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I was raised in Essex Massachusetts and our family lived in the same house for 214 years (1770 to 1984).

I called my mom one night in 1982 for a glass of water she left my room I laid back in bed then looked at the little alcove near my window where I kept board games and saw a little boy who then said "Matthew", which was my name, in a very calm manner. I just screamed my friggin head off and went under the covers terrified! Couldn't shake the awful ringing in my ears for almost an hour! I saw him a few more times along with that ringing of fear in my ears before we moved to New Mexico. He never had a face but wore old brown clothes like a little English lad in the 1800's.I know he wasn't there to really scare me he just wanted to play but I didn't know that I was just a little kid myself of 7 years.

Then in 1988 our family went camping at an old mining camp in Luna County New Mexico telling ghost stories by the fire and that's when my dad finally told me all about the boy I had seen those years ago. Nathaniel Birnham was his name. The Product of one of my ancestors Captain John Birnham knocking up his own daughter and her having Nathaniel. She hid under her bed and watched him murder this child and then he stuffed him in the now bathroom wall upstairs then she blew his head off with a flintlock pistol... And this was MY bedroom it turns out this happened in.

I also got to see the bloody footprint picture under the floorboards which is still there to this day! And the hand written letters I have of my family account of this. Not only that my dad\'s brother Stan saw him my dad as a child only heard him and found only his older toys misplaced and played with, since this happened in the 1780's,i guess he wouldn't know what an electric train set was just things like building blocks.

My great grandmother only heard him but her mother saw him on countless occasions. He is buried with the "Questionable" sorts outside the old Essex Cemetery in Essex Mass. That's about the gist of it. I'm only a BELIEVER because to this day I can still hear him saying in a calm voice "Matthew"...I\'ll never forget that! Which tells me that their not just leftover shadow remnants... This kid actually interacted with me and identified me so obviously he was observing me!

It really does hinge on experiences folks! Apparently he's family blood so I wasn't in any danger and I was the only one to have a personal experience and interaction with him.

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PapaPitufo (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-30)
That would be the Father of the little boy elnoraemily.
Captain John Birnham who actually got Shanghaied by the British Navy when the girl was pregnant with Nathaniel returned after three or four years and that's when the murder took place.
It was kept a secret and just after 20 years since my grandmothers death... JUST YESTERDAY believe it or not my father told me that SHE, my grandmother had a personal experience with the boy. I only found this out because I asked.
I knew everyone else had their experiences but it never occurred to me to think of my grandmother having one since she did not live in the house.
Swimsinfire (11 stories) (556 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-10)
Very interesting! Even more emotional because he was so calm! And every family member had a story? Poor thing- both of you, but the kid, wouldn't it ge great if the guy could go to the light? Great story.
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-09)

I have a feeling that is not that much different that current society.
MandyyNicole (7 stories) (183 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-09)
Elnoraemily, back then, if the child was a product was incest, I feel like it may have been kept a "secret"? Maybe that's why there's no record of it? Just a thought.:)

Quite an interesting story, thanks for sharing!
elnoraemily (11 stories) (1051 posts)
7 years ago (2014-09-09)
I got interest and looked it up and did from a Massachusetts family of a similar name. No mention of any murder or child dying in infancy, but interesting to actually find a matching name in that area from a similar time period.

This is definitely interesting.

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