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Dachau Concentration Camp In Munich


I am in the Army I am stationed in Germany. My wife and I recently took a trip to Dachau Concentration Camp in Munich. I watched Ghost Hunters a lot and was really interested in paranormal activity.

When we arrived there you could feel a strong presence in the air. The camp was really big and it took almost a whole day to walk through it all. But what I really don't understand and while I'm writing this is because, while walking through the area where the barracks used to be, I got sick. Just out of no where. As I walked a little further, it went away. My question is, was that paranormal? I was feeling fine all day until I got to that section.

My wife and I walked to the old crematory. There were stories how people were tortured. As we walked in, I was taking pictures, and as my wife walked in and she almost passed out and had a severe headache. After we walked out, it went away. I took some pictures inside there and you could see too small orbs in the picture. So, again my question is, did my wife and I have paranormal experiences?

I know that this isn't necessarily a story but it has been a question on my mind for quite sometime now.

I do want to go back to see if I could catch anything else, would this be a good idea?

Any comments would help

Thank You

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glosslalia2014 (1 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-13)
I was there a few days ago and when I went into the museum where there is all the information I felt sick and had pains in my chest and felt like I was going to faint. I also felt like I was struggling to breathe.
joseph421 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-16)
My brother was stationed in Bavaria with the US Army, and I visited him for 2 weeks. We visited Dachau, and I remember feeling sadness and negative energy the moment we walked in the place.

I brought a camera and was able to take hundreds of pictures at other locations on the trip. However, I only managed to take 2 photos of one of the barracks at Dachau-I didn't have the desire to take any more due to the atmosphere and knowledge of previous events there. The worst part was the crematorium ovens.

I'm not an emotional person by nature, but visiting a place where so many people died and suffered got to me.
Sepheara (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-21)
My husband and I are currently stationed at Ramstein. I have been to Dachau once. The momment I stepped on the grounds I felt uneasy. History here was cruel, and torture was even more so. These places that have been left behind as a reminder STILL harbor unhappy feelings. It's not unusual to feel things or experiance things in places like this or place that have experianced a lot of pain and suffering and sadness. I ONLY went because (back story my parents were 20 years apart in age) my grandfather played a part in this area and with Dachau, he was an American solider sent to help close this camp down... He wrote in his journal that the place was devistation... Death loomed over it and it was horrific to see so much death, and illness and suffering in one place that it brought him to tears.

He didn't go into detail only to say this... People were hung, mostly men by their arms there. It would rip the muscles and tendons and then after that they were left that way, released and left to walk around with unusable limbs and should the muscles or tendons heal back the people would have a hard time doing labor because of such poor care or no care at all. The women were used as prostitues for the soliders and upon his arrival there were MANY pregnant young girls who were fed but only minimal and so skeletal looking with swollen bellies.

The place is a harbor for a lot of anguish, and sadness, torture and pain and suffering and above all death... So yes it's not unusual that you felt these things.
Claws (guest)
11 years ago (2012-01-14)
I've felt that exact feeling of uneasiness before too, I know exactly what you mean. I guess it's just the pain of the dead transferred onto the living.
mojacko15 (19 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-21)
i conclude that the feeling of sickness came from negative energy... (too strong I guess)...because if you feel happy, overwhelmed or etc (anything not bothering)...thats a positive energy...
deannah (12 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-27)
My family and I went to Dachau Concentration Camp last October while we were stationed in Germany and it was a VERY intense experience. As I walked through the main gate I remember feeling eyes watching me and almost like being in a large crowd of people all very close together. As we walked over to the crematorium I felt this overwhelming sadness and anger. I'd never felt like that before when we've toured a historically significant site... But then again how could a person not become angry when you get to see first hand what was done to all those innocent people?

It could've been that you were standing where so many were tortured and killed and all that energy was thrust on you and they wanted you to feel some of what they felt, or just the fact that you know what happened there. On our walk through the camp I saw numerous people crying, some holding each other as they wept. It's a very powerful place.
Phatpoodle (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-18)
I had similar experiences at different places so perhaps this will help you.
I took a tour of the FBI building in Washington, DC and all was well until our group got to the area where the guns were stored. These were guns confiscated from murderers, used in crimes, etc.; there must have been thousands of them in rows set behind large glass viewing areas. I didn't look at them for more than a couple of minutes before I started feeling very sick to my stomach and faint. I had to leave the tour it was that bad!
Another time I toured Mission San Juan Capistrano and felt extreme sadness (I though I was going to burst into tears) when we passed the area where a church collapsed during an earthquake and killed several people.
Sassy_Lash3s (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-11)
yea that's like the main one, and I think that would be a life changing experience
DeviousAngel (11 stories) (1910 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-10)
Sassy, I hope you're not talking about Auschwitz. That place is hell incarnate.
Sassy_Lash3s (2 stories) (22 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-10)
Thats pretty amazing. I think it could be something paranormal because you're in a place that had a lot of deaths and extreme torture. Alot of bad things went on there and with all that negative energy, it can create something paranormal, or so I believe. Wow, I want to visit a concentration camp, the one that starts with an "a", I'm not going to embarrass myself so I'm not going to try and spell it 😁
600Catapilla (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-08)
I with my wife were at Dachau a few years ago and I found myself becoming extremely angry as I read about the treatment of the prisoners, it makes you sick when you see how humans can become so blinded in their beliefs that they will destroy anyone who is "in their way".

