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Shadow Stalkers And Shadow Watcher


I've been reading with interest the stories popping up on here about the so called "Shadow People".

I have, over the last 15 years or so, had a number of encounters with these creatures and, what interests me more, is that I have met both malevolent and seemingly benevolent kinds.

Let me talk about the malevolent "stalking" kind first. I was in Spain at the time. My parents had decided to move there from England and, as I was 15, I was sent over early to stay with my aunt (dad's sister) so I could get settled in at school and not miss out on my studies while they sold their house and so on. Now after I'd been there a while, things got pretty bad over there; I'd never spent any considerable period of time away from home before and my cousin (aunt's son) was spoiled and jealous, making my life hell. His mother doted on him and so believed his blandishments and even accused me herself of stealing a large sum of money I had not even known was in the house. I was in despair obviously. Then, one night, I met my first shadow.

I was lying on bed at night, in the dark, but wide awake as I couldn't sleep. Then, I felt my consciousness slip and was unable to move, like sleep paralysis but I was wide awake. In my mind's eye I saw a large clawed hand reaching out over my face and panicked, fought and fought to break the paralysis and finally managed; I slammed my hand on the light switch repeatedly but the light wouldn't come on. I saw a shadow slip through the open window and, out of the corner of my eye, saw it swirling around on the floor. I heard a voice, disembodied and deep repeat the words "the twins" three times and felt the presence of what I can only describe as a pure icy evil in the room. Then, the shadow on the floor seemed to be sucked up into the ceiling and the oppressive feeling and presence were gone. I sat up and turned the light on successfully.

For the following six months I had other encounters. Most days I found myself walking down the empty road to my aunt's house (anyone who's been to Spain will know how dead the place gets during siesta time) and having the inescapable feeling that I was being followed. Each time I would turn to look back and see nothing or no-one there, only to have the feeling return after a couple of minutes. Once or twice I thought I saw a shadow slip in and out of my vision but I cannot be completely sure. Then it got worse.

I began to experience a form of attack. The attacks would go like this. I would feel immense pressure first over my third eye and then on my temples. My body would start to tingle and then vibrate as if electrified, I would start feeling what seemed to be like what I can only compare to heat stroke (I experienced that once so know what it's like) eye sight fading, great dizziness, feelings of disconnection and disorientation and then a feeling like my soul was rising up out of my body, but feeling like it was being pulled against natural resistance. In other words something was trying to pull me out of my body but my soul wanted none of it! Then the feeling of an evil presence would materialize, I would sometimes hear muttering or mumbled words somewhere off in the distance and then encounter an agonizing, piercing pain in my chest, just like it had been seized in a powerful hand and squeezed hard. This was accompanied by a pain like being stabbed between the ribs by a knife made of ice. Now remember, I was 15 and perfectly healthily with no issues or defects to my heart, I was having no heart attack, yet it felt like something was trying to kill me.

This would often happen at home while I lay and read or thought on my bed but once it happened at school, as I stood in a corridor during recess, wide awake and feeling nothing but the sudden sensation of movement coming towards me incredibly fast, then the blade of ice piercing my chest and seemingly transfixing my heart. That time I doubled over and fell to my knees... My friend who was nearby said I went completely white and he'd thought I'd died! But as quickly as it had happened, it was over and no trace was left. Shortly after my parents arrived and I moved to what became "our" house, the attacks and the encounters (as well as stalkings) stopped, probably because I no longer felt vulnerable and trapped and was happy again.

Around 10 years later I hit the all-time low of my life. I'd suffered a number of nasty break-ups and more and, worst of all, I'd poured all my energy into training for the London Marathon as a recovery strategy only to badly injure myself halfway through and end up stuck on crutches for 6 months. In essence I was as low as I've ever been. Then the shadows came back but this time they tried different strategies. As before the feeling of being a victim of "body theft" (I read up on the phenomena of supposed spiritual hijacking around this time and it sounds like that, someone or something trying to push your soul out in order to hijack your body) was how it started but this time, after I was paralyzed and unable to move or make a sound (I found forcing myself to scream a sound or word out helped me fight the paralysis) I was assaulted differently this time. I felt no chest pain or any physical pain; this time I was sent visions. Vicious and nasty beyond belief visions of torture, rape, child abuse and everything I find abhorrent and evil in the world. I was forced to witness unspeakable acts supposedly being played out, with me as a fly on the wall watching but unable to do anything. It felt real and remember, I was awake when it started and am not narcoleptic (I did get worried and went to my doctor who got me CAT scanned and tested for epilepsy; the tests were all clear so he told me to slow down and take it easy!). I was always eventually able to exert the full force of my will and every fiber of my being (so it felt) to make myself able to make a sound or move and the vision would end. Then they took on other forms, more like threats; I saw visions of myself being badly injured, mutilated or mortally wounded. Again I was eventually able to force it out of my mind the same way. Each time I saw shadows moving in the periphery of my vision before or after the 'attack', I was followed (or stalked, it's a better description, kind of what like being hunted by wolves or a tiger would feel like I imagine) and glimpsed shadows in mirrors at night or out of the corner of my eye day or night. This time I tried something different.

