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Steps In The Sleeping Room And Another Story


Dear readers,

I hope my English is good enough that you can understand my story. It is completely true and happened to my mum. It is about 10 years ago, July 1999.

I lived with my parents in a 5 year old 2 storey home. My parent's bedroom was on the first floor, just as my sisters' and my bedroom. My parent's bedroom door was always open. In the hall that connects our bedrooms to the stairs you could always hear footsteps. I would always know which one of my family members was walking up the stairs or walking out in the hall to go downstairs or to go to the bathroom.

This one morning I woke up after a very hot night. I went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents and my mum was very irritated. She talked to my dad about something that happened last night. I asked what was wrong and she told me and my sisters that she heard someone walking out of their bedroom last night. She said that it was a man and thought it was my dad. To check if it was him she reached out to the other side of the bed but he was in the bed. She got scared and thought it could be a housebreaker and made my dad get up to look around the house. He did, but everything was alright. So he went back to bed and said to my mum that she only had a nightmare. Me and my sisters also thought it was only a nightmare and went to school.

Some hours later I returned from school, went into the house and found my family in the dining room, all crying. I asked what was wrong and they told me that my beloved uncle died that night for unknown reasons.

Today I am absolutely sure that he came to our house this night to say goodbye. We never had any strange things going on in that house since then and I always feel very well when I come home to visit my parents.

The second story took part last year (2008) on 26th of December. I had been to the hospital in the afternoon to visit my very sick great grandma. I loved her very much and so it was important for me to visit her on Christmas. I was sure she was aware I was there although she was unconscious and everyone was pretty sure that she could leave the hospital soon.

That evening I was visiting a friend and drove back late at night. In front of me was a very slow car and I wanted to get ahead of it. The route was straight and I could see a car coming up to me but it was very far away. So I sped up and pulled over to the other side of the street to get ahead of the slow car, but the car that seemed so far away was really fast and somehow I was sure I would crash it, especially because my head was completely empty at that moment and I didn't know in which gear to shift. What happened next I still don't understand. I had the feeling that someone was commanding me. I did everything automatically and managed somehow not to crash into the other car.

After I was safe I got more consciousness over my body and brain and drove home in trance.

When I arrived home my parents told me that they got a call from the hospital because my great grandmother had died, about the time I had this near car crash.

I am still not sure what to think. Did she help me in this moment or was that just coincidence?

What do you think?

Thank you for your answers!

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Pou88 (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-18)
Dear James,
Actually my mother was convinced it was her brother after carefully thinking it through. Especially after we got to know that a watch my uncle built and give to his mother, my granny, stopped at the time he died. This must be more than coincidence.

The thing that hit me hardest in these experiences was and still is, that I know they were there but now they are gone forever. On one hand I know it is better for them that they have gone to the other side, because they have peace now, but on the other hand I somehow feel left alone and I wish I could talk to them. Because I really miss them and I wish I could have their advice sometimes.
And since that time my uncle passed away, I can feel it when people around me pass away. Either people I have a strong connection to, like relatives, or people who live physically near me, like neighbours. But it is always very peaceful, it never scares me.
And thank you James for your idea about spirits having human experiences. That is so true!
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-17)
Pou88--I wonder if your mother became convinced it was a visit from her (or your father's) brother. The similar concurrence in the death of your great-grandmother seems to confirm the bonds between people who genuinely love each other. The one who says "I'm on the other side, goodbye" and the other who says "I'm gone but you must live." Perhaps these experiences will show you that we're not so much humans having spiritual experiences but spirits having human experiences. I hope you continue to benefit from them all. ~ James

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