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A Spiritual Physical Encounter


I was in the middle of one of the worst times in my life. I cannot divulge the information as to why, although I know that type of mystery is frustrating and I am sorry. This what I can tell you.

I was living in a house with some people in Johannesburg, South Africa and I had a tiff with one of the girls living there. Subsequently I left, and for a day or two while I looked for accommodation, I had no where to stay. Fortunately, a good friend of mine helped me through this time by taking me out and letting me stay at her place for a bit.

Eventually, my parents found another crisis and trauma halfway house where I could stay but it was full. Upon arriving, a lady named Carla met me and she showed me to the only available room in the house. As I approached the room, I immediately became hesitant and nervous and as I stood outside of the room at the doorway, the feelings of dread and worry only increased. I stood at the doorway as though it was NOT my room to enter and relaxed my weight on its frame. I looked at Carla and said, "I... I really don't like this room, I would like to move to another room, please?" I thought she would usher me away to a new room but instead she answered abruptly and sternly, "This is the only room available. If you are planning on staying." Somewhat taken aback, the realization dawned on me that I had to take this room or I would have no place to live. So I picked up my bags, brushed off the uneasy mammoth-size cluster of negative emotions inside my chest and walked into the room placing my bags on the floor.

Every night I would get nervous and I would feel led to stand at the window, half-expecting something terrifying to be outside. We were in a double story house but I could see the street below and sometimes I would imagine the ways that robbers would make their way in and out of this house if they should choose to rob it. (I live in South Africa and there is crime happening in most suburbs).

One night, I couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning, tense, jittery and unsettled and by the time morning came and the sun rose, I hadn't slept at all. That morning, I ran out to the cafe' down the road from my house and bought a box of cigarettes and one or two treats for myself and headed home. After doing so, getting home and unpacking, I finally felt up to sleeping. I lay on my bed and slept the day through from 09:45 AM to 04:30 PM GMT. As part of the crisis centers rules, you have to attend certain house meetings and do one or two other things in order to establish a working support system when you decide to move home. I woke up because I had to attend a house meeting at 18:00 PM, so I rolled out of bed and grabbed my toiletries and clothes and headed to the bathroom.

When I began to undress to shower, I was shocked at what I uncovered. My entire body was covered in pitiless bruises. I have never been in an abusive relationship but it was what I imagined one felt like to experience. The bruises were barbarous and covered my body in its entirety with the exception of my face. They were varying in sizes from 5cm x 5cm to 20cm and green, purple, yellow and blue. I didn't know how to process what had happened because I had felt nothing when I had been asleep, not a grab, strike or blow. I ran through the activities of a pretty non-eventful day and realized I had not once banged myself or fallen. The bathroom had a mirror so I turned around to inspect my back and other areas which were not visible to me from that angle. What was on my back scared me the most! I had three long gashes/scratches along the back of my back. I inspected them carefully to see if they spelled out a word, but I couldn't make any English word out of it. Instead, it looked closer to mathematics symbols, and I could subtly make a "Y".

Once again, I thought back to the day trying to think of any way I could have done this to myself. There was absolutely no way, I had gone to sleep and when I had awoken, I had these marks on my body.

So, I did something that day, that today I think was incredibly stupid. I kept quiet about it. I dressed, I went to the meeting and I carried on with my day and my life.

About 2 weeks later, when the bruises were almost healed, I showed two of them to Carla. She freaked-out totally just because of the severity of the two marks which were almost healed, actually. She accused my then boyfriend, Jeff, of domestic abuse! She asked, "oh my God! [NAME]! What happened to you? Did Jeff do this to you?! Is he hitting you!? He's hitting you, isn't he? I am going to kill him! I am going to wrap my hands around his throat and make him sorry he was ever born!" I interrupted her, I said, "Carla! Jeff would never hit me, he didn't do this". Jeff doesn't have a history of violence and he's never hurt a fly, but she is convinced to this day that that is what happened.

