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My friend and I volunteer at a ranch a couple miles down the road. We got there one day, following our daily routine with our other friends, such as feeding the pigs, chickens, ducks, bunnies and hamsters. As we continued our day with feeding the horses, and tacking them up, bringing out trail rides and such, all of my friends heard noises coming from up in the hayloft.

My friends and I have heard rumors of our barn being haunted. Now we all love adventures and we love to believe in rumors because it brings adventure to the ranch. Eventually we came to a decision to simply ignore the noises, because it was probably just one of the dogs.

We continued our day, trying to ignore the noises, but by noon it became more apparent that some thing was up there, because it sounded just like some one was walking. There is no insulation between the floor of the hayloft and the roof of the barn, so we can hear all the noises clearly.

At the end of the day Roger, the ranch owner, needed a pair of pliers that have been long lost. The ten of us decided to split up in groups. So my friend Sophie and I decided to go and search in the hayloft. We are the youngest ones at the ranch, and we have a strong sense of adventure. So we had to find a flash light because the light bulb up there burnt out about three years ago. We got the flashlight and started looking.

The hayloft is separated in two sections. The right section and the left section. Along the middle are various racks with old useless saddles and harnesses, and old blankets and saddle pads. We started searching the left section first. We looked behind all of the stuff and trunks that are stored up there. We started searching the right side and we didn't find the pliers on that side either. So we opened the trap door, and asked one of our friends, who was searching in the barn if any one had found them He said that every one was still looking for them.

We returned to the left side and started searching again. About three quarters of the way down the isle, Sophie started looking in a chest as I looked around. About three feet away from us in the middle of the isle, was an old rocking chair that I have seen around before, but I thought that Roger had gotten rid of it. I poked Sophie on the back and asked her if that rocking chair was there before, and she said that it wants or she would've run into it.

I have to agree with her because the chair was right in the middle of the isle and you wolves had to move it to get by. I know that there may be a logical explanation for this, and I would like to hear what you guys think about it, because all of my friends and I are really spooked by that, now no one goes in the hayloft alone, and I would like to fix that. We lifted up the chair just to see if one person could easily move it by itself, and barely any one could lift it. Our hayloft is big enough, but there wasn't a place where the chair could have been with out us seeing it.

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princess123 (7 stories) (186 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-11)
Hi, this is a great story, I will think about it and reply with an answer within the next few hours!

Thank you for posting it!

Princess123 x ❤

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