I was afraid to let my guard down and sleep, I was getting ill and suffering in more ways than one, afraid for my sanity. I figured something out; I often saw the shadows (the outline of a robed and cowed figure in shadow) in the full length mirror in my bedroom or other mirrors so one night I sat down in twilight and faced that mirror. I unfocussed my eyes and faded out my reflection to try and see what was behind normal vision (I call it shadow sight funnily enough) and spoke out loud; I am not afraid of you anymore! I know you cannot hurt me, you can only make me fear and be afraid, and you can only threaten to hurt me! You are weak and powerless without fear so if I refuse to fear you, you have no power over me! You have no power over me anymore!" this time they left, whether because of my words or because I was feeling stronger I do not really know but they left.

For many years later, nothing happened and, touch wood I have been assaulted in no way since. But one event took place which has both confused and enlightened me.

Last year my wife and I were just preparing to go to sleep in Ireland one night. Just as I was drifting off she grabbed my arm and told me to listen because she heard something on the stairs. Of course I panicked and thought she meant we had a burgler so almost went to look for a stick or something! She said she heard a rattling noise; like that a big rattlesnake or a gourd rattle (like a spirit rattle) would make and soft footsteps, as well as almost inaudible hissing breath. I heard nothing and told her she was dreaming. She insisted she was not and told me to listen. I heard nothing but then I felt it. A deep and sharp cold seemed to seep under the closed door and then I felt a presence I was very much familiar with, the presence of a Shadow. To describe how it felt to me; it was cold, alien and inhuman feeling; a distant and unidentifiable sense of a truly unknowable and terrifying entity beyond my understanding... Not necessarily evil but alien, inhuman, almost bestial. This time the entity came up the stairs and appeared to pause in front of the closed door (in the hallway at the top of the stairs) and seemed to be looking through the door at me. I felt its eyes on me and I felt its interest in me but I felt only curiosity, no malevolence or evil intent; just curiosity. It was interest in me. In my mind's eye I saw again the vision of the cloaked and hooded shape made of shadows, indistinct and blurry but there. I even felt a kind of sensation of being drawn to it, as if I should open the door and go out and speak to it, but I was frozen in fear and could not move or was too scared to. After several minutes I felt it draw away and the presence weaken...

Both me and my wife saw a shadow pass by the window and, oddly, the yard lights of neigbours seemed to be obscured by something passing in front of them as it moved off into the distance and I felt the presence weaken by degrees.

So I'm interested that Shadows don't always feel evil or mean evil. I have been intrigued by one, felt the urge and curiosity to communicate from it and been driven into terror by others.

What are they?

Are they spirits, demons or a form of life which exists just off slightly out of phase with our own?

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CC38467 (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-28)
I've had a black claw thing attack me. I screamed my head off and could barly coordinate my arm to reach for my lamp. I tell my parents that the stuff I scream at (since this kind of stuff happens a lot unfortunatly) is just lingering dreams and that I'm sure I'm imagining it but that's because I know they'd never believe me. I've told my friends but one of my friends has a ghost in her house since its really really old and I don't think she entirely believes me. I'm surprised too since once I went on a trip with her and scared her when I started telling something to get away from me when I went to sleep.
sterhawk123 (1 stories) (28 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-10)
A person said, "the spirit world is the REAL real reality" imagine you reading a book and your watching over the person who's in the book your like a tiki god (for example) your can either be a medium or large tiki god. A medium tiki god can see over everyone watch there moves without being seen and a large tiki god can know what everybody is thinking while watching and litsening to everybody without being seen.

