. I left Indiana terminally ill. I believe in healing so of course I was not going to tell my Jehovah's Witness friends and families that I had cancer of the cervix and that the doctors gave me two years to live at the most. I wanted to be healed. I was only 21 years old, so I left Indiana with cancer regardless. Jehovah's Witnesses don't believe in healing. I had to find a shelter.

Maria paid for a one way greyhound bus ticket with her last $20 for me and my child to go to Orange County, California. God bless Maria. This was an old hospital that was now a shelter. I was accepted and in need to rest. I was very ill from the terminal disease that I tried to hide.

After a few days I was made by the staff to go through emergency. An Ethiopian woman drove me to Humana hospital. The doctors tried to break the bad news that I already knew of. They wanted me to get on chemotherapy and radiation. I had no intentions of doings so; I was not receiving the disease regardless. I wanted to live without being sick.

There were three sanctified women at the shelter who wanted me to go to their Pentecostal church with them (no one knew of my illness) I turned down their offer. There were two African-American women and a Caucasian woman. They wanted everybody to get saved. I was reminded over and over that I was going to hell if I didn't go to church and be saved. I caused a lot of contention in the shelter with these three women purposely just so that they could see that they are human like everyone else.

One night I decided to lay down at 9pm. Everybody except children stayed up talking and eating until 11pm. I wanted to be alone for some reason. I kept the shelter jumping they said. I put my son to sleep and lay him in his crib. I opened the window in my room and felt the breeze as I lay on the bed gazing at the street lamp. The cool September air made this perfect. A member staff that checked on the children at 9pm cracked opened the door to my room, I saw her but pretended I was asleep.

The next day we had to go to our jobs outside the shelter and do chores for the guests who had no outside employment yet. Everybody was staring at me like I was mother Teresa. As we all congregated in the lounge for the group meeting, I asked why everybody was looking at me. One of the staff members said that she'd explain after the meeting. She smiled warmly. This lady is usually very mean. I wondered what had happened to her since yesterday when she yelled at the guest who claimed that ghosts were in the shelter. One lady said that when she went downstairs to get something (the morgue) that a spirit person punched her in the eye. She came upstairs with a swollen eye.

After the meeting the guests were still looking at me in an admirable way-like I was so holy. I was confused and I was thinking of getting out of that place soon. The staff asked me to go with them as they had something to tell me when a little boy accused me of being a ghost in his room last night

I was about to ask this child what he was talking about. He yelled this like I was a monster or something. I was in my room with my child last night trying to sleep. I was stopped by his mom and two of the staff member. The child's mom told her son, she was protecting us. So now I wanted to know what she was talking about. The staff said that this is what they wanted to explain to me. They had smiles on their faces and could not wait to tell. I asked the little boy, "Did you get hurt?" His mother demanded that he keep quiet and that I was guarding them. One of the staff said that there was a very tragic event that occurred at the shelter last night in which I broke up the activity. I didn't break up any activity I was asleep. "Listen to me, I have to explain, you are a spirit of some sort that comes against evil." "What?" "Now calm down" It's ok. It's a good thing." I calmed down and stared at them for a short second and Robin, the lady with the little boy, laughed nervously to break up this awkward silent moment.

I asked what happened. "The place where we keep donations (the old downstairs morgue), well the door slammed opened around 9pm or so and a mass of dark shadows came out. (Shadow people I believe). The presence was unbearable and there were so many of them. They came into all the staff's rooms and families' room and physically tried to kill them." They even raped some of the women. They had tied several children up in their bed sheets and tied the sheets into four corner knots. We were all screaming and crying. They only thing us staff could do was call the police. The police could not even break down the door nor break the windows to get inside. There were several footsteps upon the roof and a man was at the front door of the shelter on a bike claiming that he had some clothes to donate. (Men are no allowed in the shelter) If the police tried to break the windows of the shelter, the window that I was lying by would be the first to break because it is near the front entrance of the shelter. I didn't tell them this I was just trying to make sense of their story.

One of the staff proceeds: We were screaming out for God to help us. I interrupted, "Did anyone get killed?" "No, thank God, but Ashley had a severe breakdown and she won't be coming back." Did the police ever get inside?" "Well, you came down the hall corridor. You were all white as a solid spirit-completely white." "What?" "Yes, They were screaming here comes (my name) "I had supposedly walked into every room and the spirits were hitting the walls with what they described as a thud, running in fear. The spirits literally left the shelter through the walls and windows of what they described as running in sheer terror as I approached each room. The little boy who said I was in his room probably didn't understand what was going on. His mom said that I opened the door and said," Robin, it's alright, they are leaving. By this time some of the residents were walking up to our conversation and waiting to tell their story. Some of the women were traumatized as they were raped and stayed away from every one in seclusion. You could clearly see that they were traumatized. We decided to go into the lounge as the stories were draining my energy. I was becoming exhausted. I had to sit down to hear as much as I could. I was really shaken by their stories but I tried not to show it.

