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I am new here and have read almost every story posted here, they all are amazing.

This is my first time writing something so please ignore my mistakes.

My name is Roshi. I am a girl from Madhya Pradesh and currently living and studying in Bhopal. I am in the city for almost 4 years now and this series of incidents happened in the last apartment I lived in.

On 13th May 2023, I shifted to this 2bhk flat near my college. That area isn't well developed yet. I live alone but as I have to shift, I asked my mom to come for the help.

Now my flat was the very first flat when you climb the stairs on the first floor and on ground floor there was a parking lot only. It was a 6 story newly built building with 2 flats on each floor and flats were beautiful with 2 bedrooms and a hall in the centre with 3 balcony. But strangely the building was almost empty with just 4 flats occupied. On my floor, the 1st floor... I was the only person living.

After shifting there my mom left for the home town after a week and then there was just me in the house. I was going through a bad breakup and hence I tried to keep myself busy to stay distracted.

It all started on the day my mom left. I came home late around 12:30 from a party. I was in a good mood, I parked my car while humming a song (I forgot to mention that there was no light in the parking lot or on the stairs, corridor of first floor for some unknown reason).

I started to climb the stairs with my flashlight on when I heard a sound from a parking lot as if someone is whistling the same song which I was humming a minute ago! I ignored thinking there must be some guy teasing me.

While I was unlocking the door I felt a cold breath on the back side of my neck as if someone is just behind me. I turned around to see but there was no one.

I got into my bed thinking, "how it is possible in the month of May I felt a cold breath since there was no windows in the corridor?" Anyway I shrugged it off, and listened to low music until I slept. At around 3am I woke up with an uneasy feeling as if someone is around. I drank some water and was again trying to sleep when I heard a sound of jingling bell from hall. I thought it to be my cat as she wears a collar with a bell on it but then I realized my cat was sleeping just next to me, so I got up to see what was happening and I found no source of the sound. It continued for almost an hour and then it stopped. During this period I could still feel that I am not alone in the house and felt sacred. I only slept after the sunlight broke.

I started to have nightmares and sleep paralysis very often. And those were very realistic and I often used to wake up screaming.

Once I had a dream that I am sleeping on my bed as usual and some black creature who seemed to be a man walked in. He came to my right side and held my hand (I couldn't move) he bent towards my face, and went near my ear humming a song. I woke up screaming thinking it to be a nightmare.

I got up from my bed as it was already 7am. Went to kitchen to make some tea when suddenly I noticed my wrist and I saw marks of four fingers as if someone indeed held my hand tightly!

Strange things kept happening. I always felt that someone is always around me whether I am cooking, bathing, doing my assignments. I always felt that whatever it is, it wants to harm me.

On July 8th I met with an accident in which my ankle and medial malleolus bone were broken. I had to go through a painful surgery and was on the bed rest for at least 3 months. My mom was back to take care of me. One of my male friend also came to stay there to help us. He too felt uncomfortable there but never told us the reason.

Things kept happening after that too. My mom used to sleep in the other room since she felt suffocated in my room and told me to call her if I need something. She always used to hear sounds from my room as if I am talking to someone in low voice (more like whispering but a bit louder than that), she used to check on me only to find me sound asleep. She heard those voices even when she was alone as I had to go to take physiotherapy sessions daily in the evening. She was sure about those voices (sometimes whisper) were just similar to mine.

Doors and windows used to open and shut swiftly on their own in front of our eyes though we had those heavy wooden doors that had zero effects from winds.

The flat beside us was vacant but we used to hear sounds from the common wall we shared with that flat. Sound like someone is banging or hammering a nail in that wall at night. Very clear sounds!

One day after I got better, I was again alone in the home since mom left for the hometown for some work. I got used to the things happening around me but that night something happened that was final nail in the coffin.

I had my exams going on so I was studying in my room late at night around 3:30am. All the lights were off except for my room in which I was studying. Suddenly I was distracted by a sound like someone is scratching a wall in the hall. Since my cat does the same I thought it to be her. Just then my cat came running towards me at unusual speed with her tail high up like she got scared of something. I petted her and then I heard the same sound again. I moved a bit to see what's making that sound again only to find a shadow like person darker than the dark with its shiny white eyes peeking at me from behind the pillar in the hall. Chills went down my spine. I cannot even describe how horrifying that scene was. I could clearly see it looking right in my eyes with so much of hatred in his eyes like he just wanted to kill me. I get froze for awhile... Mind wasn't working, wanted to scream my lungs out but couldn't even utter a word. I stood there thinking that this is the end of my life. I wanted to recite holy verses but my mind just would not catch anything... Somehow I started to pray to God in my mind asking for help and then I gather courage to move and slam the door of my room screaming god's name.

