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Let me start this out by saying this is an honest attempt to get some answers. I have an issue (maybe a few) going on right outside my backdoor that I have seemed to hit a brick wall in discovering WHAT the issue is.

The best way to give you all of my findings, so far, is to lay out the facts we have come upon. Anyone who has been following my stories and some of my comments may recall reading MOST of this, at one point, but I feel they may all be connected in some way. I am just missing what the connection is.

We live not even a quarter mile from the Old Lincoln Highway of 19 oh something. Not even a half mile away (running along the same lines of the highway) is a huge county park. Within that county park, about three miles in, is a swamp-ish land. We live in an apex of three cities. They all join at the intersection up the road from our house, so technically, it is a toss up as to which city we live in. In between the intersection and the Lincoln Highway is a set of railroad tracks. We have moved several times in the past five years, but THIS is the home that seemingly fantastical things happen in. Physical things that have many witnesses of.

The first notable thing is a rolling fog that seems to only roll past the sliding back door. Seven foot to the left, and five foot to the right of that door are windows. The fog is not seen through those windows, only the door. Then there is a "pond" that seems to spring forth from seemingly nowhere beside the tree that is approximately fifteen feet away from that sliding door (it does not have to be raining, nor does snow have to be melting, it can be a dry Spring day). At first we thought that the septic needed flushed. With the lack of that certain smell, and the landlord heading to the front yard, we found that not to be the case. The well was the second thought. Again, the landlord headed to the front yard. Strike two. My Father-in-Law passed away in our home (November 4, 2007), in a chair that was in front of the window that is five foot away from the sliding door.

According to a local historian, the house listed here under Elkhart was built where once the Main House to a large farm stood, and ours stands where it's summer kitchen once was. I do not know what the validity of that statement is. I should point out that the historian provided this information without knowing our exact address.

When taking photographs outside, there seems to be something amiss with most of the pictures taken within the square formed by the two sheds, privacy fence, and our back sliding door. Some are odd abnormalities such as "wavy" pictures, some have partial wavy pictures (meaning only parts of that particular photo is a blurred wave), some have obvious orbs, some have faint orbs. I do not really put much stock in orbs, but some of these seem to "move" as I tend to take a couple pictures in the same place to eliminate possible photo ooops.

There are other things, like personality glitches and illogical healing and the like that are occurring inside the house as well, but those things we have been dealing with through holistic healing.

What I am looking for the answer to is, what is with the things happening in the backyard? It is the area we do our celebrations in, where we cookout, play, and just have leisure time. I have been told by a trusted reliable source that the land needs healing. COULD that be the whole reason to the pond?

The Pond 1
The Pond 2
The Pond 3
The Pond 4

ANY reasonable explanations and thoughts are welcome. I need to get rid of a pond.

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hi5girl (16 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-13)
whitebuffalo: this is a really amazing. I really like it. It is interesting ❀ 😊
jajohnson2 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-14)
Hi Whitebuffalo -
I just joined this site yesterday and have spent the past 1 1/2 hours reading this entire fascinating saga.

I wonder if the pond came back this past Spring? Do you know?

My first impression of the car photos was that it was just a product of the glare, but I have never seen such a distinct black void/spot at the center of one before. I would expect, if it were natural, that it would have a fuzzier appearance, with the boundary between black and light being much softer.

