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This is something I'm still trying to make sense of and like a huge jigsaw puzzle, I continue to get more and more pieces to help me form a bigger picture.

To give some background it involves an abandoned building near the small town I live near. The building is part of a sprawling complex that covers the area of at least a couple of football fields on both sides of the road. I became aware of the place when I started taking weekend walks down through the area a couple years ago when they opened the road back up. It was part of a huge mill and in it's heyday employed a lot of people. It had been one of the largest employers in the immediate area. Most of it contained a few offices and many open metal sheds, all of which were used to treat and process lumber in various capacities. It was in operation before my time here and now is mostly closed down. Some of if it still used as a lumber mill, and trucks still deliver wood to be processed, mostly chipped. The majority of it seems abandoned and used for storage. It looks like only a handful of people work there, mostly during the week, which is why when it's mostly abandoned on the weekends, makes for a great place to walk.

The building in question is actually on the outskirts of this place and is different in construction, it's made of brick and concrete, unlike the other buildings (save for the offices) I walked by it everyday and was fascinated with it (abandoned buildings and the history they contain has always been an interest of mine). A sort of porch or deck leads up to the main doors and there is a huge loading bay on the side towards the back. One of the doors off the side of the deck has always hung open.

How this started was on one of my walks on Easter Sunday. It was sunny and warm and I was walking by this building but this time was different. The main door at the end of the deck was wide open. I had never seen this before and before I knew it, it seemed like something compelled me to approach the building. This was out of character for me as I would think something like this through, but found myself walking the path to the deck. Though I was worried about the structural integrity of the building, my safety, trespassing, and the possibility that animals could be inside, I felt this overwhelming sense of safety, that I was protected and watched over, I cannot explain it, it was a strong feeling. To be clear, the building was by the road, no fence surrounding it and there was not a single 'no trespassing' sign or 'private property' sign or even 'keep off' sign anywhere.

As I mounted the stairs leading onto the deck, I found them surprisingly strong, as was the deck, sturdy, considering the place had been out of commission for at least 2 decades. I glanced into the side door which was an empty space but whatever was drawing me, moved me towards the open front door. It was like being in a dream and I couldn't believe this was happening. The doors were strange, they were like the doors you see on walk in refrigerators in a kitchen. The huge steel door hung wide open and I stepped inside. The inside felt different, as if it existed outside time and space, like it's own pocket of existence, it's hard to explain. Fuse boxes were piled on the floor to my right and nearby was an old desk. One of the legs had given out and there were fuses on the desk and laying in an open drawer. A glider rocker had been set up as the chair for this desk and there were a lot of fuse boxes mounted on the walls. Whatever this place had been, it used a lot of power. Sunlight poured into the room from the open door behind me and a window to the side. There were holes in the roof which allowed more sunlight to filter down through. Despite it's age, it was fairly clean inside and even the gloomiest of corners was well lit. The place had this welcome feeling to it. As I moved towards the open loading bay, I saw a boiler on stilts and some sort of huge vat or something towards the back. There was another door, near the loading bay, a small door, that was also wide open. As weird as it sounds it was like I was being guided through the place from one door to the next? This led out to the driveway and around to the road. It was so strange, I came out of that place feeling more alive than I had in a while, I had more energy and felt like I was recharged!

A few weeks later as spring really set in, the building became overgrown in a sense. Nature moved in to obscure the front and the deck, but not before I noticed the huge front door was closed once more, even though I left it as I had found it. I had peeked in the back door before firmly closing that as well. The doors did not lock and the back one didn't firmly latch but closed well enough. Soon after I got this weird urge to empty the memory on my camera and replace the batteries and then the next day to take it with me on my walk.

On my walk I took plenty of pictures and noted that as I got near the building I had already drained half of the new batteries' life already. I've had this camera for some time and it's been accurate at reporting the battery capacity. I had intended to get some photos of the outside of the building, especially since the ivy growing up the building's front had sprouted several flowers. I had seen deer near the building and an abundance of wildlife including a fox. However I didn't think I had enough battery power to get the images I wanted, but tried anyways. As I went around the side filming some video and taking pictures I noticed the back door was wide open again! I had closed it and knew I had! Once again, I was compelled to enter the building and before I knew what I was doing I prepped the camera to record live video as well as to use the different settings to get photos. I thought I might need low light settings due to the darker interior. What really blew my mind was that the batteries were showing a higher charge than before. I had checked them several times and they showed at half power, now they showed 3/4 full again! That should have been impossible, they're not rechargeable, but nonetheless they had been boosted somehow! Not only that but the camera captured perfect images without using low light settings! I started filming and taking pictures of wherever I was being drawn to, it felt effortless and like I was being guided! Again like a dream, I was in control, but something was guiding me, some presence I felt but could not explain! I went out on the deck and though the place was surrounded in greenery, and obscured in view from the road, the growth had not invaded the deck or building, it was as if it was embracing the building but not reclaiming it, as is what typically happens with abandoned buildings!

