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The story that I'm about to share is of my husband's, I have lot's of un-explainable experiences myself but I'll share them next time.

May of 2007 when my husband went back home (Philippines) for a vacation...

And since he has not been home for about 15 years, all his cousins stayed at the house where he was staying, the house has 5 extra bedrooms but since there are so many of them, they had to share rooms, so my husband shared the room with his 2 cousins.

One night, he is having a hard time getting some sleep, he could feel that there is somebody else in the room beside's him & his 2 cousins, and he had this uneasy feeling of being watched! But because he doesn't believe in ghost or anything paranormal he accounted it as him missing me too much! (His exact words)

The next day, while they we're having breakfast, one of his cousins whom he shares the room with said "can't sleep last night?" with a grin on his face.

Hubby: how did you know?, looking confused.

I saw you last night you were sound asleep!

Cousin: no, I wasn't... I felt it too (then he winked)

Turn's out his cousin's "third eye" is open and he can see & sense ghost/paranormal activity! He said that "it" was an old lady in the room with them and she was walking around the room, sometimes circling hubby's bed!

He could not understand why the "old lady" was circling his bed.

He never went back to that room again! For the rest of his stay they were all sleeping in the living room.

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smartwater (6 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-08)
moonshadow, I'm pretty sure he does but he's denying it...:D
moonshadow (3 stories) (146 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-03)
hey smartwater does your husband believe in ghosts now after that experience, id say it was a departed family member just there in visitation. Great story... 😊
smartwater (6 stories) (19 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
hi jam, Thanks for welcoming me.

I am currently residing here in nj and the house in the story is not mine, it is my husband's grandparent's house but since they are both gone, only his aunt & uncle, 2 cousin's & some katulong (maids) are staying in it;)
smartwater (6 stories) (19 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-01)
KimSouthO, "third eye being open" is our term of being sensitive to anything paranormal;)

There was cold spots & flowery scents all over the house every now & then but aside from that no one mentions of any after that night.

All I know is it is an ancestral house.
You know what, you do have a point, it may have been his grandmother visiting him, hubby was very close to her and she used to leave with them in CA, she passed away here in NJ but her remains was sent to the philippines for burial.

Thank you, now I have something to share to hubby for up to now he is still wondering why she was circling his bed.
DUnknown (4 stories) (65 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-30)
Hi smartwater! I'm also from philippines. Welcome to YGS Community. Thank you for sharing this story of yours. Hope many more will come from you.
Could you tell us where do you live and for how long have you been living there? You said you have a big house, so how many are living on it before your husband came?
Well, I'll be anticipating for your answers.
Until then...

KimSouthO (27 stories) (1960 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-28)
When you say that his cousins third eye was open, I am assuming you mean is susceptable to the paranormal.

Did any one else in the home have any experiences?

I would be very interested to know the history of the home and the room where this occured. The reason I bring that up is with so many family members together under one roof, it may have been a departed member of the family returned to see them for a moment as it sounds as if this individual did not mean any harm. You stated this was your husbands first visit in 15 years, that may be the reson that the lady choose to spend so much time near him.

Thank you for taking the time to share with us,

Gid Bless!

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