I hope your knew home is peaceful and free of unwanted energies πŸ˜‰
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-03-06)
Actually, that red Mustang IS my six year old son's race car. His Daddy (Race) has the one that is featured in the first two photo's. Our son's car is a quarter size replica of Race's car, only Lil Race wanted HIS car red.
This was honestly an interesting experience, that is for sure. I am NOT happy that we needed to leave that home, but some of the things that occurred there had crescendoed to such a level, that I really am unfeeling about the transition here any more.
Our previous landlord needed to evict us two weeks before Christmas, allowing us one week to find a new place and relocate as he wished to have his family back in that home for the holiday. They have had MANY similar experiences in the home as WE did, and have as of yet to LIVE in this home.
DannyBruise (9 stories) (125 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-06)
In the last picture, there is surely something weird happening. I guess the fascinating thing for me is how huge that tree is. That red car in the background looks like a toy next to that tree. How big is that tree? Which also makes me think your pond looks more like a creek. That is scary and bizarre...
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-02-24)
Are you talking about those blurry "grub" looking things, TheDrawBack?
Yea. I do not know what those are either. The second photo in that set was taken just seconds after the first and they seem to be missing. Of course that COULD be in the angle of the pic.
Thank you for reading and checking out the pics.
TheDrawBack (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-16)
In the first picture of your back yard, I saw some little white outlines of some bumps (well, that's what it looks like atleast.) They're all over the place and I only have three options for explaining this. Particuls of a spirit, the fog, or just a photo blur. Very nice pictures, though.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-09-02)
TOO funny, monoxide.
Thank you for your comment. I had actually told my partner in a fit of frustration that I was going to stock it clear full of bluegill and spend the rest of my days out there in a lawn chair holding a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella in it. Even got the pole ready and leaned it up against the house in readiness.
Thank you.
monoxide (2 stories) (17 posts)
12 years ago (2009-09-02)
well sounds like a petty persistent pond.
Make it deeper and get some fish? 😜
I don't really know what to suggest haha
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-12)
sorry Whitebuffalo. My response is late.

The quake did hit here. I was in bed at the time and thought my fiance was getting out of bed/rude neighbors were pounding on the walls.

Most people I talked to slept during the whole thing
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
Exactly, Kecoughtan.
This was truly a Spiritual lesson for us. I can honestly say, that had our Medicine man not been so thorough in his explanations, WE probably would have been as lost as some of our neighbors.
There is just a... A CALM that cascades over an individual when they are assured that they are not crazy, and that this is entirely NORMAL. Normality is NOT something my family has been accused of possessing πŸ˜†.

Have you given any thoughts as to the occurrences within our home? They are mostly touched on in this comment section, but are almost as troubling as the pond was. Shimmering Waters left us with the advice of waiting it out to see if it all dissipates after the spring...
Lots of waking up in the night, though...
Thank you.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
Thanks for sharing the conclusion to this with us, whitebuffalo. I am pleased to hear that this was spiritually a learning experience for you and that you had a generous and gifted teacher. Hopefully, you all is back to normal and your family can use that space to come together again. Thanks for sharing.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
Yes, zoajet, actually we DID think about an underground spring. It was not our FIRST thought, but it did occur to us that may be the cause. What it actually turned out to BE is in my last comment here. It is actually a "escape hatch" in the water table in our area. Our tree has too much pulling power, I guess 😊.

Hello, my friend, Rhodes.
Whew, you want to talk about SWAMPED! In the end, the outside turned out alright. One of those freak environmental interesting situations that are easily misconstrued. I am hoping that the decomposition of the leaves, branches, bugs and whatever other animal life met it's end at the base of that tree are not creating negative energies that are permeating our home (as for the close proximity of the pond to the structure). I would LIKE to say that is all that is occurring. You know me... I like the simple answers. πŸ˜†

Hiya Surya!
Thank you so much for the vote of confidence. As I said, without all of the input of all involved, MANY of my questions would not have been answered as I would not have known the correct questions to ask. If we keep working in the group setting and not getting all bent out of shape with different suggestions as what has happened in the past, and to other people (and you KNOW to what I am referring to) I am sure the solution will soon follow.πŸ˜‰