I think spirit people are a medium tiki god. They can watch everyone without being noticed. We are like a small tiki god which is like knowing just what you are thinking and what you are doing you can't watch everybody at the same time. You have to worry about yourself.
It's like were ants to the spirites even though were 'alive.'
themurph (5 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-28)
wow I'm glad I don't have a lot of encounters. I just had that 1 experience with night thing. Was eerie when they said the twins. Ghosts are weak against salt iron. I say get something iron and if you see anything hit with iron. That's my plan lol.
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-09)
You have a lot of similarities to my husband. When he was young he used to fight a lot and he said he would see red when he went into a rage and nothing would hurt him and he would just laugh maniacally until the other person got knocked out. He stopped fighting one day because he almost killed someone just fist fighting so he hasn't fought anyone in years and controls his anger. Anyhow every once in awhile I'll see this black swirling mist looking stuff either come out of him or just hover over his head. He also talks a lot in his sleep and sleep walks. He is not interested ghosts whatsoever even though he has seen plenty.

As for me I have seen many shadow creatures. Some are evil some are curious and all seem strange. I've seen shadow cats, dogs (more wolf like though), and mostly people (sometimes they have outlines of clothing like wearing a dress but mostly just a human shape no clothing). The most evil feeling shadow I've seen was one that was tall about 6'3" with the outline of big wings on its back. I used to live in a really haunted house where I would see shadows all the freakin time and the creepiest one was a shadow baby. I was getting ready for work and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye so I look down and this small 2' tall shadow thing waddles/runs up to me and hugs my leg and disappears. I've made my comment way too long here but I was thinking maybe some of the shadows you saw looked like something I've seen. I honestly think the shadow spirit is just a type of weak visual manifestation. Like a spirit wants to show itself but doesn't have enough energy to show all the way or just wants to make itself look like a shadow because maybe that's an easier form to take. Some of the shadows feel like human spirits and others do not feel human at all. At least that's just in my own experience.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for
😊 😊 😊
Lupernikes (2 stories) (42 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-21)
yes I see where you're going James; I agree with you and you set me thinking about the nature of the spirit which "melded" with me; is it a demon or an angel? Just because it feels inhuman and alien doesn't mean it is evil I suppose... It is different and subject to a different kind of morality to me but if it is trying to "help" me, this could, conceivably make it "good" ould it not?

Jazzy - I have never smelled anything when I encountered one either, just sensed that inhuman, alien aura and felt a very cold draft washing into the the room, in front of them. I have no true idea what they are; just theories...
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-20)
Lupernikes:Thank you for this incredible story. I have often wondered what these beings are myself as I have seen them too, even in the building that I currently work in. I am curious to know myself as to why some of them have no characteristics about them. I don't ever recall any of them having a strong smell of any sort, but I just know they are very frightening.

I pray we all can find out some answers to what these beings are.

God bless you.
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-20)
Lupernikes--Really appreciate your responses. They open more than the usual dialogue for every one of us readers. Many here are more attuned, knowledgable, and experienced in your levels of phenomena than I. (I've had only the run-of-the-mill footsteps, vocal clips and whispers, shadow people, once a full body apparition, a few nighttime assaults, etc.) ergo I'm not entitled to wear the guide hat. But you are strong and determined to find some satisfactory (if not conclusive) answers, or at least new insght to ponder and perhaps apply on occasion.

Of course all is possible beyond the realm of our knowledge--we only know borders when we come to them. Some, like the floating bouyed rope in bodies of water, we decide to obey or disobey at our own risk. But here, it's as though the rope has floated down to you.

I was a hair-trigger kid, too, and later learned a body slight chemistry adjustment was helpful. Betweenyears I learned self-control that's stood me in good stead when the red mist whammies in the eyes, happily not often anymore. Hesitation toward being known for who we are is sometimes acute and may have been groomed by your earliest experiences. I suggest it's no more than someone seeing "the devil" that lives in us all.

Ontologically speaking, I'm not sure I buy the split-soul concept and all that goes with it. I do not believe that everything is ALL in the way we think of it. (If we want to tag a good spirit evil, it doesn't MAKE a good spirit evil. If we close our eyes and touch a dog's fur and call it cat's fur, doesn't make it cat's fur.) A thing is what it is, though how we perceive it colors the picture enormously.

It's okay to let one's guard down so long as you are well praticed in an effective phrase of defense and protection for you and your space. (F'rinstance, the practice of enrobing in rainbow-white light, a prayer to Almighty Creator, a sacred object according to your positive belief...) Being always wound tight and defensive against the unexepcted and unwanted can actually produce unintended consequences.