I was asked if I remembered anything that night. I explained that I had gone to bed at 9pm and I didn't hear anything. The residents looked shocked at me. I explained I was not in the halls or in their rooms. The staff and residents insisted that I was. I wanted a description of this woman who they said was me. They described her as me, but with hair down to her waist. My hair was not down to my waist then. It was to my shoulders. Odd enough, my hair is near my waist today, years later. They said she had on the same clothes that I wore, but that she was a real angel of God with a peaceful spirit. I had started all kinds of trouble in the shelter especially with the sanctified women who continuously told me that I was going to hell. I was even rebuked several times in the name of Jesus. And now I was this peaceful angel. I noticed that the three sanctified women were really quiet, so I asked one of them if I came into their room as well. "Yes, you did and I felt the Holy Spirit. This means that you are going to be saved." You better get saved now because you are evidently the chosen one. Those demons were screaming bloody murder when they saw you." The other woman adds her comments, that presence was not an evil presence. I never seen anything like this before but that was God's presence." One of the staff said the presence was of peace. I again told them I was in my bedroom and was not in the hallway. I was more concerned that someone was pretending to be me, but I thought that I shouldn't say it wasn't so since this supposed person helped them tremendously.

I departed to my room and the Caucasian lady, who was one of the three Christian ladies, grabbed my arm in excitement and says that she has to tell me something, that I would understand. She told me to come to her room in haste. I was so tired by then. I sat in the chair as she got out her black leather Bible. She said listen closely as I read you this scripture. She read a passage out of the Old Testament. I did not understand it and she gave her interpretation of it. I can't recall the scripture she read, but she said," You are one of the 40 part angel and part humans that are left on the earth." "What, they teach this in the Pentecostal church?" "No Mam, this was revealed to some people on earth." "How's that?" "The Holy Spirit speaks to some people clearly. You take this Bible. I'm giving it to you. Read it, He is going to talk to you." I took the Bible, thanked her and went to my room. "What is going on I thought."

A month later my family doctor swore I was in Jerusalem leading a tour. He had just got back from his two weeks vacation. I was one of the forty Jews that are still on earth. He claimed I spoke with him for nearly two hours. He said I lead the tour every year. I have never been out of the country (U.S.A.). I wouldn't purposely go to Jerusalem because of the fighting. He could not believe that I didn't remember him. He said that after the tour, I asked to speak with him privately of something that he didn't understand in Revelations. My doctor stared looking confused and I briefly told him that a month prior, some people had said something similar, but I don't recall being in the places that they say I was in.

He looked confused and left work early. I had gone to him because I was healed from cancer and he had me scheduled me for a hysterectomy. I remembered my last visit to him. He was upset that I allowed the cancer to get to that point without chemotherapy and radiation treatments (I refused to take). After him and several doctors examined me they became confused because they said my blood type changed from B to O positive and that all my cells were new. When the doctors left (they were looking at me like I was an alien), my doctor shut the door behind them and revealed that I was in Jerusalem. He said that there is an article in the National Geographic for August or September 1988 of this sect of Jews. He said that I will see myself in this magazine. That scared me when he said that so I never went out to purchase the 1988 edition. I looked the edition up later (years later) but I cannot find any article on a rare sect of Jews in Jerusalem. Maybe I didn't look hard enough or maybe that is another time line.

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ayesha (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-26)
hy sara... I read your story... Quite believed it... You have mentioned that their are many shoking things you have not posted yet... I believe their are things beyond human reach... And I have always been interested in that. I could have mailed you personally but I could not find your mail i.d...
I am leaving mine- khaliq73 [at]