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KikiGirl (4 stories) (31 posts)
3 days ago (2017-01-16)
RCRuskin, I have just given your comment a karma point!
Thank-you for all of your insight into my experience, and for clearing everything up for me. You have definitely given me new information and additional particulars about an encounter such as this. I will remember all of the points that you supplied for future.
RCRuskin (4 stories) (113 posts)
6 days ago (2017-01-13)
Kiki, it was just the fact that you had bruises, and that Carla knew you were in a relationship.

She put 2 and 2 together and came up with 17,905.

Hope that clears it up.
KikiGirl (4 stories) (31 posts)
6 days ago (2017-01-13)
RCRuskin! I am greatly appreciative of all of your thoughts and advice on my experience.
Can I come back to this point because I still don't quite understand what exactly you are trying to characterize:
I am not trying to be oddly uptight or resistive about why you believe Carla had reason to suspect Jeff of domestic abuse. Again, *lol, I had no changes in posture, facial expressions, breath, body odor or bathing routine. In fact, the core regulations of a crisis and trauma halfway house is to monitor your ability to behave like a normal, healthy and productive human being.

Your note on quantum mechanics definitely pose more questions that answers for me. *sigh
RCRuskin (4 stories) (113 posts)
6 days ago (2017-01-13)
P.S. In regards to Willow's observations, those are the only ways I know of for bruises to form.

-Physical abuse
If you were abused, you would know it.
-Child abuse
I think you're of age, so we can rule this out.
-Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection
This is a medical treatment, and unless your doctors are... Unprofessional, you'd approve this before it happens.

That leaves the following:
-Falls or injury
-Trauma or injury
-Thrombocytopenia which causes bruising, frequent nosebleeds, and tiny red dots that look like a rash.

A doctor can run tests to see if you have thrombocytopenia.

This leaves us with falls, trauma and injury. I know when I fall, and you seem wise enough to know also. So this leaves an injury as a possibility. (Trauma I will place as being a more serious injury, but still just an injury.) I've had bruises and bleeding from sources I could not identify.

And an attack by a ghost or evil spirit, can result in injury.

So, things seem consistent to me with bad experiences leading to involvement with bad spirits.
RCRuskin (4 stories) (113 posts)
6 days ago (2017-01-13)
Kiki, question B. Is easier to answer.

Seeing your bruises, and combined with what I expect her experiences have been, her first reaction to your bruises was to assume domestic abuse. Your assurances, while I believe them to be true, did not assuage her fear, since victims of domestic abuse do often defend their abusers. It's a nasty situation.

As for question A. It's difficult for us to change the past, though some studies in quantum mechanics indicate this might be possible. (The math is way beyond my comprehension. Laugh )

Meditation, therapy (massage, chromatherapy, aromatherapy, etc.) might assist you in getting negative stresses out of your lives/life. (I believe a married couple should co-work together in building a common life while still being two separate lives.) Gardening, or merely playing in dirt, can release endorphins, feel good chemicals, in our brains.

And personally, one thing I find helpful in the face of destructive emotions and actions is to create, the opposite of destruction. Make a thing. Work with wood or clay. I heart sculpey and beadwork myself, and I'm still futzing along learning those things. Write a story or a joke.

Just some ideas. I hope these ideas help you. And don't forget to reach out to professionals in your community for help, folks who can actually interact with you fully. As my spiritual father told me: there are no long-distance priests.
KikiGirl (4 stories) (31 posts)
6 days ago (2017-01-13)
Hi RCRuskin & WillowWaly! Thanks for your responses. So, I totally understand your point/s and have done personal research on body language and the other ways in which we send out signals other than speech, as well as, abusive relationships; the ways in which men and women differ in the 'abuser' role and I have a little bit of medical knowledge too.
Just a few notes and questions:
Question: On your checklist - The symptoms of bruising are indicative of - I suffer/ed none of the mentioned on your list. Can you maybe further elaborate on how the list is pertinent for consideration?
Question: Quote RCRuskin on - A Spiritual Physical Encounter: "I believe one study indicated up to 90% of communication is non-verbal: facial expressions, posture, even bad breath and body odor from not bathing."
A: Neither Jeff or I were experiencing notable changes to our facial expressions, posture, breath, body odor or bathing schedule. How does this play a role in achieving solace about my situation, at that time?
B: Quote RCRuskin on - A Spiritual Physical Encounter: "Carla's concern about domestic violence was probably expressed in this manner, no spiritual force needed to really hit you."
Can you further explain what you think Carla was seeing / experiencing?
WillowWaly (2 stories) (97 posts)
6 days ago (2017-01-13)
Bruises of different colors (ages) is a specific medical condition. It can be indicative of:

-Physical abuse
-Child abuse
-Falls or injury
-Trauma or injury
-Botulinum toxin (Botox) injection
-Thrombocytopenia which causes bruising, frequent nosebleeds, and tiny red dots that look like a rash.
RCRuskin (4 stories) (113 posts)
1 week ago (2017-01-10)
Kiki, as you probably know, some folks really do get worked up about issues they feel strongly about. I don't know if this would result in any spiritual energy, per se, but the social cues and body language that make up a good chunk of our communication can really hit a guy. (Especially if the body language involves kicks or punches and sorry for the ill timed joke.) I believe one study indicated up to 90% of communication is non-verbal: facial expressions, posture, even bad breath and body odor from not bathing. Carla's concern about domestic violence was probably expressed in this manner, no spiritual force needed to really hit you.

It's important to know, I think, that there are spirits out there who desire to help us, and some out there that desire our utter destruction. The bad and stressful situations you were in attracted unwanted attention. Please surround yourself with friends and loved ones, positive and nurturing people, and even seek out opportunities to nurture yourself. Planting and tending some seeds can be good therapy in many ways, for example. Another option, if you can arrange it, would be to spend some time in a spiritual center on a retreat.

And I also recommend following Rook's cleansing ritual:
KikiGirl (4 stories) (31 posts)
1 week ago (2017-01-10)
Heya Temilicious, I apologize because I don't feel comfortable supplying you with personal information such as addresses. Furthermore, it is a halfway house running under a reputable organization so I am unsure of the implications of supplying the address and to what extent I am further able to supply details or particulars.
KikiGirl (4 stories) (31 posts)
1 week ago (2017-01-10)
Hi RCRuskin! Thank-you very much for taking the time to respond and for saying you're sorry. It really does mean a lot to me. You qualify your answer as long winded but I would have been further interested in hearing more. I certainly did not consider that the phenomena of the spirits working on other peoples emotions and the outcome that the emotional turmoil or disturbance could gratify for an entity. I will definitely be interested in any more thoughts that you have on this experience, you definitely provided food for thought.

One thing that did cross my mind was maybe, Carla had been Head of the Half-way House when something like this had happened to some one else, like a girl in a bad relationship and had not provided her with adequate support. I felt a negative feeling or antagonism that Carla had not fulfilled an obligation to me or my wellbeing, albeit, the girl and her wellbeing. Could such a powerful emotion have manifested in spiritual energy? In addition, Carlas attitude towards my victimization at the time was fierce and passionate, making me wonder if this girl/person ever told Carla the truth at that time.

It was a strange situation with many para-prompts, and yet, we still do not have the answer today.
Temilicious (7 stories) (60 posts)
1 week ago (2017-01-09)
Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. Having read through them I agree with RC. I think what happened to you was a result of what you were going through at that time in your life.

I'm from SA, lived in JHB for a while but am back home in Port Elizabeth now. Would you mind providing me with the house's name, that is if you don't mind. Am just curious about it, would like to go online and see if anyone else has ever experienced anything whilst there.

Most entries are from overseas so it would be really cool to have something from our own backyard that I can look up.

RCRuskin (4 stories) (113 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-01-08)
Hi, Kikigirl.

I apologize for not having responded sooner, but I read your story right after getting home and having an interesting conversation with a neighbor in the elevator. She had just returned from the hospital where her sister had died from injuries in a fight. In a word, she was murdered. <sarcasm>I love what people do to each other.</sarcasm>

Temilicious asked pretty much all the questions I have to ask. Not sure what laws and rules there are in South Africa, but there are many patient privacy laws here in the US such that family members can't always get necessary information.

I suspect that whatever trauma was going on in your life attracted unwanted attention, whether from a physical or spiritual opponent is not relevant, I think. I believe from this account it was more spiritual, and that you were not the only one suffering in that establishment. I don't think the staff or administrators were the problem, but that the suffering there attracted unkind spirits to egg folks on in the act of hurting each other.

