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The Invisible Ghost And A Dark Shadow Man


Rockville, Maryland-

Once back in 2007 shortly after my father passed (8/18/2007) I had been sleeping in bed with my boyfriend when I awoke thinking my cat was sitting on my chest. When I put my hands to my chest to move the cat, there was no cat so I opened my eyes and looked around the room, when I didn't see anything I laid back down and my eyes naturally looked up at the ceiling. That's when I saw a mass of some sort. It was clear in appearance, almost like how Predator looked when he was in his invisible mode. For instance, there was a ceiling fan above the bed (which was not on) and I could see that there was something between me and the ceiling fan, no face, no image, just something there. It scared me so bad that I screamed and passed out. My scream woke my boyfriend and he asked me what happened, only thing I could say is I saw a ghost.

Reston, VA

Just about 2 weeks ago, after recently moving into my moms house after a lay off, I had been in my room watching TV for the evening with my dog Frankie. I became tired so I switched off the lights and TV and rolled over onto my right side. About 5 minutes later I heard Frankie becoming agitated, very low growling and huffing, I roll over to turn on the lights to see what is going on, and that's when I saw it. What I thought was a man standing at the foot of my bed, I didn't see a face just a shadow of what appeared to be a man. So I screamed "oh my god, oh my god!" because I thought it was a rapist or something, so I threw my blanket at the "man" to confuse him so I could run out. Well the blanket went right through it and that's when I panicked and jumped up and switched on the lights. Frankie had his head down and his tail between his legs, I personally couldn't stop shaking, nor can I now sleep with the lights off.

Has anyone ever had these experiences with you before? What does it mean?

I experience Déjà Vu all the time its ridicules. I also have a problem turning my back to the dark, for instance, I can't switch off all the lights in a room unless I am already out of it, because I am scared there is something I can't see. It is like I actually feel uneasy.

Thanks for your time

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miri_chan (6 stories) (69 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-01)
I saw a shadow man too, but I went towards him instead of away xD
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
Seems like you may be in tuned to the paranormal by nature. Seems like you also have an issue with being afraid of the dark because of these experiences. I am always leary of what happens when in sleep mode because there is such a thin line between our waking and sleeping reality.
I too have had my share of deja vu and for me it's usually smell that sets it off mostly. Also I get the feeling that I have done the same thing and experienced the same thing more than once every now and again. I think most people have this happen. Don't let it rule your life.
ranjini (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-22)
HI I have the same problem I am so afraid to look behind me, I hate being alone. I have to be asleep then my boyfriend can put the light off. 😨 😨 😨
elculver (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-21)
I have never physically seen a ghots, but I experience deja vu a lot, too.
Sergeant (3 stories) (98 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-21)
It seems aparent to me the entity might be attached to you since it follows you. It might be seeking information or it might just like you. You might possess something it is attracted to.

Personally I wouldn't consider it evil or malicious as you haven't mentioned anything to suggest so.

I know how scary these things can be but it may be more productive to try and keep your wits about you, stay alert if it happens again and don't panic.

If you want it to leave then just tell it to go and leave you alone. That would be a good first step and might end it.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-21)
I honestly think everyone experiences Deja Vu. It can be ridiculous but also sorta neat when you recognize it.

Turning your back to the dark is a fear I've heard before. I don't think its odd. I mean... I think its human nature to want to be able to see. Sorta like having our guard/defensive side up.:shrug:

I don't sleep with the closet door open. I picked up that little habit from my great-grandmother.

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