If you feel like, its a request do contact me... I have no intentiones nothing... Just I want to be a listner to what you have gone through... I am not mature enough to give any conclusions and I don't discard anything, may be I am ignorant. If you want to know y am I so eager I can tell you that I am doing a research... And I came across your story while doing so.
Do contact me
Waiting eagerly.
SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-20)
I know it sounds unbelivable. It's a battered woman's shelter. You don't give any info such as location or who was the residents name etc. To these places. The police could not even give a public report of these shelters either. The staff comforted the raped women, not me. I was just taking in all that was told to me. They were quite and to themselves, and in and out of private sessions at the shelter. Of course they did have them go get mental help. They do that in those shelters if someone is too depressed. I talked with a few of them who were said to be raped. They were clearly traumatized. I also had to come to grips with what had happened. I had to believe it or not. I was only going by what they had told me. It's all-true.
Bless you
troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-19)
I enjoyed the story, but respectfully disbelieve it. You seem to have quite a bit of proof, so lay my curious mind at ease. First, show us police reports of the night they could not enter this shelter, then tell us steps taken to comfort the "raped" women (don't tell me they never seeked some other help).
Also, I simply do not believe your blood type changed. I just do not. Show us the proof.
The strangest folks turn up at shelters and I am sure you met them there, but I am not so sure you had this happen.
I am not being rude, but I just need more proof to believe such a story.
Very good read, though.
kiran5070 (2 stories) (35 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-15)
very good experience every reader first understand this is not a story telling site even it is and experienxe sharing one never mention as story... I go with devious angel she discussed well...

My blessings,
Kiranchandra 😜
SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-14)
Hi Surya: I don't deal with vampires and they don't deal with me either. I have documentation of my blood type and my doc's signature to claim this. I felt nothing different so it wasn't a bog deal. I still felt like the same person, just wasn't terminally ill anymore.
Remember some things are not going to add up, yet it still happened. Everything can't be reasoned away you'll see.

When the lady read the Bible. I was looking at her oddly. I knew that this was not in the Bible. I did not read the scripture with her even though she quoted it and read it aloud. I don't remember the scripture; I guess it is because I doubted her from the beginning. I checked later and I did not see anything in the Bible that claims what she had read. I though the whole occurrence was strange yet it happened. I could start a show and allow someone to interview these people, but some places are not public, such as the shelter, battered women stay there as a safe haven.

I'm posting true stories. Comment and I'll answer back. I don't need a diagnosis; I'm secure in who I am. I'm not on meds for any mental illness, even though life was quite stressful then. It's all-true. Maybe some people will get something out of it. People will say it's the devil, or I'm a demon, or of the devil, that these are aliens, secret societies, that I'm a witch etc. These will be mostly people claiming to be Christians with these accusations because they don't understand what's going on.

I don't delve into the occult. I've never been interested, yet I know enough about the occult to see what's going on. I'm a Christian who also believes in God.

If the stories ever cause too much contention, I'll simply stop posting these true occurrences. This the only website that I will post.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-14)
I have read this story and I am not sure about a few things. The rape of the woman in the shelter? The blood cell change from B to O. It is almost like saying a vampire sucked out all the old blood and new blood was put in. Strange. Could it be that you maybe a little mixed up, or receiving mixed message due to the background of your parents. Mother JW and father part of an occult. Cancer cured without treatment?
Do you stillhave the bible the woman at the shelter gave you? I am sure a lot of us would like to know which scripture she read out.
SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-14)
Rookdygin: When I want to sleep early that night. I was sleepy. But that was the best sleep I had had in years. I awoke that morning, I felt rested. I wasn't tired.

I was healed a month later, after I left the shelter, in September. I was healed in September and went to the doctor in September. I still have my medical files with my doc's name on it.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)

While I do believe something happened to you, I'm not sure what it was. When you lay down that night did you say a prayer? Did you just open your mind and heart and ask for help?

You said you were very tired, you wanted to be alone and you fell asleep early, I think purhaps you in some way, consious or unconcious asked for help and the 'powers that be' did just that... This is evidenced by the fact that the cancer was healed.

I'm wondering if somehow your internal battle that night did not somehow 'play out' with-in the walls of that shelter. For some reason the 'battle' fought inside your body manifested itself to others who are or were close to the veil. (Children, Others who are sick, and even those of strong faith that are 'tuned in' to the spirit world.

That is my best guess as to what was seen/experienced that night. Something happened, you were Healed... That is a Fact... You woke up feeling tired, as if you had not slept, this was because of your bodies 'fight' with the cancer.

I could go more into things from a religious standpoint, but this is not the place for that. (my e-mail is in my profile, write me and I will go into more details from that perspective.)

Thank you for all the feed back for this is a truly fasinating story.