I always find it interesting that our problems DO seem to come in three's. When things seem to be so completely out of hand... We stop and look around, as it would seem that something else is just waiting to break through THAT mess and create another one. Speaking as a Mother in a family of people who are only trying to fit in, that makes it almost impossible.
On a good note, this past weekend we had a bit of an impromptu ceremony of Thanksgiving for SEVERAL situations in our lives and were blessed to have some of the neighborhood show up. Mostly out of curiosity, I believe, but still, all left our cookout knowing a bit more than they did about our lifestyle. We do not seem to be such an abnormality to some of our closest neighbors anymore (remember, some of them actually stood outside and not too shyly looked on as we formed a salt circle around the buildings. Some were also unashamedly staring on as the Investigators were "taking over" the home). I have no idea if that will turn out to be a good thing, or something we should pay a bit more attention to, but the children have not been accused of being satanic worshippers this past week. THAT in itself is a blessing, and ALL thanks to Shimmering Waters for his thoughtful explanations of everything that was going on.
It was odd, to say the least, as not many of the non-Natives have the privilege of seeing first hand some of the ceremonies. But the proceedings were blessed by the Great Spirit, and we had a nice cleansing rain in the aftermath of the "party".
I have actually SEEN some of the neighborhood kids cut through our corner property line (wouldn't step FOOT on our grass previously), and while out playing with my son, we were actually waved at.
Who knows? Maybe this was the Great Spirits way of drawing the neighborhood together and alleviating some of their hidden fears (I really do not think we are all that scary).
Maybe that was the whole lesson.
Thank you.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
Hi Autumn,
Well lady I was beginning to get worried as I had not heard from you. Alot has been going on, but my friend I will of course wait for you to get in touch.

Rhodes68 has spoken for me to "working as a group".

Speak real soon.
zoajet (2 stories) (276 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
whitebuffalo, I didn't think of this when my first reply was being writen. Did you ever think that there could be a underground spring where the little pond was? This could of had a leak and that made the pond.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-30)
Good Morning Autumn! Glad you are ok although I was beginning to get seriously concerned! When you go quiet from time to time, I know there's always a good reason!

We will find out what is attached to your house but it will take lots of photographs and group work but we will!

Talk to you soon
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-29)
My apologies all. Life got a bit... Hectic, and I was not able to keep up with everything. For all of you who have e-mailed me (and I do mean ALL of you πŸ˜‰) I am hoping to be able to begin with my replies in rather short time. Please be patient. Everyone is fine, we are simply extremely busy.
So, to answer a few questions.
Zoajet: No. The pond stayed in the same area. The photo's are from where it originates on our property, but it spread out to include the entire yard, back THERE. It went to the shed (the whiteness in the final photo), the privacy fence (the darker spot in that same photo) and up to the other shed (cut out of the photo). It did not relocate within the yard, just grew or shrank in size.

Surya: Yes, I am sorry, my friend. I did get your mails, and am in the process of running a few ideas by G3. HE seems rather interested in a certain Katie and is processing it all. I think he scared HIMSELF with a few of your added... "proofs". I will catch up soon!

Rookdygin: As a matter of fact, yes, we DO have wind chimes in the yard. And of a variety of sizes (the smallest and "angelic" one is hanging right above the sliding door. DUCK! You might hit it if you don't). The "Pixie callers" are at the furthest point of the sheds to protect the "inner circle" of our home. They draw an imaginary line through the drive, and up to the actual back door, they are also at the four points of the house itself. The "Tranquil Bells" are at the inner circle. They are closer to the home (and that tree) and some are as low as they can go to be heard by the human ear.
We have the combination as it is said that the pixies will bring you ONLY what is in your inner being, and the deeper tones bring out what it is that you are MEANT to be. I figure, Heck, maybe I need a better reminder that the calmer days are soon to come. If that reminder just happens to come on the wings of a fairy- fine. I will take that. If it comes with just the soothing tones... Even better.

Kecoughtan: We did. And MY did we have a glorious week of learning going on around here. So much is more clear than I thought possible that I am almost sad that he has returned home. It was crazy busy, though. So I can not really say that I AM sad. I am glad that things are back to just us, and we can try out many of the things that were suggested, both for inside the home and OUTSIDE.
I suspected that there was a connection, I just was trying too hard to MAKE it fully "natural" and not pertaining to anything that I did not fully understand. I try too hard to be logical, at times, and sometimes there just is no logical explanation for things.

