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The House On High Street


There is a house on High Street in Franklin KY that apparently has a permanent resident. One of my good friends rented the place out and settled in. She came to me one day and said that there was something in her house that seemed to be a spirit or a ghost. I am fascinated with the paranormal. So I decided one day to stop by and see her and to actually see if this place was haunted. She had told me before I came over that she had experienced pots and pans flying out of the kitchen and into the hallway, dishes falling to the floor, doors opening and closing, weird lights, and foot steps. When I arrived I immediately got an eerie feeling. She had a room mate that occupied the first floor of the house and she had the upstairs to herself. Supposedly almost all of the activity went on upstairs. It was an older house so the stairs where in a closet like area and were very narrow. The whole upstairs was one big room and had wooden floors. It also had to wooden doors almost side by side. I asked her what they led to and she said it was supposed to be a closet or storage area and that the person that originally built the house many years ago didn't finish it, so now it was basically a creepy looking attic-storage area with no light. I would like to inform you that I had visited her house many times.

The very first experience I had there happened late one night I stopped by to visit when I got off work. We were sitting upstairs talking and watching TV. When one of the doors to the attic area creaked open on its own and then shut back. I asked her had that ever happened before and she told me it happens all the time, but the door was completely shut and latched. Right after that we heard the door to the stairway open and shut and heard foot steps. No one ever showed up at the top of them. So I figured it was one of her kids coming to spy on us so I went to peek around the edge of the stairs and there wasn't anyone there.

On another occasion the "ghost" or spirit decided it wanted to touch me. I had taken a seat over by one of the doors leading to the attic. Once again she and I started to converse when I felt a really cold breeze and what felt like cold hands running up the back of my neck and into my hair. That totally freaked me out. Of all the paranormal experiences I have had I have never had one come in contact with me.

One experience I will never forget though is when I stopped by one night to pay a visit.

My friend and I were sitting there in separate chairs but pretty close to each other and we were talking. I had put my lighter on the floor beside me. Mind you there was nothing on the floor where I put my lighter down. So when I went to reach for the lighter it was gone. My friend and I looked for it everywhere for a good 15 minutes. So we went back to the same seats we were sitting in and continued talking and watching TV. Not even 10 minutes later she said my name and pointed to the floor. My lighter was lying exactly where I had put it. This is something I still can't explain but it really freaked me out.

Even after these events she still continued to experience paranormal activity in the house. So much so it forced her to move out.

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robertar (223 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-02)
a few accounts I have read suggest that some spirits attempt to enter the human body at the back of the neck. It might have been probing you to see if it could get in.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-02)
divinedivine: I have family in KY. We go every summer for family reunions. I absolutely love it. I'm always interested in hearing about possible haunts out there.

Just to be clear: you're not referring to the "Octagon House" in Franklin?

If you can recall the address and really want to know what was going on, I would suggest researching the home/land.

If you don't mind me asking what was the "final straw" so to speak, that made your friend move? Did the downstairs roommate ever hear/see anything?

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