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Hamilton Forgotten North End Entity


So as far as a complete manifestation of an apparition or spirit goes if that is what you seek then disregard this story but these events truly happened sometime in the beginning of my 20's at a time when I could barely keep a roof over my head.

Me and Some friends had started renting the main floor of a house which included the basement and the back yard from a slum lord in a bad part of Hamilton (Hillard Street # 54 I believe). Well right from the get go you would get this feeling like something or someone was watching. It was never a threatening feeling but let me tell you it was there you could not escape it. The upstairs (which we did not rent) was in fact rented by friends of ours as well as consisting of the second and top floors but for whatever financial reason had to move out. Now the guy that was staying on their couch (also a friend) had just kind of floated over to continue his couch surf when we took over the upstairs as well after renting it out and removing the divider door essentially making it so we had the entire house from top to bottom. This is where things started to change dramatically.

The guy on the couch had talked about days being alone in the house and hearing distinct footsteps above his head on the top floor in which ended up being my room. Now I do not believe him thinking that it may be possible but more likely a story to try and scare me or break some silence of boredom. Well to the end I never actually did experience a thing on the top floor but that feeling of being watched never left. One friend lived on the main floor and because that was a party zone and people came in and out all the time (which was a lot) we crashed downstairs sometimes with him.

The guy who lived their before and yes he is a friend as well had said that a women had died in on the old spring mattress on a wooden frame in which I decided to comendere one night with a lady friend while 3 others slept on the floor in the same room. Now as we lay there everyone was talking quite about things and of course early in the morning in the dark the subject of how the house had a weird feeling came up pretty fast when a friend in a terrified voice said "Look!" as he did another friend was seeming to see the same thing at the same or near same instant. As we followed their gaze to the top corner of the back ceiling in the dinning room (attached to the living room by a large opening, old house,) without a word and being aware of 4 peoples gazes observed as a black cloudy mass drifted in slowly but surely and up into the corner of the ceiling of the living room collecting mass as it stopped its forwarding motion but still maintained a state of motion. We all began vocally expressing our dread at the site and watched as it suddenly faded in a slow steady decline into nothing. By now we are all freaking out and grabbing large objects in the vague hope of protecting ourselves at what we just seen. When out of the corner of my eye I observed a light shimmer up through the vent from the basement. Thinking it must have the person in the corners cell phone or something like that I payed no mind to it until I saw it again and had to ask only to have the response that they had seen it to and didn't think it was out of the ordinary.

Now the basement had what we thought was lead paint peeling off the walls and did not want to use it so it got left to collect spider webs as I'm sure it had already been doing for many years but it was strange because no light in the basement was blue like the one we had been seeing and the house was so old and in disrepair that you could see the floor of the basement through the vents if you looked when the basement lights were on. Yet there this light was there and it kept appearing then through the other vents. When we went to investigate there was no light but even though we had not used the basement and the lights were always switched off they were all on. Nobody went down there.

Last but not least and I know this is long and I might be over doing it on the detail that night when I slept on that mattress in the corner with my lady friend I was laying in a bit of a half sleep daze just kind of looking around at points on the ceiling while fully knowing that the closet person (which by the way was totally passed out) on the floor was at least a full 7 feet away from the bed while she slept heavily in a fetal position facing me I felt a hard pushing down on of the corner of the mattress not like someone was sitting on it but like some one was jumping on it or a person of great weight had attempted to sit but fell and tired to hold themselves up by it. When this happened I sat right up and looked around my eyes being completely adjusted to the darkness of the room and I could see everyone and they all appeared to be sleeping and had not moved in inch. I even checked the mattress thinking a raccoon or some kind of rodent was living or had gotten inside the mattress NOTHING.

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robertbjgvch190 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-10)
Hey Dan (Darkness) when this happened the lights were actually out but it enough light came in through the windows from the street lights to see around the room... There where no obstructions outside in front of the lights either. This thing had was almost is if it had a mind of its own
DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-09)
Hi robertbjgvch190 what an experience definitely sounds as if something was happening there. Was there any lights on when you saw the dark mass could you distinguish any features at all? I believe it could have been the spirit of the woman that passed away on the mattress but without knowing much of the history of the house can never know for sure?

Thanks for sharing.


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