For everyone...

We have been pond free for a bit over a week and a half. No one is certain as to the actual reason for the cessation, but boy are we glad.
It would appear that the ROOTS of the tree were partially to blame for the flare up. As we had been here since 2007 and never had an issue, the previous tenants never had so much as the spring, and the owners had not ever experienced anything like this, it was a very new situation for all of us to ponder.
It would appear that the roots reach rather far into areas of the land that we can not fully trace. They go throughout the neighbors yards, under the street, out to the school parking lot, and who KNOWS how far the other directions. While the roots grew, it pushed "pockets" into the soil surrounding the growth.
That is a totally natural occurrence.
With the water table being so close to the surface (much closer than in SOME area's. THANKS Kecoughtan, I would have never asked had you not pointed that out), the NATURAL flowing water was able to FILL those spots. Making THAT land more saturated with water than on the other areas of the land.
The park next door had a overflow of water in the river and the creeks due to the snows and rains at the end of the season, and the beginning of THIS season. Wherever the water ran off, it soaked into the soil, and joined the water table (essentially an underground lake) and was "forced up" at some points as there was no where left for it to go UNDERGROUND. Probably thanks to the quake we had, and the traffic both on the highways and from the train tracks.
Basically: We got caught in the middle.
Totally natural occurrence. Environmentally.
The roots of the tree "pulled" the water in, seeking the water it needs to survive, and with the roots being so MANY, and the earth (soil) shifting with the vibrations going through, the tree pulled in a bit too much, and the water had no where to go, but up.
The ENERGY of the tree (ALL life has energy to survive), and the natural properties of the soil are to blame. For the pond.

The photo's with the black dots are still under investigation, as even with the natural decomposition of everything underground... It does NOT explain why the black dot seems to have animation. We are still looking into that.

I want to thank you all for your help. Without your thoughts, a lot of questions would have gone unanswered. It is a relief to see that at least ONE thing was answered.
Now we just have to work on what is bugging us in the house, and around it.
Thank you all! This is the BEST research team!
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-28)
Hi Autumn, I was wondering whether you had time to reply to my message. Have not heard from you, is all ok. I will wait for your reply my friend.

zoajet (2 stories) (276 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-27)
the pond, is it just there or do it seem like it can move in diffrent spots or just disapear and reapear?
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-27)
"BUMP" 😁


Hello, I hope all is well with you and yours. I wanted to ask a question concerning this matter as well a seconding Kecoughtan question...

Do you have any wind chimes in your yard? If so, what size?

I ask because chimes, bells can/do have a cleansing effect and if you do not have any or perhaps you do but they are not the right 'tone'. What I mean by tone is the way they sound, some are 'light and tinkling, others are deep and resonant. I feel it's the latter that is needed. Hang in the yard near or off of the tree where the pond starts.

Wishing you and yours the best.


Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-26)
Have you discussed this further with your Medicine Man? If you have time to share them, whitebuffalo, I am very interested in his thoughts on the pond. Thanks.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-15)
OK, OK, I SEE that now. The "dot" would appear to be in a straight line (albeit center OF that line) WITH the odd light abnormality. In the FIRST one, the "horn" shape and the "rainbow egg". And in the second one just the "extra" circles of light right off the edge of the hood.
Got it. I KNOW what you are talking about πŸ˜† (TOLD you I would feel like an idiot when I actually read the meaning. I did the whole "stupid stamp" and everything)!
So, I wonder...

*****ANYBODY have an idea on who I could talk to to see if it IS in relation to the focal point? As far as I KNOW, there are no real photography experts in this area anymore. But I WOULD like to talk to someone about the possibilities...

