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Uncomfortable Presence In A Family Home


My experiences in the house I spent much of my childhood tended to be mostly uncomfortable, and I've wondered did my family and I just develop a coping mechanism to deal with the constant presence (and a relatively unhappy presence) that was always hanging around.

We moved into a new home when I was around 8 or 9 years old and had it re-decorated over a period of weeks before settling in permanently. Even with the open spaces, it seemed a bit suffocating, but as children you question everything, and nothing.

Our resident presence, which included what I considered to be at least 3 or 4 entities, manifested as black or grey shadowy figures that moved through the hall, stood in doorways, shifted past doorways when we were in other rooms, and once, as a tall figure of a man, standing over me as I lay on the sofa, as a reflection in a window at night with the main light on in the room. The house seemed very busy with activity almost independant of our existence, yet I felt a definite sense of unhappiness, stress and even smugness or secrecy, if that makes any sense.

During most of this time, which encompassed a period of approximately 10 years, I tried to turn a blind eye to it, and we rarely spoke of it, until we had actually moved from the house. As kids, sometimes friends were unwilling to stay over - in one incident, before we had mentioned anything about any kind of presence to anyone, a friend of ours told us she wouldn't like to stay overnight because of the 'people in the hall.' These figures were most often seen in the corner of one's eye, moving quickly by.

Unfortunately for me, my bedroom seemed to be the epicentre of the negative energy, and most of the heaviest 'traffic' was witnessed and felt there. Outside of my bedroom, was a large old wooden door, which we could not see over, which led to an overgrown and then disused paddock path. This door, and the grassy area behind us had us frightened out of our wits for some reason, but we just got used to it.

Next door to my room, was a WC that seemed to feel like the end of the earth, if you get my meaning - it seemed dark although there was plenty of light, and we were usually scared to use it. Although the layout of the house was flat, of course, it seemed to dip, from one corner to the other, with the corner my room was in being the darker corner.

I have not managed to find any history on the house, other than I know that there was one family before us, where two children died - but saying that, I do not believe that house was haunted by them. I do know that the area was used as sort of refuge/hospitalization area of some sort during the famine in the mid 1800's - but again, I always felt like the presence was a modern or recent incarnation.

I really can't put my finger on it yet.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Or have any theories?

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SpiritMagnet (guest)
13 years ago (2009-06-09)
That all depends on the person. There are some spirits (some refer to them by different names) that attach to a person because they can "feed" off of their energy, mostly negative. Fear, anger, aggression, hatred all are fuel for them. That's why you will see a lot on this site people saying not to be afraid, it gives them power they don't deserve. If you are having problems now as well, put up another story, I am sure we can help. 😊
Blessed be
waterLily (guest)
13 years ago (2009-06-09)
Thank you for your answer! My family no longer lives in this house - at the time bringing in a psychic wouldn't have occured to us, we had just learned to live with it. Looking back though, I've realized that many of my homes have had presences or 'dark spots'. I do wonder though, if spirits can follow a person?
SpiritMagnet (guest)
13 years ago (2009-06-09)
There is a possibility, especially considering the age of the home, that a culmination of bad experiences have left their mark, therefore giving the home a looming and heavy feeling. In my experience, a good smudging with some lavendar enhanced sage can do wonders, however as far as the shadows are concerned there may be more effort needed. Have you or your family considered bringing in a psychic? They may be able to help you narrow down any issue and even help to lead the souls to the light. Blessed be.

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