Again I felt energized, and not alone, although I didn't see anything, it was what I felt. I spent a lot of time using video and the camera to get so much footage and photos, I was there for a long time. The batteries lasted amazingly enough until I reached the edge of the facility and took the final pics before the low battery indicator finally came on and the camera shut down on it's own! What's more, even though I didn't take my watch with me, when I got back home, I had only been gone less than an hour and a half? I knew I was there way longer than that! I've lost track of time before having fun, but I always end up spending way more time than I think, not less?

I have to replace the batteries and with my sometimes hectic schedule I haven't had the time yet to review the photos/video I took to see if anything shows up on them, but if I do, I will find a way to share them. Talking with a friend recently, she informed me that that the building is a portal. Apparently a really good one. The interior showed no signs of graffiti or forced entry or defacing or damaging of the property, despite the fact it's wide open. Unlike the places we hear about with negative portals and energy, where cameras are drained, people come away in bad moods and low energy, and there are no animals within a hundred miles and the place is overgrown and undermined with weeds, this place is the polar opposite, in every way! I had felt the negative side of such a place when I relayed what had happened on my family's property in another story.

Something seemed to want me to take those photos and see the building, to what purpose I don't know, but it was an amazing experience. Perhaps the doors could be explained, but they're not the easiest to open, especially the front door, because I tested it. The place had a really high and friendly spiritual energy to it. I didn't see anything outright, but I felt it and if you've read my other stories, you know I'm sensitive to other presences. Take with it what you will, it was my experience and a positive one, so I thought I would share it!

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KenS80 (1 stories) (41 posts)
11 months ago (2023-07-02)
I have got to say this was a fascinating read Lost Voyage.

I too would be interested in viewing the images when you get a moment to publish them.

ᕕ (°_°) ᕗ
The_Lost_Voyage_11 (7 stories) (246 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-19)
I appreciate the comments!

Tweed: I agree, there was an 'energetic invite' if you will on the occasions I went it. Though I have no idea why, I am grateful for the experience because it was amazing! There was definitely a vibrational match. I will try to share the photos, I don't know yet whether anything revealed itself on the images I took, but nonetheless, maybe some of what I experienced can be relayed through them.

RCRuskin: I will get some replacement batteries as soon as I can and download the video's and photo's from the camera. Like you, I'd like to see what I may have captured beyond the standard photo's if anything. I know camera's can see or pick up on what the naked eye cannot. I'm also careful as well, I won't enter the place again without an 'invitation' which is what I believe happened on the other instances I went in. I have a sense this place is not just something I can go through any time I want, so I'll honor that for sure.

Rajine: Good point, I was thinking that myself, these type of places are important and I believe they exist to bring more of that high vibration spiritual energy onto this plane, I certainly felt it. It may also have to do with the huge amounts of electricity that went into the place as well.

Thanks again for your comments and I will do what I can to try and share the photos when I can.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-18)
Hi The_Lost_Voyage_11

It seems that not all supernatural incidents are bad in nature, in a world full of negativity I feel places like this exist to inspire hope, it may be a portal or it maybe be inhabited by lots of positive "beings and energies, but I think it's there for a reason.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (820 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-18)
I am so curious now to see those photos. Please share them as soon as you are able.

I'd advise general caution regarding certain things though.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
11 months ago (2023-06-18)
Lost Voyage, it's the little things. Well, in your case a large building and surrounding area. But still, those little vibes that draw people in, glad you listened. Sounds like a very magical place. I'd love to see some of those photos/videos, regardless of if they show anything or not.

My guess is you were drawn in just to experience the beauty which no doubt recharged you somehow (and your camera!). Where most would just see a disused construction, nothing more, others receive the true nature of a place. I like to think these kinds of high energy locations/portals are a magnet to the right kinds of souls. I think you were meant to enter on the days that you did. I don't know why. But the way you tell it indicates you were attuned to whatever was guiding you.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing.

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