Thanks again!
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-15)
Hello, again, Kecoughtan.
YOUR comment sounds very much like my "I would like to think..." comment a few pages back (heck, I do no know if it was one page or two in this comment section, but it was a few comments ago.)
Thank you for the open invite, I just may have to use it some day.
Let's see if I can get all your answers for you. I am working split shifts here lately, so I can not get on here as often as I would like, and I am "squeezen' you in". πŸ˜†
It HAS been a wet season. About a month ago we "finished" with the snow and the rains started almost immediately. Not all storms. Mostly it has been that "London rain" that I have heard so much about. The misty-turn-to-drizzle-back to misting kind of rains. There IS standing water at many of the farms about ten to fifteen miles from OUR local.
I have a client who is an old time farmer (down to the horse and plow) and I intend on asking him LOTS of questions when I go to see him on Saturday. Our Medicine Man has spent the last two days in the park next door (and sleeping in a tent in the yard) and is not yet ready to share all of his learnings as of yet (as it is still incomplete, not that he likes to be mystical), but it is SOUNDING as if it is leaning towards a "flush out".
I will be honest. I have NO IDEA what that means, and I have not had the opportunity yet to look it up.

OK, you lost me. Linear glare?
Again, I apologize. My time scrunch leaves me little time for research. I KNOW I am going to feel like an idiot when I read what that means, but thinking on four to six hours of sleep at night makes me slow.
BUT, I would like to point out that these are NOT the only "series" photographs that we have taken IN THE SAME AREA (that may be important, only in our focal points on TAKING the photo's) that have the same oddities in them. Not ALL of them have these black things IN them. Some of it is in the "wavy" view, blasts of illogical looking lights and the like. I tend to look at them all and say "hmmm. That is interesting" but usually do not think them to be paranormal in origin as there are SO MANY of them. One or two... Maybe. I just find it hard to believe that ALL those photos are of visitors.
Our Medicine Man (the first day he was here, but he is going to evaluate them better when done gathering information) said that HE felt that they were more of an energy, and less of an entity. Which kind of supports my thoughts on it. It also leaves a lot more questions as "energy of WHAT?"
I would LOVE to chalk this one up to environmental issues and nothing more. If it IS, could that also explain the things happening within the home as well? We had another interesting episode last night that was witnessed by my husband, teenager and myself, but nothing could be found as PROOF of that incident.
COULD the outside environment effect the INSIDE environment of the home? If so, how do we counteract it to regain a peaceful house?
Thanks again. I truly appreciate it.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-14)
If you need to, whitebuffalo, feel free to contact me off-site any time.

Thanks for prompting my response. I read your story and wanted to comment, but delayed because I intended to do some research (which I have not had time to do). Then, when I saw that the responses and discussion took a VERY different route, I withheld my comments so as not to toss in a wrench.

I wonder if the formation of the pond can be explained by enviromental factors. In the photo I see what appears to be ripples were the water is moving down slope. Around the pond especially towards the fence the ground seems be sodden. The exposed ground soil has a significant sand component, so my first question is: has it been a wet winter or spring? My impression from visiting my brother (when he lived in eastern Indiana) is that the water table is fairly close to the surface in much of Indiana. I was shocked by the amount of pooled, standing water when I visited two years ago. Also, much of the bedrock is water soluable limestone. If your yard is over an acquifer and the water table has risen due to an over-abundance of precipitation, the water could seep through the sand as the water table encroaches toward the ground surface. Do you know any old timers in the area who farm? They would know for certain, I suspect.

As far as the black specks, I noticed that the dark spots are located at what apppears to be the intersection of the linear glare lines that radiate out. I wonder if the dark spot is related to the focal point. It's only an observation and I have next to no experience with photographs--other than teasing out details about historic clothing or buildings.

Does your Medicine Man have any insight into the pond or black spots? Please keep us updated. I would love to hear what you learn.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-14)
Hi, Kecoughtan!
I almost tried to contact you in a different way to get YOUR thoughts, but as you probably read, I have been having problems with my mail.
Do YOU have any thoughts on this? I would appreciate anything you might want to add...