To be honest I realised how easy it would be to attack those responsible and yet, I would become a monster no different to those I am attacking.

A visit to Dachau will change your world view.
courtneyOMGG (12 stories) (179 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
Places like this, because of all the terrible things that have happened there, I believe that even if it's not ghosts or paranormal activity, the feelings the people had can be left behind... Because it happened so much and were so strong.
From what you've explained in the story, it seems as though you've felt what some of the people felt... Or you were just overwhelemed by all the feelings left behind by the people.
As Nor_Cal_Girl said, there definately is a different 'air' about those places.
Take care.

Nor_Cal_Girl (3 stories) (97 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
There definitely is a certain "air" about places like that, so it's possible that it was paranormal or maybe just the level of bad energy that made you and your wife react like you did. Orbs seem hard to say one thing or another about, it could be something, or it could be dust. Also, I mean this is a pretty long long-shot, but there was a lot of poisonous gas in those places right? Just saying that there might be traces of it in some of those chambers... Like I said, long-shot but still...
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
Good Point Vulcan:"I'm not sure they should even be tourists sites other than to remind us just how far our deprivation against our fellow man can go if left unchecked."-I feel that way about Ground Zero in NY.

2 summers ago I visited my friend that lives in NY. He obliged my requests to see certain things-Times Square, Central Park, Greenwhich Village. We did stop by Ground Zero (there is a discount department store near by I wanted to check out). You should have SEEN the crap going on. There were tourists snapping pictures of the giant hole/construction ground. There were people leaving candles,poems, teddy bears etc. Then there were scummy pan handlers trying to sell "Ground Zero Rocks" (just debris that was left over/debris from the construction site.) They also were selling all sorts of 9/11 and America paraphernalia.

Once again I felt if you were really curious about the site, take a picture, take in the scene and move on. If you want to leave a memento (which only seemed to get in the way of the construction workers) fine. Leave it...move on. The pan handlers...pfft I wanted to push them in front of the crane.

The thing about these kinds of sites, we need them. Just like we need fine art, museums, statues and historical buildings. We need those things to remember amazing things in history. We also need places that remind us of not so great things. Its one thing to read about the Holocaust, Civil War, 9/11 or the Oklahoma bombing. But to see it, drives it home. Makes people know this wasn't just something you read about or study in school.

Sorry for the long comment.
vulcan10 (5 stories) (332 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
I agree. It was probably the location. I'm from the Oklahoma city area and wasn't far from the explosion when it happened there. It brings back terrible memories just thinking of it. The first time I vistited the memorial I felt much the same way. I don't know that I would want to go to a concentration camp. That makes me sad just thinking of the word. A terrible time for the world and mankind in general. I'm not sure they should even be tourists sites other than to remind us just how far our deprivation against our fellow man can go if left unchecked.
Phoenix77 (3 stories) (38 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
hobbyholly; your requests were in a very respectful manner and I don't believe anyone could find offence.
Damastrick07; Places of great dispair or torment have been known to retain the extremely strong emotions of people there during that time. So, yes, I think the atmospheric emotions "got the best of you" and you were effected. It happens to anyone who is more sensitive than others. Though, I also believe you should listen to your gut, whatever it says to do; do it.
hobbyholly (11 stories) (572 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
Here is the thing: you were in a concentration camp. A place where unthinkable happened. I had a friend that visited Auschwitz (I believe). She became sickened and had a deep feeling of sorrow. I don't think it was due to paranormal activity. I think it was due to physically seeing where such horrible things took place. I'm not saying these types of places don't have any paranormal connections. I just think the location itself can create sadness and even physical distress. Does that make sense? I mean...its a concentration camp...not a six flags.

Also: If you do go back, please be respectful and not a "typical tourist" snapping away pictures. I wouldn't go back just to see if you can "catch anything" so to speak. I feel this way about "regular" cemeteries and places like Gettysburg. Take a few photos for memories and then respectfully move along.

I hope this comment didn't come out offensive to you, I just feel very strongly about respecting the dead and being reverent.
saishu_heiki (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-07)
Hi! I know what you experienced, you and your wife. In some historic places, where some terrible events took place (deaths, execution...) I feel horribly nauseous or have unexplained feelings of sadness. I just have to go somewhere else, sometimes just some inches away et I feel myself again. I will never go to a concentration camp. It gives me goosembumps just thinking about it.

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