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Caught On Tape: Evp


For years now my family and I had come to the conclusion that our apartment, and maybe even our entire apartment complex, was haunted. Our complex is pretty huge, before they existed; there were about 3 separate rows of side streets lined with houses. And as far as I know, lots of things get disturbed when there is major construction.

We had been experiencing a lot of weird things; sinks tuning on by themselves, TV's turning on by themselves, doors opening for you, knocks on the wall, and even sometimes footsteps on the ceiling. So one day my mom took it upon herself to use a recorder to record the sounds in her bedroom while sleeping.

First I'll let you know that when this was happening, the only people in the house were my mom, my little brother, and I. While my mother was sleeping in her bedroom, my brother and I were in the living room watching TV. This was all pretty late during the night. We had no idea she was even recording anything, she only told us what she was doing after everything had been recorded.

For about the first half of the tape it was just the sounds of my mother on the bed, clearing her throat. Then it got quiet while she was sleeping. Things were still quiet until you started to hear the sounds of pots clanking, like someone working in the kitchen. Then out of nowhere a woman screams. It was loud, high pitched, and with a scared quality to it. Things were again quiet after that.

Then you could here some soft giggling of a girl near the recorder. She would make noises at it and make sounds like the snapping of fingers. Then you can clearly hear her say "Is it working?" Things again would get quiet.

Then the voice of the same girl would say, "Close that door" as if in an afterthought and then you would hear the sound of footsteps on old creaky floorboards. Right after that would be the sound of a very old wooden door closing, the type with a hatch that you have to pull up and then down to close it. There was nothing else after that.

My apartment only has carpet and some tile, no wood to speak of; even the flooring under the carpet is only cement. So those sounds were unexplainable.

When my mom had played these recordings back we were shocked. We had known that our house was probably haunted, but to get recordings so clearly was beyond our expectations. If I knew how to transfer the old tape into something digital, I would gladly put it up here, but I have yet to find a way.

Next we're planning on leaving a recorder on over night in the most haunted room in the house. Though it scares me as well because that room has always been the dangerous one we left alone. This is my old bedroom. Our family hardly ever goes in there anymore. Suggestions on what to do with the tape would be nice though.

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Greyson (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-31)
I love the story. My sister and I have had our own stories of this type of paranormal phenomenon. We would love an opportunity to interview and conduct an investigation of our own. Names and faces will not be mentioned or posted for any reason. If interested you may contact us.
AwakeAtNight (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
If you wanted to transfer it you could aswell get a more modern recorder or even a mic for your computer and stick it to the recorder to play back. I've just started having problems like that at my house aswell. It just started abruptly although there was a thing as a child
kamui (1 stories) (56 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
creepy story and it would be triple thumbs up if you could post those audio tapes here and we are looking forward to it...:D
Aya-Love-Carrots (150 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
Creepy! 😊 I also want to hear the tape! Harhar! Those kids are naughty!

-Aya ❤ Yoite
x10 (6 stories) (46 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
oh my God... The coolest... Hope hope hope you could upload it here... I really want to hear it... Just thinking about, I had the hairs in my arms standing (they are, right now...)


Shadead (91 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-22)
Please please please put the audio up here for all to hear that would be amazing I'm super keen to try this in my house to see what I get.

But yeah post the tapes if you can that would be great I'm so excited now.

princessLotus (2 stories) (555 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-21)



I like your story & here are a few links to help you figure out how to transfer the audio from your cassette tape to your computer or make it digital 😁
I hope it helps & I'm looking forward to hearing it! Keep us posted & if you have more to share (stories) let's hear 'em! LOL! Bless you & yours. Much love!

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