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I spent the first 16 years of my life in a haunted house in a town called South Cle Elum, WA. Strange things happened, and they happened frequently. My youngest memory of odd happenings comes from when I was about 7, give or take a couple years. I will be telling many short stories here, trying to go in order, each paragraph will be a different story.

My mother's bedroom was always off limits to the kids, her child-free sanctuary, and as far back as I remember she kept her bedroom door locked. Her bedroom window faced the front yard and as I recall she had a black light in those days. Well, one evening she came home and the first words out of her mouth were "who was in my room?" My older sister and brother and I had all been on the couch downstairs for a while, and certainly no one was in her room. She said that she saw a shadow move in front of her black light and she was sure someone was in there. After defending ourselves she seemed to believe us. She and her boyfriend then tried to recreate the shadow she saw in the light in her window but they could never truly recreate it.

I was about 8 or 9, in bed one night when I heard my name called 3 times. I went down stairs to ask who had called me and no one had.

One day a single coffee cup among the 10 or so we had hanging from hooks under the cupboards started swinging. It swung for about 20 minutes before my mom stopped it from moving. This happened on a couple occasions.

It was a fairly frequent occurrence that someone in the house would hear what sounded like someone walking up or down the stairs. We had 17 steps, but when the sound was heard it would seem to go on for a lot longer, a lot more steps. I heard it once and walked over to investigate. The sound stopped when I got there, but the dog whose bed was at the base of the stairs apparently heard it as well, he was staring up the stairs intently.

One night as I lay in bed I noticed a red glowing coming from my far wall. I had various things that could have been reflecting light but no red light was shining in my window. My first solution was to turn my fish bowl, which seemed to help but only before I noticed the light had moved to the eyes of a stuffed animal I had on a shelf, on the other side of the wall. I got up a second time and turned the stuffed animal around and it seemed to go away. I think I still slept with the light on that night.

One day I was alone, sitting in the dining room reading a magazine when I heard the bathroom sink turn on. I stood up and it turned off. When I went to the bathroom to investigate the sink was wet, and it had been dry just a few minutes earlier when I was in there to use the mirror.

Our tv started turning on by itself one day. (Well, the cable box that the tv was hooked to.) The first time this happened it was on a channel seldom watched and the show that was on was of a man getting beat up by an invisible entity... Creepy. The tv would turn on so frequently that instead of controlling its power with the cable box which we usually did, we started turning the tv itself off with the dial (very old tv). It was only after that that the cable box would turn on and actually flip channels. It would flip for about 10 minutes and turn itself back off... However, if we left the tv on the cable box would simply turn on and stay on the same channel.

The most haunted room in the house was the middle bedroom upstairs which became a guest bedroom after my older brother moved out. No one could spend a night at our house without agreeing that it was indeed haunted. I always got a very creepy feeling whenever I crossed into that part of the upstairs hallway and actually feared being there alone. Actually that whole house scared me but that section of hallway and that room were the worst.

My very last night in that house was an interesting one. I heard what sounded like a rubber sole scraping against our tin roof right outside my window. I jumped up and slammed my window shut and locked it. A few minutes later my step-dad went downstairs to use the bathroom (I mention this as a timing marker). The next morning I told my foster-sister about it and she had heard something at the same exact time, but instead of being outside her window, which was right below mine, she heard it in the kitchen, in the opposite direction. That night I had a very creepy dream, but this isn't about dreams so I will leave it at that.

My mother lived in that house for 20 years. She says the first couple years were uneventful before the supernatural events started. Whatever it was, no one was ever harmed and no ghost was ever seen (well, except one person claimed they saw someone sitting in a chair in the corner of that middle bedroom one night, but he was a guest, not a family member so who knows how credible that statement was). It has been over 12 years since we sold the house and moved. I wonder if it is still haunted.

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BadJuuJuu (guest)
11 years ago (2013-03-29)
It sounds like an extremely active house, a mischievous house, but not a mean house. I think that since ghosts don't have much energy of their own, and have to absorb whatever energy is in the environment, that the type of energy absorbed has a lot to do with what activity manifests. A household with young children seems likely to have an abundance of playful, mischievous energy, so whatever is around will absorb and act on the mischievous energy. The house is probably still haunted, but the activity may be a little different for the current occupants depending on what they put into the environment.

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