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Attention Needed - Strange Chanting


I was in my home at Hokkaido, Japan. I might have said in my previous post that the land where my house is might be haunted. I mean maybe it might have been an important place for the Ainu. Odd things had been happening even after the " closet" is gone (see my "first?" post about the creepy closet).

I do not know if it was a spirit (or spirits) of the past. I seldom will hear strange chanting (not a Buddhist prayer or any Shinto vibe... It seems ancient, just like the tribal ceremonies of the tribe my grandmother once belong to), during midnight (around 2ish or 3ish).

Nothing strangely scary or horrible so far because I am already used to that. Until one night, my house cat, Aleshanee, woke me up with her cold paws on my cheek. Yes, it was cold since it was rainy and cool.

I woke with a surprise since I was having a dream good or bad? I do not remember but I was in the middle of something in my dream and was glad that it was a dream (I really cannot remember that...). Aleshanee brushed her tail on my eye brows and was telling me to follow her to the kitchen. Late night snack? I thought.

Aleshanee jumped on the very old back yard window. I thought at once that it might be something wrong. I took out my army torch wore my farming boots and checked the chicken coop first. All the chickens were fine (oh, I hatched some Polish chicken chicks and they are hilariously funny looking, back to the story).

I check on every treetop (there were only 2 old Cherry trees in my yard now) and there was no trace of any wild life.

I stay out for a while in case something will appear. All the sudden I felt a strange breeze, I thought it was the weather but then I hear the chants... I looked around with my very bright torch. It was so clear that I thought it was some neighbor doing strange things... (you know, now a days...)

There was nobody... No beasts... No shadow... But only the chanting continuously on going...

It was too cold for me, and so I went back in my house turned my night lamp on, read a page or so of my favorite novel and went back to sleep while Aleshanee was still patrolling the house.

Should I let the situation be its way? Or should I do something about it? By the way I have crystals and will burn white sage every week or so... Cleansing is not really a problem in my opinion.

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blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-05)
Hi there!
Yup it's nothing bad. As you said I might have been hearing the ancient Ainu chanting.

True, I think I should let it be the way it is.
I should live it, respectfully.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-05)
Could be the spirits of the past doing their rituals even in the afterlife, but if it's not happening inside your home I think you should let it be, just close your doors and windows and curtains at night.
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (246 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-04)
Hello blosomes, intriguing story to say the least!

Based on your narrative, perhaps it would just be best to keep an eye out and see if anything further develops, it doesn't sound sinister. Other than your cat alerting you to something, it doesn't seem as if, other than losing a little sleep, anything was disturbed.

It's possible you may have heard something from the past. Maybe some kind of ceremony took place on the land your current home occupies. If that's so it's just an echo from the past and nothing to be too concerned with. When I was a boy, I awakened to drums beating that sounded like they were close by, but no one else heard anything and my parents suggested it might have been the kids down the street partying, but I never heard anything like it before or since and it was too close to have been what they thought, especially considering they didn't hear anything!

My feeling is at this point, what you heard is not malicious in any way, you could just keep alert and see if it happens again and if anything else accompanies it.
blosomes (12 stories) (74 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-04)
I need to explain, Aleshanee in this story is actually Aleshanee the second. My first Aleshanee is gone from a cat flu 😢
Sorry for the confusion.

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