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In August 2002, my dad took me out camping for the first time when I was 11. He chose a smaller campground called "Waterways" along the Rideau River. It was a bit off the beaten path, which my father liked and my mother resented because it didn't have a landline telephone, supposedly.

Regardless, we packed up and my father and I were on our way. The campsite itself was nice; it was grassy and sheltered from the other campsites with a thick line of fir trees, which made it seem as though no one else was around. That's how it stayed for the rest of the weekend because nobody camped anywhere near our site for one reason or another.

Setting up the tents was done by flashlight due to arriving late. I was scared of the dark so I ended up being not much help. It was dark by the time we had finished setting up the tent, it must have been around nine o'clock. Dad gave me the reigns and let me pump up the mattresses, but I quickly got tired. Instead, I asked if I could go outside and check on the fire that we set aflame over an hour ago.

Before I even heard his approval I was unzipping the door. I took two steps outside, gazed at the fire and let my sight trail up into the tree line just a little way. That was when I saw it - a hooded figure.

It was small, must have been only a meter and a half tall, and about five meters away. It was in the tree line so I'd guess about two meters off the ground. The hooded figure wore a long cloak, with wide sleeves that met in the middle of his chest as if he were pressing his knuckles together out in front of him. The shadow of the hood showed no facial features beneath. Its entire body was transparent. I stood in utter shock for several seconds. Neither of us moved.

Then I screamed and nearly tore the tent open, crying for my father to go outside. I've never told the full story like this, and I'd like some help in identifying just what visited my campsite.

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lion_king99 (15 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-28)
Wow, scar story. Maybe that's why nobody camped in that site. If you know any other people who've camped there, perhaps you could ask them if they saw the same hooded figure.

livinit (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-23)
Hi ribbons. My daughter had a very similar experience at a camp to! She said it was small and that it was wearing a black cloak. I wonder what it was.
Ribbons (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-17)
It's been a long time since I've come back to this site, but I figure it'd be worth mentioning this little tidbit.
I asked my dad afterwards if there had indeed been any deaths recent or not in that area, and he told me the owners of the campgrounds had their son pass away two weeks before from a motorcycle accident a couple kilometers away.
Sambo (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-20)
ive seen the same hooded man I have been seeing him since I was six.
camille (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-17)
when my family and me is traveling to baguio and were on the zigzag road I saw a hooded figure it was I thin 12 in the midnight when I saw it our car side almost bump him (idk if its a boy) and he didn't look at us it just keep on walking I asked my cousins some says yes, they saw him but others says no. After 2 minutes I felt something cold hold my feet I was really really scared! When I say it to my cousins they say it must be that hooded man but others said it was just our imagination (we are using 2 cars because we are 37) I asked my other cousins that was in the other car they all said they saw nothing.
Tunka (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-04)
Oh, and sorry for not adding before, Ribbons may have not have been daydreaming OR imagining it. A hooded figure isn't something you can just MAKE UP in your mind. And Girlie you are positively right. Hooded figures are not demonic or evil, they watch you as I've said before. Hooded figures are not MONKS though. Some can be, but not exactly, I am not sure. Dan_Paranormal, how could Ribbons imagine that a hooded figure is a TREE? Ha ha, sorry that's a little funny. But, Hooded figures are not something you can mistakenly imagine but really it's a TREE. No, no, some Hooded figures appear anywhere, so my advice:

If you see a hooded figure, believe what you see, your eyes aren't tricking you.

Tunka (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-04)
If this helps, everyone may be wrong.

The hooded figure means no harm, not to touch or scare you, just to watch upon you. No one really knows why but they just watch you.

Hope it helps.
Apocalypse (9 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-11)
Probably some guy pissing around out in the forest you know what some people are like -_-

When I have gone to a caravan site before I have seen some odd things. The farmer who owns the site buried his dog on site, a was driving along side my dads car as he was going to tke so rubish to the dump kind of place in that town and I saw a Black greyhound kind of dog trotting aross the path towards the toilets where one of it's beds was. Then as my dad drove past I saw the dog figure fade away. I dropped my bike on the floor and started dragging it while running and tripping like hell to get back to my nan, mum and uncle in our carvan. The other dog recently died and last time we went to the caravan site my dog has been sniffing loads around where he used to lay. I geuss he misses those dogs.
Ribbons (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-16)
It was floating and it was see-through. I remember being stuck to the ground in shock looking up at it, so despite my tender age I'm sure it wasn't just a few people playing a prank. 😳
robertar (223 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-11)
i heard acouple of people on a radio show say the hooded figures are demonic. Not sure why they wear that getup.

I've also heard of these guys, running around in hooded cloaks, some short some tall.

Let me know if you learn anything.
thinkingfunny123 (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-30)
Maybe some bored teenager comes there to scare people. Or it could be a shadow... Or it could be something else! Ta! 😁
Dan_Paranormal (1 stories) (74 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-30)
If you are afraid of the dark and you've travelled and it's the middle of the night in the forest your mind could play tricks on you. I'm not saying you didn't see what you think you did I'm just saying there is a possibility that you may have thought you saw something when really it was a tree, it's happened to me before. Did anyone else see it? Now for the possibility that you did, it's very likely, spirits are supposedly more likely to manifest near water or damp areas (Not sure how true that is I just heard it somewhere) maybe there are stories from the campsite, as you said nobody else camps out there? Must be for a good reason. Try looking up the history of that part of the river, maybe someone drowned, maybe it used to be something? Or if you can't find the history ask about various legends or stories about it?

I hope that helps.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-30)
Hi I liked your story.
I think it was a monk or an apprentice for a monk.
I don't think it was anything evil or even a demon Ghostlover. Because it did nothing to her.
It was most likly wondering why she was on are land.
Ribbons: you should look into the history of the land.
katie100 (1 stories) (26 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-30)
i'm scared of the dark too! And sometimes I start to see things like you did! Like I go to pick my mum up from work and she works at a nursing home... And because is dark outside I get scareed sitting by myself and my eyes start to play tricks on me because they start to make out hooded figure shapes xxxxxxxxxx
Hawkgirl (6 stories) (55 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-30)
Maybe it was a hooded goblin! JK 😜
I agree with Ghostluver, something must be attached to the land, you should do some research. However, are you sure it was not your imagination? I mean, you were 11, afraid of the dark... Just saying 😊

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