Thank you.
Kecoughtan (1 stories) (211 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-11)
Sorry to join in so late on this, whitebuffalo. Please let us know what you learn from your Medicine Man.
whitebuffalo (guest)
13 years ago (2009-04-11)
I really am debating trying to send you your reply be e-mail, but I seem to have disabled that feature SOMEHOW on this computer. I am not all that smart when it COMES to computers, so that is not all that surprising 😊.

Please forgive me, but I will have to post it here.

The next morning, my son came to me and said there had been a man in the house the night before. So, I sat him down and begged him for the whole story (or what he could remember of it. Sometimes he has "downtime" where part of the experience just escapes him).
He said that he was in his room visiting with a friend when a man came through the sliding door (what is interesting is that we "skipped" a space on the windowsill to the right of that door). This friend of his, grabbed my son's hand, and placed him behind her. She then had a few words with the stranger that my son did not understand.
The friend apparently "allowed" the man to walk around the living area's of the house. He never ONCE stepped foot in one of the bedrooms, but took in all of the OTHER living spaces.
In the living room is a wall that we have all of our "present day" photographs (or as close to that as possible) and in the family room we have a wall of our "baby" and "toddler" photo's. There are no photographs on THAT wall of anyone passed the age of seven.
EVERYONE's photographs are on the baby wall. Papa's, Nana's, Grammy's, Gramps, My husband, myself, all of the five children... You get the idea. ON that wall, my Father-in-Laws photograph is right next to my son's (same age, same outfit). The amazing thing is, if you do not pay attention to the "age" of those two photographs, it is virtually impossible to tell the two apart. They are BOTH in black and white.
As my son stood behind his friend (who, consequently remembers the VISIT, too) who stood behind the man, the man took the photo of my Father-in-Law OFF the wall, looked at it for a moment, cocked his head to the side (kind of like he was trying to remember, or PLACE something within his own mind) and touched the face of the one in the photograph. He then replaced the photograph (even leaning into the wall to see where the nail lined up with the hole on the back of the frame), but crooked.
The man then turned around, semi-smiled at them both and walked outside to finish looking around. My son and his friend followed this man.
The most intriguing thing about all of this (besides the fact that it sounds so incredible, and if I did not have the crooked photograph, or the word of the OTHER adult, I might have had to question this occurrence) is that when the man was done (all that could be remembered were the initial words spoken to the friend, no other words were exchanged) he did not simply "poof" as my son usually describes. USUALLY he says they just vanish.
THIS time, the man was as a movie flickers. My son stared into the eyes of this man, while being "hid" behind this friend, as he was leaving and it was almost like a flickering b-movie (dissolving) of the vision (sorry, his description brought THAT to mind).

So... Nope, not my son's PHOTO, but my SON. And you DID look into his eyes, as HE stared into YOURS as you left.

I am impressed.

Our Medicine Man, and his "son" (he has no boys in his "line", so he adopted one from the community to carry on upon his absence from this realm) are due to arrive shortly (well, TODAYπŸ˜†) so HOPEFULLY we will get some kind of guideline or instruction on how to... Stop? This spring. If not, maybe he can show us how to make it "ornamental" 😊.
I will keep all posted!
Thank you all!
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-11)

You got it. Thank goodness you cook. πŸ˜† That is the best way to describe things that I can come up with, at least it was the first way I thought of.

Swaggering, yup tend to. Stocky and not too tall, yup again... I do not remember entering the house and most of the time, if seen at all, the hair is described as long and black... In person I keep my head shaved so...

The picture that was looked at, it was a picture of your 5 year old wasn't it? Very wise, very kind eyes.

I'd better go before I start typing like Yoda speaks.


rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Did you get the new one? I just replied to your message.

If this one gets lost too, I'm going to seriously get angry!
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Got your email... Had you received my "lost" e-mails, you would have understood why I am so distressed by the news!

I tried over and over... But couldn't get through...
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-04-09)
Aloha Autumn, I have just got in, I have emailed you from my private mail, please check to see you got. I would also like to know what you thoughts are.

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