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Should I Be Paying Attention?


In 2005 I was driving to work and when I stopped at the lights, as if I was dreaming, I had a vision of a funeral and saw many people that I would have known. I did not know whose funeral but I felt immense grief and could not control how it made me feel. I cried uncontrollably. The following week, my very dear and close aunt died and the vision I saw that day was what I saw at the funeral. The night of her funeral I saw her face appear before mine, like if she was floating towards me, and she told me to look after my cousin, her daughter.

My next vision occurred in 2007 when my father was about to have his surgery. I "dreamt" that the family went on a picnic as we normally do and on our return there was a gathering of friends and family at the house. All I remember saying was "why are you guys here; my father isn't dead." About a week later my father passed away after his surgery and the vision I had seen was from his wake.

There are many other instances that I am uncertain as to whether I "dreamt" of things happening or was I thinking of them after they occurred. All of them were not bad occasions but I doubt myself as the event itself triggered the vision.

At times I am very aware of people's thoughts and emotions, especially my mother's but that maybe because I am her caregiver. However, there are other things that spook me out. My mum sees and feels the presence of things; family and friends that have passed and gets the message. Additionally, she also sees events prior to its happening (kind of, I think it just logical/ intuition). She does not like to encourage conversations when I mention things that I have experienced. My sister once told me when I was a child I used to talk to a "ghost" and I remember the babysitter taught me how to deal with spirits that hold you down. I vaguely remember these events but there must have been a reason she felt it necessary to teach me that.

That was an introduction on a few experiences over my life. Onto my concerns now; after my dad passed away I would be at work and always smell smoke around me. No one else smelt this smoke so I thought that it was smoke from my brother smoking around the laundry. In the back of my mind I wondered if it was my dad as he was a smoker. What made me think more so is when I attended my best friend's wedding the smoke was around me again. In my mind I asked my dad why is he bothering me today and if something was wrong. I felt like leaving but didn't want to be the first to leave. I should have because my mum fell and broke her arm. If I had left when I thought about it my mum might not have broken her arm as I would have been there.

I have since changed my job and no longer have the lingering smoke smell but I now work with a lady who claims to see things. One day she saw a dark shadow pass through the office and asked everyone if they saw it. Everyone was lost on the question except me. When I told my mother what happened she advised me not to say if I see anything.

She recently told me that there is this tall man around me, it is more of an outline and she cannot see the face. Funny enough when she mentions his presence I am normally in a foul or foggy mood and have this anxious energy about myself. She told me that she has been seeing it for a while but never felt inclined to tell me.

When she has mentioned this to me I remembered a recent experience where I was in a deep sleep and felt a presence. When I get up I saw a man drifting into the bathroom, he did not walk and appeared to be gliding out of my sight but it was pretty quick. I was so convinced that it was someone there I called my cousin to check but there was no one. I was sleeping in my mum's room that night and she has told me she saw my dad before but I can't confirm that it was him as the face was not clear.

Additionally, there have been times when I was sleeping in my room and felt a presence but when I got up I see dark shadows moving in the hall as if trying to get out of my sight. I have wondered if it is just that my eyes are sleepy.

The last of my recent experience occurred in the morning at day break, I was in my room and not fully awake. I heard someone call my name and gently poked me on the stomach. I opened my eyes immediately but there was no one there. I went into my mum's room and both my mum and niece were sleeping. I never told my mum, but weird enough the exact same thing happened to my mum a week later, the exact same thing.

Should I be paying attention to these events? I am looking forward to your comments.