I fell on my bed almost crying when I heard a loud bang of my room's door. It was not like knocking but as if someone banged his/her whole body on my door... Sound like dhhhaaapppp-pause for 5 sec-dhhaappp.

I was crying with my mouth shut. I quickly grabbed my phone and put a Quranic verse audio on speaker (ayat ul kursi) that keeps the evil away. The banging slowly faded away within awhile. I was still afraid and couldn't sleep that night. Once the sunlight broke, I locked my flat and ran to one of my friend's place (obviously along with my lovely cat 'Laila') and called mumma to come as soon as possible.

She came the same day and we vacated the flat right away. Inquiring further with the neighbours who lived on the second and third floor, we got to know that they all felt negativity around and banging on the doors at midnight was a normal thing for them now. They were all boys living in group... They told us that's the reason the building is empty and no one's stay there for more than 2 months, even they were about to leave the place soon. They were amazed that we managed to stay there for 7 months.

Anyway now I am shifted in another apartment and things are peaceful here...

Since childhood many things happened with me which I would share some other day.

Sorry for the long paragraphs. I hope you find this interesting.

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Linjahaha (24 stories) (151 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-03)
Roshhh: Maybe it's not so much the building, but the 'land' itself that has something there. Possibly it's 'been' there for centuries.
Are you aware of 'any' history regarding the actual 'area'?
This was very frightening, & I'm glad that you got out before something happened to either you, or your cute cat.
I lived in a 'very' haunted house with my late husband back in the '70's'. Therefore, I 'can' identify with the fear, & apprehension of living in such an environment. We ended up fleeing, also. We must've left a vapor trail behind us, we drove out of there sooooo fast. We never went back either.
We met with a brick wall when we 'tried' to learn the history of the house, but it was all to no avail. It took us about a year to calm down, & adjust to relative normalcy. Believe me.
It took me over 40 years to settle down enough to even 'write' about it. To this day, I won't go near that place.
I'm glad that you're in a nice apartment now. However, events like this tend to stay with you, but 'that is' what 'this' particular site is for. It's for people like us to talk about the experiences, & share our thoughts, & even help each other with advice, if we can.
I'm just letting you know that I 'can' identify with you, & this was a fascinating account!

The Very Best
To You!

😊 😊
Its_roshhh (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-02)
Hello Rudradity,

Indeed that was a scary incedent tht left me horrified.

Btw I read your story too... Tht must be horrifying.
rudraditya (1 stories) (1 posts)
5 months ago (2024-02-01)
Hey Roshi, hope you're doing well!
Encountering such incidents in a group is so scary let alone you facing it all by yourself.
As you rightly said in your previous comment that the building may have been built on the spirit's home which is why such incidents were happening but I'm glad you got out of the house.
Take care.:)
Its_roshhh (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-30)
Hi Rajine...

That building was newly built (3-4 years ago) and no such incident like death or suicide have been reported there.

It was definitely something else (malevolent) like you said.

As I mentioned in my previous comment... A priest told me that the "area" was his home and I was affected the most because he was attracted towards me.

And no, he didn't follow me... Now I am in a new apartment and everything is peaceful here (till now)
Rajine (14 stories) (833 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-29)
I wonder if it was a spirit of someone who once lived, or something else, more malevolent in nature, I'm inclined to think that way going by your story, but nonetheless it's good that you left that place and whatever it was didn't follow you.
Its_roshhh (2 stories) (7 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-29)
Hello lady-glow.
Thanks for your concern!

Those boys were students and used to sleep early everyday so they didn't encounter anything like shadow but they did heard wierd sounds from outside like someone is whimpering, and knocks on the door, windows was usual for them... But they weren't tht afraid because they were in a group.

I don't know the reason behind why I was affected the most but the day it all started from the parking lot, I was on my periods and was applying ittar.

I consulted one of a family priest regarding this and he said that "thing" was attracted towards me and also that area was his home so I better vacant that place.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3163 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-29)
Welcome to YGS.

I'm glad you left that place before the activity worsen. That spirit sounds like something nasty.

I wonder if the rest of the tenants got to see this shadow too, or if the entity was more aggressive towards you only for being a woman. Though, based on your narrative, it seems like the first floor was the more affected by this presence.

Thanks for sharing.

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