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My Grandpa's Ghost


I will never forget the day my grandpa died. It was tragic, for everyone that knew him.

It was six years later after the incident that I began to notice strange things. I was about ten; however everything remains in my mind clearly. I would be scared to go to bed at night, because there would be random occurrences that would freak me out. Sometimes the floor would creak when no one was up. The faucet would turn on and off at random times. The stereo would crank up and change stations. Once I even saw a quick shadow race across the ceiling in circles. However there was one particular night that I will never forget.

I was tucked in for bed, tired and ready for a good nights sleep. There was nothing on.

Then during sleep I had this weird dream that my grandpa was talking to me. He told me things that made me feel special... It had seemed too real. I awoke suddenly, with a feeling that someone was there. The radio was blaring and it was tuned in on my grandpa's favorite station. Of course, I started sobbing, and my parents came to comfort me. They told me everything was alright and such but I don't think I will ever get that out of mind. Now when I think about it I feel special that he came to visit me.

Also one day, me, my older sister and my younger sister were talking about Grandpa. My younger sister had never met him. Randomly she said, "Yeah, I remember when grandpa used to come over and I would hide under the table from him because I was scared!" I still wonder where she had ever got that...

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