P.S.I've been to Jerusalem and Bethlehem... And there is a story there, purhaps I'll tell the tale here...
SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
I read the Bible over and over and I don't see any scripture that tells of any 40 part angel and human either. Some of the stories will make you wonder however, these things still occurred. And I have more to share
SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
Heavendreamer: I believe you have went out of the guidelines of this website. I know the Bible quite well after reading it more than 15 times. To me I see a wonderful God in the Bible who I love. I love His son as well. I'm a Christian but will never force God on anyone or accuse them of being a fallen angel who seemed to be lost. I found that when most Christian don't understand something, they'll automatically is related to the devil. Unfortunately this is the reason that people think of Jesus and His people as fanatics and fools.

God is more intelligent than this and would never talk to anyone this way.

Please stick to the guidelines on this site. I hope my post are not frightening you that you have to write such long posts.
Heavendreamer (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
I just wanted to present one possibility to you, and please don't be offended. I have read and studied the bible over the past 21 years, even doing word studies of the Hebrew and Greek original words. There is nothing in the bible to indicate part human part angel except for an account in Genesis. But this account is regarding Fallen Angels, angels who rebelled against God and had physical relations with human women, and had children by them. Their children were called Nephilim (not sure I spelled that right) and were possibly giants (ie over 7 feet tall) There is nothing to indicate that they stay on earth over many generations.

That being said, obviously, if these children were the product of rebellious angels, called demons, or unclean spirits, then they would not be holy angels of God, or even holy hybrids.

Now to my perspective on this.

I have experienced the supernatural in my life both before and after I came to God for forgiveness & cleansing in repentance (turning away from sin and to God and His ways) I am not trying to insult your intelligence by including the definition of repentance here, but others who read this may not know what it means. At any rate, I had been involved in the occult in various things ie ouija boards, seances, new age, etc. And had experienced supernatural manifestations. My brothers and I saw things levitate, saw a spirit knock something over when we asked it to, had a seance where a male voice spoke through me, saw a brother get thrown by an evil spirit, recieved a vision and several dreams etc., so I know the supernatural is real.

After I came to the Lord, I had to have a spirit kicked out of me. I felt it leave, and the confusion it had caused, like a fog in my mind, left with it.

After coming to the Lord I have also experienced the supernatural (my salvation itself was a result of God directly intervening and pouring His power on me when He cleansed & forgave my sins) I have had visions and dreams from Him, and even have heard His voice in my spirit... There is a whole different quality between demonic communication and communication from God, though sometimes the fallen angels can simulate it to some degree, ie feelings of love & peace, etc.

The final test is using the bible as our final authority. If what they are doing or saying is leading to teachings against the bible, or the outcome is something that produces sin, even things like pride, greed, an unhealthy focus on angels, (such as praying to them, commanding them, worshipping or serving them, leaning on them for guidance, etc.) then it is obviously not from God. Even if they don't directly teach something, their actions can lead us to believe in things that are not true, and that are in contradiction to God's word. It is important to mention here, that the apostle Paul told us that even if he or other apostles, or even an angel from heaven, were to preach or proclaim any other gospel (good news) that contradicted the gospel they were already given through Jesus Christ, that we were not to listen to it or believe them.

Now that I have given you a bit of background, I would like to give you the biblical perspective, along with what I have learned from my own experience and the experiences of other Christians, regarding these fallen angels.

They can appear as whatever they want. In the New Testament, we read that they can transform themselves to appear as "angels of Light" ie to look like God's faithful angels, and even as "servants of righteousness" whether as the spirits of saints or as people who are alive or have passed on. As I stated before, they can also generate not only feelings of fear, but also of love and peace. They can counterfeit the Holy Spirit, ie their presence can feel like Him - I experienced this once myself. They can give dreams, visions, out of body experiences which are not truly out of body but feel very real - I experienced that one too, after I came to the Lord, but that is a whole other story. They can mimic voices, do miracles (the bible calls them deceiving miracles) etc. They can heal, or cause disease etc. They can even affect the weather.

If you were part human part angel, this could only be the result of fallen angels - that could be a very slim possibility, but I don't know that this idea is actually valid today. God wiped out all of those creatures in the flood along with the rest of mankind except Noah and his family. Though it may (emphasis on may) be possible if people have had relations with fallen angels after that. I don't know that this could happen today, and many disagree that it ever happened. The bible says there were Nephilim on the earth in those days, and also after that, so it is not clear if this is still possible. This is a controversial topic among Christians whenever it does come up, though I'm not sure it comes up that often. Some Christians don't believe angels had relations with humans and had children, but when you look into it closely, it appears that this is the biblical account.

There is one other possibility though, and I think it much more likely.

