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Auditory Phenomena In The Boonies


My parents built my childhood home in the 70's, and still live there. No one has ever died inside, but it is about 10 miles from the nearest small town, so it's secluded, and the land is covered with 20 foot circular mounds that I have always been told were made by Indians.

I remember as a child in that house I would regularly hear people chatting in the next room, only to enter the room looking for my parents and find it empty. Sometimes the talking would shift to a different room, or it would stop altogether. I often thought the sounds were my parents watching television (sometimes for hours) only to find they had gone to bed already. These noises occurred day in and day out when I was the only one indoors or when everyone was inside. I was probably in high school when it finally occurred to me that this regular "oh, it's those noises again" thing was strange or even paranormal.

It was when I was in high school; I began to experience an entirely different sort of noise. There are a set of sounds that people make, and living with them, you learn them instinctively, i.e. The timbre of your mother clearing her throat, or the subtly unique sound of your father's boots when he comes in the backdoor. There would be times when I was home alone that I would hear these sounds. One time for instance, it was as if my mother was sitting two feet from me on the couch and cleared her throat. She was in fact at a meeting at the time. How could I hear a sound my mom makes disembodied like that when she was elsewhere? It's never actual words, but maybe a cough, or footsteps. It has left me questioning whether noises I had always attributed to my parents aren't really something else, but there have been instances when the sound came from mid-air too close at hand to mistake its position. Could it be telepathy or time slipping?

Other times, I would be woken by someone talking in the room. Once, a man said my name, and another time, someone said "I love you", accompanied by shaking my shoulder. At the time no one close to me had ever died.

These sorts of things still happen on occasion when I visit, but there is one thing I am sad to say doesn't happen anymore. From before I can remember until I was a teenager, as I was going to sleep there was always music. Sometimes the music was singing, and one time, it was just this really powerful noise. When I was little and asked my mom about it, she told me it must be angels singing. I don't really know what to make of it, now. My mother never sang to me at bedtime, so it wasn't as if I was thinking about music, or that it could have been her when I was half asleep. It was pretty cool though.

None of this really frightens me, but one time, I had a couple of friends over. We were all crammed onto a four wheeler so we could drive out to one of the fields on my parent's rather extensive property. It was several years ago and I don't remember exactly what we were doing at the time. I was driving the four wheeler when we stopped in the middle of the field when all of a sudden, both of my friends were adamant they wanted to leave, so we left. Once we were closer to home, we stopped, and I asked them why they had wanted to leave so suddenly. They were still shaken up at the time and frightened. They had both heard a woman screaming bloody murder. I hadn't heard it at all, of course. I don't know how near they thought the sound was. I told them that sometimes mountain lions are said to sound like women screaming, but I have never heard or seen one, and didn't hear it at that time either. They both have confessed to me that the property is distinctly creepy in a wild sort of way that I assume I must be used to.

Another time, these same two friends and I were camping in a different field. I zonked out while they stayed awake talking for some time. I was told later that night that for about an hour, something that sounded like a wild animal had been growling and making slobbery, breathy noises. It came closer and closer to the fire until it should have been close enough to see, but nothing was there. They were quite frightened and wanted to spend the rest of the night in the house. I vouch for their credibility as well as for their backbone, because I have experienced other things with each of them, and far worse with one of them.

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greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-14)
Your two friends might have experienced bigfoot. The screams and also what they heard while in their tents sounds like what some people experience with a bigfoot encounter.
KatieChan (3 stories) (63 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-04)
It seems like the spirits like you more than your friends. Thank you for telling us your story! God Bless! ❤ KatieChan
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-04)
I'd say it sounds far from residual as far as I'm concerned. All the sounds you describe such as the footsteps and the coughing as well as the "I love you" and the touch on the shoulder are evident of someone trying to attract your attention and not just that. They seem to be comfortable being in your space which makes me think they might have been there longer than you and wish you to be comfortable having them around too.

The fact that they "immitate" familiar noises might also be indicative that they want to approach you in a familiar way and help you feel safe.

Some of the sounds you describe coming from outside as during the camping night might be residual since there was lack of direct or meaningful communication but I hesitate to state that with certainty.

For sure this is a very active land you live on!
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-03)
I would have to agree with Jennifer. Sounds residual to me too. Also places that are high in quartz and limestone seem to be conductors for paranormal events. All this is speculation but they seem to see enough of a pattern to realize it may not be anything paranormal but natural which causes these oddities. High eletro magnetic fields seem to produce paranormal events too but once again they think it's more due to how it effects the mind than paranormal. Some people are sensitive to these fields and some are not. It can cause hallucinations, nausea and a feeling of paranoia.
Nor_Cal_Girl (3 stories) (97 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-03)
Interesting story, I would think it has something to do with the land if it's true about those mounds being made by Native Americans. Did any of them ever get disturbed? Also, and honestly mainly, I really wanted to compliment you on the actual writing in your story, it was nice to read the line "timbre of my mother clearing her throat". It was poetic.
Jennifer40 (20 stories) (202 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-02)
That is a very strange phenomena to hear your Mom clearing her throat when she is not even home. I too, had similar things happen while living in a haunted apartment. I would hear what sounded like the screen door open and no one would be outside. I would also hear what sounded like the light being turned on in the pantry when it was indeed off. It was a bare lightbulb with a long chain. The chain would run against the bulb when turned on & it would also make a clicking sound. Residual maybe?

Thanks for sharing!
Jennifer ❤

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