Various spirits, I believe, have various degrees of power in themselves, but it makes complete sense to me that a spirit uses the energy of palpable flesh as well as non-animal energy sources to gather power to manifest. How we meet it can make an enormous difference but not always or as we might expect. Even world-class wrestlers meet their match.

It's useful to keep tabs on the concrete elements and aspects of each situation to compare and possibly correlate to normal/paranormal. Doing this, you get all of the "real" and logical data recorded for its part of the total formula. I think obtaining a recording device may offer you some clues for your dream-talking.

May the spirit of love and blessings continue with you and your mate on your way. ~ James
Lupernikes (2 stories) (42 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-20)
Another weird thing Edana but I have an irrational aversion to mystics of all stripes... Oddly I found myself thinking that they would, and I quote, "recognise me for what I am"...this includes clairvoyants and psychics as well as ministers of assorted religions... Not fear I must add, but a wish not to seek help from them...

Nor_Cal_Girl...I was asleep and feeling nothing much at all, the latter entity was just passing through, as far as I can gather, and stopped, drawn by curiousity (this is what I felt) when it realised that I was aware of it...

Edana & James; I have often spoken in my sleep; I'm fluent in both Spanish and English but, over the years have had partners who have spoken one or both of these languages and I speak neither language in my sleep but another one entirely... My wife ways it has the cadence of an english-sounding language but the words are different as is the rythm of words... I have tried to get her to record it and will succeed in having a device to hand one of these days to do just that... I have heard of just this phenomenon occurring to people who are 'marked' or possessed.
Lupernikes (2 stories) (42 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-20)
The odd thing is James that, to me the two entities are separate creatures... Strangely the doppelgänger actually protects me from the others it seems.

Now for the wierd part, having started to piece this whole series of events back together, what you suggest ref the Jacob's Ladder effect may have already happened... I have been told the doppelganger entity is part of my own soul which separated off when a demonic entity tried to get in and perhaps succeeded BUT having part of my soul outside of my body actually stops it gaining a serious foothold and allows me to resist it... I wish I could explain it but I used to, when I was younger have what I called a murderous temper; I would fall into uncontrollable rages with little provokation... As a teenager I would fall into what could be called a frenzy when forced into fights (I lived in a rough neighbourhood); feeling no pain and being unable to stop myself fighting (the red mist I call it)...I knocked other kids out and did some serious damage... Until I was brought to realise this was a bad, bad thing and learned to control my rage... Tightly controlling myself to be actually incapable of losing my temper at all (it's true I NEVER get angry and haven't for at least 10 years), despite what some people say, as long as your will is strong and you never, ever let your guard down (and protect yourself well; I wear only silver jewellary and a few assorted amulets) you can escape curruption and possession...I've had to I guess, although I do think I've had some help in that regard...
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-19)
Lupernikes--It could be a serious shapeshifter here. From the odd 3-D static boy into bolder manifestations, even taking your form and quasi-personality and now into this fascinating fiend.
Perhaps due to your birth-death, you must be like a Jacob's Ladder for this entity to use. In my estimation, the early theories of explanation fall apart under close examination and experience.
I'd beware of getting cozy. I don't think this latest is a clever boy grown up, and I don't think it's some sort of docile puppydog beast. It wasn't enough that you banished it with a strong will once; like sin it's seducing you again.
You have a wife that needs protecting, and maybe some kiddies one day. I suggest you ask yourself if curiosity is worth possibly jeopardizing your welfare.
_edana_ (3 stories) (17 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-19)
I've always had shadows around, thankfully they have mostly been friendly. Unfortunately I have encountered some nasty ones too. I can't explain exactly what they are, but so far I have been able to communicate with all of mine. See if there is a pattern to the visits, if so set up a tape recorder about the time of the next attack to see what you get. You can also do a recording session at any time by just asking questions and then listen to see what shows up. Another thing to do is get blessed by a priest/priestess/rabbi/etc. Also, try and keep a journal about the visit and see if maybe you're receiving a message and not realizing it. Anyways, those are just places to start. 😊
Nor_Cal_Girl (3 stories) (97 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-19)
I do know exactly what you mean about Spain being deserted during siesta. It's pretty weird to see it in bigger cities, too. I remember when I was in Madrid it made the most impact on me because of how many people disappeared from the streets and shops. As for your questions about shadows, I regret to say I have no answers what-so-ever. But now I'm curious as well. From your stories, it seems like these entities come around when you're feeling down, where you feeling down when your wife alerted you of a presence? Sorry I can't be of more help.

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