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At The Kids' Camp


This story happened last Friday (May 31, 2019) to my mother and sister. There was a Kids' Summer Camp in our church last May 30-31. Participants are from Middler class to Early Teens class (ages 9 to 13 years old).

Mama's experience:

She was washing the fish and pork at the small kitchen sink in the garage of the church. Facing the sink, on the left side is the window facing the consolidation room. So when you look at the window, you can see inside the consolidation room. This room is where we welcome church newcomers and explain to them briefly the gospel and what we're doing in the church (programs and all).

She was assigned for the food preparation that time since she is part of the Children Ministry (Sunday School) as a teacher. When she was cleaning the fish and pork to be grilled for dinner, someone caught her eye. A girl in denim pants and white t-shirt was walking inside the consolidation room. At first she did not mind. But when the girl stopped walking weirdly, that's the time when she had a second thought to peek at the room to see where the girl was going. By the way, the consolidation room has 2 doors. One in front (near building entrance) and the other at the back going to church clinic. When she peeked on the room, she felt goosebumps. Why? Let's just say that the room was empty. No evidence of someone in there. She quickly ran to the guard and asked if someone went inside the room. The guard said there's no one. No other rooms in the church building were open aside from the 6th flr mini sanctuary (where they held the assembly area for the participants), 6th floor classrooms (sleeping area for the kids and teachers), and the 7th floor (activity area). Consolidation room was locked at that moment. Mama insisted that there was a girl in denim pants and white t-shirt walking inside. The Guard just laughed and said "No there's no one." Mama went back to the kitchen and finished quickly what she had to do and rushed to the 7th floor to start grilling.

Sister's experience:

My sister is also a Sunday school teacher. Actually we all are but since I have therapy sessions to fix my spine, I did not commit to that camp. After the Friday activities, they were all set to sleep. My sister slept in the room for girls. She was with the girl participants. Mama did not sleep there. At 3am, they still cannot sleep. The kids were still hyped. And one more thing, she can hear someone moving monoblock chairs from the other rooms. There are 6 classrooms at the 6th floor and they only used 2 rooms as sleeping area (near elevator and stairs). One for boys and one for girls. And those rooms were facing each other. The moving of monoblock chairs were coming from the rooms near mini sanctuary which is at the far end of the floor. That room was already locked since they won't be using it for the next day's activities. One of the kids asked her if she can hear the chairs. "Teacher, I can't sleep. Can you hear the noise? Is kuya Roland (utility staff) moving chairs to and fro?." She answered, "Just sleep. We still have activities tomorrow. Just close your eyes and sleep." But, my sister, at that moment, was really scared because she knew kuya Roland went home earlier that day. You see, chairs were stacked inside the mini sanctuary and it was already locked. So who could be the one moving the monoblock chairs?

As far as I know, our church building was built in 2000 (only 4-storeys) and then when it caught on fire in 2004, it was rebuilt to be a 7-storey building. Before it caught on fire, there were stories circulating that even our pastors felt weird in some rooms and in some floors.

That's it. I have heard some stories from kuya Roland but I cannot put them in words since I can't remember everything he told me.

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ruiallen_guarte (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-20)
I think it would be good if you conduct a worship and prayer
dedicated specifically for cleansing the place. As I read in a book, evil spirits tend to stay over grounds where sin has been committed. Pray all over the place that the Spirit of the Lord be the one to dwell in every corner of the church, all over the land. And it would be better if everyone would refrain from telling those kinds of stories about the church. As it is the spirit of fear that is being magnified and it does not glorify God.

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