Well, this was a long winded reply and doesn't really add anything. But I hope 2017 has so far found you in a better position physically and spiritually.
KikiGirl (4 stories) (31 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-01-08)
Hi Temilicious! Thanks for your message, it actually means a lot because no one has responded on this story and it was something that was explainable and sorrowful so it means a lot to me.

To answer your questions:

1. Do you think they were caused by what was going on in your life at the time?
Answer: My immediate instinct is no, I do not feel that it was caused by the crisis in my life at that time. Although, a few months before that incident, I had been in a different crisis and trauma center after my brothers death and it turned out to have some very bad vibes and people in it which is why I moved. Whether something had latched onto me there, I am unsure but my intuition feels like it has more to do with the room or a person at the halfway house where the attack happened.
2. Do you think they were caused by something in that bedroom?
Answer: Yes, I do believe that somebody who had stayed in the bedroom had suffered something which emotionally or spiritually affected the room and when I was living in the room, I came into contact with and was exposed to that energy.
I do not overlook the idea that it could have been a spiritual phenomenon, either.
3. Could there have been a tragedy that may have happened in that particular room, or even house?
Answer: I do believe that this incident was rooted in some familiarity with the above the house or a person. I wanted to question Carla further but when she saw the bruises, her immediate reaction was to be suspicious of Jeff and that was her absolute truth. Again, Jeff would never hurt a fly or lay a hand on me, absolutely not but I can understand 100% why she thought that.
4. Ever ask Carla or other residents staying there at the time about the room?
Answer: I never got any answers from the few people I asked about the previous tenants because, if I remember correctly, the half-way house had only been open for a few years and the people would only stay for a short while and rotate. Further history remained unknown by everyone in the house, even Carla. Also, for some reason, the other tenants were not very kind to me at the time, and I have no idea why. They always had a reason to begin conflict with me, unfairly. I did made a good friend with whom I did fabric painting, though.
5. Did you experience anything else while staying there other than the bruising?
Answer: Other then the mentioned unwelcome feeling when I arrived and then every night, the nervousness, vulnerability and fear, no.
To my surprise, after the incident, I feared the worst and that more bad things were going to happen, but, instead, the room seemed brighter and harmonious and I stopped having the nervous night jitters.
Note: I might be totally wrong here but one of the residences whom lived with us at the time did pass away but 3 or 4 years later. I may be getting confused but I think that is how I remember it.
6. Why would they spell out a word?
Answer: I made very sure of the marks that I harbored, and the same with the scratches. If something so severe ever happens with you and it is not by any means ordinary or natural, adding that I did not seek outside help at the time, I was forced to deal with those circumstances on my own. I knew it was important to diagnose and monitor the injuries, to perceive the nature of the injuries, and to observe if there were further injuries or bruising in the future.
7. The scratches, why would they spell out a word?
Answer: I thought that it may be a message of some kind. If not, it may prove to be an important piece of information in the future for example, if somebody knew the origin of the word or what could make marks or scratches of this kind.

Strangely enough, I watched a horror movie sometime in the last few years where one of the characters had a similar attack and scratches with the "y". However, there was no other relation or similarities to my life story. So, no luck there!
Temilicious (7 stories) (60 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-01-08)
sorry, I finish sentences in my head and think I have typed them out- I meant the scratches, why would they spell out a word?
Temilicious (7 stories) (60 posts)
2 weeks ago (2017-01-08)
Hi KikiGirl,

I feel your story is incomplete;

Did you ever find out what caused the bruises?
Do you think they were caused by what was going on in your life at the time or by something in that bedroom (would I be right in saying 'physical manifestation? English is my second language)?
Could there have been a tragedy that may have happened in that particular room, or even house?
Ever ask Carla or other residents staying there at the time about the room?
Did you experience anything else while staying there other than the bruising?
Why would they spell out a word?

Those are just a few questions that popped into mind when reading your experience.Oh, and Jeff, I can't help but get the feeling you're trying to convince yourself more than us that he's not abusive. Just a thought. I hope you're in a better space now in your life.

Thanks for sharing.


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