It seems from your story that your family has been involved in forbidden practices (your dad's "readings" from charts, ie some sort of fortune telling or divination) God forbid these practices in order to protect us from these fallen angels and their deceptions. When this is the case, it is also often true that the children, grandchildren, etc of those who participate in these practices, either have demons/fallen angels follow them and influence them. For example, a person who has been involved in contacting the dead, or "psychic" abilities that sort of thing, their children and future generations will also experience those things. According to the bible, this is not our own power, but fallen angels/demons causing these visions, or "psychic" knowledge, etc. These are called "familiar spirits' because they follow the "family" line and/or because of their familiarity with the family and their influence upon it.

I would like to mention a case in point of one way they used to deceive some desert monks in the early church. It has been recorded that they had a tactic they liked to use, where they would harass & torment the monks, and then when the monks cried out for help, they would have a separate group of fallen angels that would appear in their "diguise" as angels of light supposedly to help them. But things they said proved them to be false ie deceiving angels. This is from a real life account by desert monks in ancient records.
Because these beings can cause visions, dreams, and experiences such as the "out of body" or what is called "astral travel' in new age circles - all experiences which feel very real, to the point you can feel the ground under your feet, or an object in your hands, etc. And because they can appear as whoever they want, and mimic voices etc., as well as because what you have experienced, along with how it has been interpreted by people who believed it was "Holy" or "angelic", I have to believe that it is being caused by fallen angels who want to entrap you and others in deception to keep you away from God's truths.

This makes a LOT of sense if you think about it. You were leaving the Jehovah's Witness religion, and you wanted to know more about Jesus. Satan doesn't like to let go of people. It seems to me that he has tried to lure you into yet another deception to keep you away from the Lord and His Truths. Sorry I'm repeating myself here, but this is a common tactic.
He led your parents into spiritual deception and now is trying to stop you from coming to the Lord in truth just as he did with your parents, but using your desire to be Holy & on God's side.

I encourage you to pray to God the creator, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, if you do believe the biblical record of who Jesus is, but if not, just pray to God the creator who made you, and ask Him to reveal the truth to you. I would ask Him to show you what is really happening, to reveal to you the true reality of what these experiences are, of what is happening with what appears to be you leading tours, saving people from demonic harassment etc... All of it. If you really want to belong to Him, and haven't done it yet, and believe Jesus is God the Word who died for your sins, that you go to God in prayer and ask Him first of all, to forgive you of all your sins, to cleanse you, to make you His child, and to give you His Spirit to change you from the inside out into the Godly woman He wants you to be, and to lead and guide you out of error into all truth. You must be willing to turn away from sin with His help & to walk in His ways & His truth as revealed in the Bible.

I also encourage you to read His word on a regular basis, prayerfully, still asking Him to teach, lead and guide you into all truth, and to guard you/lead you out of error.

But one thing that is really important in addition to these things, is that you ask Him to rid you of any demons/fallen angels that may be attached to you, following you, or in you. Though they will still try to influence you, they will have far less influence. When you do this, it is important for you to announce out loud to God and any fallen angels that may be around you, that you renounce/reject the jehovah's witness religion, the stuff your dad is/was involved in, divination, witchcraft, psychic abilities, fortune telling, false religions of any kind, etc. Anything you can think of that you or your family may have been involved in, even in past generations that could have given the enemy a foothold in your life.

By giving your life, heart & loyalty to God through Jesus Christ, and by renouncing the other things, you are taking away the right of these beings to have direct influence or control over you.

I do believe this is a biblical perspective and explanation for what is likely happening to you, though I know it is possible you will disagree, but I hope you will at least pray about it and ask the Lord God our Creator to reveal it to you if I am right.

I am leaving my MySpace address here so that you can contact me with questions or comments, and that goes for anyone reading my comment here.

I will be praying God will lead & guide you into all truth and out of any error or deception in your life. I am a Christian, and I accept you in Christ's love for who you are. I don't know if you have received the Lord in the biblical manner or not, since you have not shared that here, but it seems you sincerely want to know Him and that you want the truth.

Here is my MySpace address (you can see videos of my Testimony as to how God revealed Himself to me here, as well as various other videos on the topics of supernatural and teachings that concern the church. And of course you can message me here.


Please let me know how things are going so I can continue to pray for you more specifically.
SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
Hi Rookdygin: I read the Bible over and over and I don't see any scripture that tells of any 40 part angel and human either. Some of the stories will make you wonder however, these things still occurred.

