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Ghosts And A House


A few years back I used to live in an oldish house. From what I remember it was rickety, creaked, and had a bad ghost infestation. We had a lot of... Odd activity.

I remember one night it was really late for me (I was about 12 so staying up to eleven was late). I was in the living room with a large stuffed duck sitting on the computer. We had a touch lamp. This one had three setting dim, normal, and bright and the traditional off. All of a sudden it started going all wacky. It started from where it was (bright) to going to dim, than normal, to off, to bright, you get the idea. I was frightened. I had never experienced anything like this. So I held my stuffed animal and told it to go away. It ended on bright. I turned off the computer than headed to bed.

Another time I was at my grandparents. My mom told me about this. My mom and stepdad had been sitting and watching NASCAR or football or something. Anyway, a cookie pan lifted about an inch from the counter and flew and crashed into the living room. My mom and stepdad both saw this. My stepdad refuses to believe that it was a ghost.

We also saw faces around corners or heard voices. Once after school I was looking through an almost empty fridge for a snack. I was home alone. Bored, I proclaimed that we needed food in the house. From somewhere I heard someone say to, "Go grocery shopping than." I was surprised because I was home alone.

Besides the first activity with the lamp, we had some other stuff go on with it. After we moved into the house it went all funny. It used to work but after we moved in we had to unplug it at night to turn it off because it refused to go to the off part. One night my mom unplugged it and went to bed. The next morning she asked if I had gotten up in the night and plugged in the lamp. I told her no and asked why. She said because when she woke up (she was always first to get up) that the light was plugged in and on.

The house we lived in at the time had a set of stairs that we had to walk up to get to our part of the house. Occasionally we would hear footsteps pound up the stairs, than go back down. Our house was a four family townhouse. Our part was the only spot that had stairs. This normally would happen when only one or two people were home.

Those are the only parts I remember. It was rather odd and I'm curious to know if they still go on. I'm guessing the ghosts were angry we moved in because they had had that part to themselves for almost six months.

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