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The Capitol Theatre


As I promised, I will share a ghost hunt that happened just a few weeks ago, in the Capitol theatre.

In the summer of 2006 I was with the Salt Lake county sheriff's office, working as a deputy for the protective service division of the sheriff's office. I had seen ghost and spirits and recorded officers stories and put them in a book, it's a matter of time now before I find a publisher, but here is what happened this past 2 weeks.

On Friday Oct 2nd 2009 I received a strange E-mail letter from a woman asking me questions about the Capitol theatre, I had worked there as a deputy and my last year at the theatre was 2006. I was curious as to how she had my e-mail address, how she found me, and so forth. I replied to her with questions and the following Saturday I spoke with her on the phone. I came to find out that while I worked there, I found a ghost site and began telling my encounters to the readers. What was funny is I took myself off the list 2 years ago, and this woman was ale to find me when doing an enquiry about the theatre.

The Capitol Theatre

I had agreed to meet her group at the theatre that evening, and as I sat at the Olive Garden, I could see the theatre directly across the street. I began to feel uneasy, Scared is a better word. I was introduced to the group and began to tell them my 4.5 months of hell in the theatre that ended in 2006. I think there were a few skeptics, but being a ghost hunting group, they were interested in seeing for themselves. In the theatre we broke into 2 groups, and I gave one warning, "do not provoke the spirits" I made it very clear, that these beings were evil and I had my share of encounters while I was there.

As the evening went on, we had several unexplained events, some more notable than others. There were several places in the building I called "hot spots" One in particular is located on the third floor. While we were in the room, the founder of the group saw that her new batteries were all dead, that was no surprise. I did not tell them where these "hot spots were" but instead I let them find out for themselves. We took pictures, walked the building, and everyone agreed that something was in the theatre. As a deputy, I refused to enter the projection booth, just because I had a bad encounter when I was employed with the sheriff's office. Strangely enough, I knew the on duty officer who was working that night and I have her story in the book I wrote, we spoke at great length about lost time.

After some convincing by Kelly, the group leader, I agreed to go with them into the projection booth, but I was reluctant to do so. A 15 year old boy was in our group, and he provoked the spirits, challenging them to show themselves. Making comments such as, "you're not much of a man" and "you're a girl" this made me feel uncomfortable, as I did not want this kind of confrontation. At about 23:00 that evening and in that room the boy said, "Something just touched me" I took several pictures and captured an orb in-front of the boy. He was terrified and went to find his father. When the tapes were played back days later, an EVP is heard saying "Touched" the moment the boy said those very words. Out of caricature, I asked the spirits questions, and one comes to mind. I asked if these spirits ever had a body. Another EVP was recorded and we can hear a voice saying, "I hate you" as I finished my question. Kelly asked what the woman's name was, and at that moment I asked the group if they had heard the answer, no one did, but why did I hear a voice while no one else had, it was odd. When the digital recorder was played back, there was an answer to her question, a female voice responding with a name, clear as a bell and I knew I had heard the voice.

For this reason I wrote a book about the theatre, and the group owner had only gone through 1 tape yet she had over 25 EVPs recorded. The last spot we went to was the third floor, leaving the rest of the group behind, Kelly and I went to the third floor. While we were recording in the ladies room, I was over come by fear, one that I haven't felt in years. I panicked and told Kelly to come quick, feeling that something was about to happen. I was freezing and with her device, the temperature in the room was dropping suddenly around me. Again she had her recorder going as we heard another voice.

For 5 hours I relived 4.5 months, and I won't say it was fun, but it was good knowing that others had encounters as I did some 3 and a half years ago. I look forward to finding a publisher and having you the reader feel what I sensed years ago. Was it a coincidence that this group found me, was it one of those nights where the building was active. I'm not sure, but this I know, the Capitol theatre is haunted and once again I was able to show the world that I truly saw and witnessed the unexplained.

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sasessio (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-07-01)
I used to work as an usher in 2010 and one of the venues I worked was Capitol Theatre. My first night working there, I came in a little early and they told me the history of the theatre and gave me a quick tour, warning me to keep close so I wouldn't get lost. I felt a little strange in some of the areas, particularly the ones the average patron would never see. When we went down to the bottom floor, I observed that the layout down there was very confusing. My guide warned me never to wander alone down there and claimed that people had been lost overnight down there before, only to find them scared out of their wits the next morning. I'm not sure whether they were just trying to scare me or if there's some truth to that, but the feelings I was getting from that area were enough to keep me from finding out!
ldschick87 (10 posts)
12 years ago (2011-03-03)
wow what a dumb kid, you just don't provoke spirits period. I would have told him to shut up or something.
Hopeful23 (12 stories) (93 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-15)
Great story! I would love to hear those EVPs you caught if you still have them. Thanks for sharing!

Pete16 (2 stories) (49 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-15)
paranormalpest: I have experience in editing. If you're having some trouble finding a publisher, perhaps your book just needs some polishing. Please let me know if that is an area you need help in as I would be happy to assist.

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