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Littleskirt (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-05) you shouldn't be paying attention to these events because most probably there's nothing you can do about it! As much as I refuse to believe in that kind of stuff... My mum throughout all her life had that exactly same story of yours... She and my eldest aunt actually!
It started when she was 16 when grandpa dead... A couple of weeks before that... She had dreams of her teeth falling off... When my aunt had a dream of her and grandpa trying to stop some white shadows from comming into the house...
And eversince... Every close person or a relative to the family dies or sometimes maybe have an operation or something... My mum would dream of their funeral or their house falling apart or them saying goodbye... Creeps my dad... I convince myself it doesn't make sense tho!
What's very weird is that last year my little brother had a dream of my dad dying, and the next day my dad goes to the dentist... And he had to take a tooth off... Turns out he's allergic to anethesia and he would've went in a coma if the dentist hadn't noticed early enough to give him the antidote! I wonder if that dream had anything to do with that... My mum never told my brother!

As for me I never experienced any of that thank god!
bluemoon1385 (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
Everyone left good comments for you, I think. Sometimes things like that happen to me. I'll either have a dream, or a vision-like a premonition of sorts. Though, sometimes they aren't always clear as to what is going to happen. Just remember to not be afraid.

I can't say that my next statement is true for you, but for me the more in-tune I am with myself [body, mind, and soul] the more the experiences happen.

Have you noticed any sort of pattern with your experiences? For example:is it just big things going to happen that cause them? Or only related to family or yourself? Or random things?
curious1974 (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-08)
Thanks again for your comments. I really thought that I might have been exaggerating my experiences (or just weird) however you guys make me feel comfortable about them. Since I posted my story and read your comments I now wish that I could be a little more open and in synch with things around me. I guess you are only given what you can handle.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-06)

I don't think you should feel guilty about having these dreams/visions. You have some sort of gift. While upsetting at times (I imagine) you shouldn't take it so hard.

The smell of smoke you experience is something I understand. I sometimes smell my grandfather's cologne. I think its their way of checking on us and letting us know their still around.
SpiritMagnet (guest)
15 years ago (2009-06-05)
I agree with Kira, the dream state seems to be the calmest of our daily existence, therefore you are more receptive without your "stresses" as you put it. There should be no guilt, though, as you are not told of these things to change them, but more of a way of helping you to cope when they do happen. I was told that by an elder of a Native American tribe many years ago. However, he also said that sharing your "experience" may help others. Thank you for sharing! 😉
curious1974 (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-04)
Thanks for your suggestions and comments. Yes codove1, I do feel guilty about having these dreams especially since there is no way for me to alter the outcome. In addition to that, there is always an event or mishap that prevents me from being around the person when something is about to happen. I avoided many disasters when I was younger because of these dreams but as I have gotten older, the stresses of life can make them not so clear. Kira, thanks for giving it a term. I just thought that these events were just wierd, coincidences or plain spooky so I would never discuss them with anyone but my mum. I must admit that the thought of reaching out is kind of scary but if it is my dad I wish that he would crossover.
KatieChan (3 stories) (63 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-04)
Your visions and dreams seem to predict the future. Thanks for sharing your story with us! ❤ KatieChan
Kira (7 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-04)
I think your are what I call a "dream psychic" because it seems to me that you have a dream that feels like its real then a bit after you have it, it becomes real. I think you should pay attention and tell people about your dreams. Or just watch out for the people in your dream. As for the smoke you smelt, I feel that its your father letting you know he is watching you. As for the shadows, I just think that they are just ghosts waundering around. I advise that if they do interact with you, talk to them, and help them.
codove1 (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-04)
Wow this is so freaky its scarey lol. I have been doing what you said all my life but a tad deeper at times I just blurt out some sad news and then within a month it comes true. Like 1 time I was at a dinner with my dad and brother and my dads new family and we all was around the table babbling and all the sudden I looked at my brother and said Jim you need to go see mom she won't be here next year. I froze in my seat everyone looked at me and asked how did I know mom was sick I said um she ist sick I just seen her the day before and she was fine but 2 weeks later she was told that she was in stage 4 cancer and had 8 weeks to live. I have had many I could write about maybe later today. But anyhow when that happens I feel like I am evil or a witch that's no born oropened up or cursed or something bad about what I said to put it bluntly I felt guilty do you have that also?

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