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This story goes back quite a few years, My Nan who works at our local leisure centre had told me of a few strange things that had happened but as I was only young at that time I didn't really think too much of it until I witnessed it myself.

This particular day I had called to meet Nan from work and walk her home, on my arrival she was just putting the gym equipment away (beams, horses, ropes, the trampoline and the football nets) I helped her with the last few things, locked and secured the door to the sports hall then headed into the small bar they used to have there. There were windows from the bar that looked into the hall but the blinds were closed.

After about an hour we walked round the building to make sure there was nothing we had missed, the last place we looked was the sports hall. On opening the doors, the ropes were back out, the beams had been put back and one of the horses had been put right in the centre of the hall (it also doubles up as an indoor football area so there are the markings on the floor such as the kick off mark, and the marks for the nets)

Of course me and Nan were astonished as to why they were back out, I waited in the hall while Nan went back in the office to see if anyone had been in there, whilst I was waiting I head a strange kind of noise as if something heavy was being dragged along the floor but couldn't find where it was coming from. When Nan got back to the hall we just put it down to someone playing a joke on us after working hard to get all the equipment back into storage and locking the door to where it was all kept, when Nan unlocked the door one of the trampolines had been moved from where we left it to right across the door so we would have to move it to even get through the door! I'm guessing this was the noise I heard earlier?

After putting it all away again we locked the whole place up and left for the night. The following morning I walked Nan to work again to help open up the centre, I'm not sure what made me go straight to the hall but on doing so ALL the gym equipment had been set out again (even old things that were no longer used) We were the first ones there and the only people with keys to the building

From then I decided to find out what I could on these strange happenings, Not long after it came to light that when the building was being built, an oldish builder had fallen from some step ladders and died instantly, It wasn't enough, I HAD to find out where exactly it had happened, after digging around a little more the actual spot it had happened was the kick off spot in the middle of the hall... That's where the horse had been moved to previously.

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Tonith (1136 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-20)
That would have really freaked me out. Sounds like poltergeist activity big time. I wonder if it was the fallen builder. I can't imagine how much energy it would take for a ghost to do all that. Maybe it taps in on all the sports energy that goes on in there during the day. Why it decided to show it's ability to you and your grandmother is the question. Most people would be freaked out to the point of not wanting to be there alone. If that happened to me I would be looking for another job lol.

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