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When I was 7 my parents got a divorce. They decided to share joint custody over myself and my older brother and sister. We'd spend a week at my dad's and a week at my mom's. My mom was the one to move out because she had a day care centre and wanted a bigger house. The house we moved into was a great two storey, four bedrooms. My mom took the room downstairs and us three kids got to choose which one's we wanted upstairs. My sister got the master bedroom and my brother got the other room that was larger than the master. Mine was the smallest and in between their rooms.

I remember when I first realized something out of the ordinary. I used to have a toy car rug that I played with my hot wheels on. Before I'd go to bed every night I'd play with them and park the cars in specific spots before I'd go to sleep. Some mornings I'd wake up and my cars were shifted. I'd ask my mom if she was in my room while I was sleeping but she was always downstairs watching the kids.

Another incident that would occur often was sometimes when I'd leave my room, if my window was open, I'd come back to it being closed, or visa versa. Sometimes my mom would get upset with me because she thought it was me, but I would always assure her it wasn't. Sometimes the clothes in my closet would sometimes be out of place, like someone had pushed them all to one side.

I'm a pretty light sleeper, and sometimes I would hear a girl crying at night. She sounded young so at first I assumed it was my sister, but when I would peak in her room she'd be sound asleep.

My mom one time had a friend over while we were staying at my dads. He went to go upstairs to use the bathroom but once he hit the corner to walk up, he saw a little girl standing at the top. Startled, he walked away to get my mom to assure he wasn't hallucinating. My mom told him no one was home but them, but he was sure he had seen someone.

Later after we moved out my mom researched the house and it turned out that a little girl was murdered in that house. I've always wondered if my room was once hers, because most of the activity would happen in my room.

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mrdeagle (6 stories) (69 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-01)
Wow that is pretty scary! How startled were you to learn a girl died in that house? Have you tried to communicate with her? 😨

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