The last story that I will post is the Tomb of Jesus. Since I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, I had no idea of him being in a tomb etc. I have a literal photograph of his tomb. It is from a book that simply disappeared from the library.

I caused quite a stir that day at the library because the book never existed in the system even though I checked it out 3 times and zeroxed a copy of the tomb in the book. I was standing in Jerusalem in real time nearly 2,500 years ago In His tomb. I know how it looks inside and out, even where the bushes are situated, I automatically was shocked to see it in this book. It does not look like the tombs that they are claiming it to be here, but that does not mean that the tombs they are finding is not His tomb either. They are similar, but there is a stone that looks like a large rolled clay ball in the opening. I have not put this photo on the internet yet, If I do, It will only be a portion of the photo. I can't deal with people mocking something that is real and authentic. I was told not to post the photo at all, that it was only for me, but I want other people to see this,

Please people don't judge before I'm finished. I am not an alien or a Christian fantastic. I have some real experiences that are unique. There are worlds on top of this one. This is the first time in life that I decided to share them. I feel it's time. I am 43 years old, a career woman. There are a few more people who have these experiences, If I get the chance I will write of them also. They are very unique and you have to have to not be judgmental or try to use physics or intellect to read about these incidents. I have photos etc,

Most Christian will not accept me, so I will tell the stories on this platform.

And yes I am a Christian, but quite unusual. I am not Jewish I am Native American.
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
Very interesting story, made me think and got me to do some research. Please do not take any offence at the following...

I can find no Biblical Referance to the 40 mentioned in your story, nither Jew nor Angel. I wish you could rememeber at least the Book the one lady read to you from...

The closest thing I can think of from scripture (or scripture like books) is from the Mormon Church (Latter Day Saints) There is a story of Christ visiting the Americas after his Crucifiction. He chose 12 Apostles as he had when he was alive and teaching. At some point they are asked what they would ask of Him and all but three ask for a place at His side when they die. These three however request to remain on Earth until the Second Coming so that they may continue to teach about Christ and Heavenly Father. Their wish is granted, but due to the the 'worlds lack of Faith' they are called home... One of the many things lost by the 'unfaithful'. (If anyone wants I can get the chapter and verses that story is found in...)

That story is the closest I can find to anything like the '40' in your story.

I am very curious about your story, I am glad you have recovered from you illness and I wish you well. If there are any updates please let us know.


SarahS (guest)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
Thanks for responding: These stories are true, if I keep posting you'll be even more shocked. I am still in touch with some of the people from the shelter today. The reason I posted on this site is because they analyze the stories. You can clearly read that I'm not fabricating the stories. I am not that creative. I never knew that some things could even occur since there are laws of physics.

I am hoping to share as many as I can. I believe that God is aware of this and that He can do anything--we sometimes just can't comprehend it or is too afraid.

Will post more if I am allowed.
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
*deep breath* Wow.

I'm not sure what to make of this whole thing. It sounds so far-fetched that I don't even have words for it. But then, it almost sounds too far-fetched to have been made up.

I believe the entire thing about escaping from the Jehovah's Witness faith. I was raised in that faith as well, and let me tell you, I'm glad I got away from it too. I know that JWs are not allowed to receive blood transfusions or medical medicine of any kind, and that you are supposed to be healed through spiritual means only. I think that's almost as silly and barbaric as the concept of "bleeding out" sin and disease.

I think it's terrible, what your father said to you and what you had to go through with your child and your illness. I'm glad that you were cured of cancer and that surely seems like a miracle. Still, I don't find myself agreeing with the whole Christ story, but I respect your beliefs and I won't try to argue with you on that... I just can't wrap my head around women being attacked and raped by spirits in a community situation with people who believe steadfastly in their faith, and you who strikes me as the lost lamb type, suddenly healing them and scaring away these shadowpeople.

Please try to understand how this whole thing sounds to someone else. I mean no offense to's just... I mean, come on, your father was a cultist, the rest of your family seemed to have been involved in religious mania, and with all of the hardships you faced... I really just don't know. I think it's possible that these things were either mass-hysteria (people believing what they want to believe) or that the whole thing was dreamed up. I can't say for sure, so... I suppose we'll see what others think.

All the same, thank you for sharing your story.

AngelStories (13 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
I love this story. I really feel it. It reminds me of my story that I had no understanding of. I believe for sure that I must go to Jerusalem. Thank you for your story Blessed One. Please keep in contact with me. My email address is Ghoststories [at] feel free, I would be very happy if you can tell this story on ❤ ❤ ❤

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