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matrix899 (1 stories) (36 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-28)

I would not be so quick to label this BS. I think we should consider the fear factor here.

It is human to feel fear.

You are driving on a dark road at 2:30am with your girlfriend in the car when you come upon an SUV on its side with no one present. You stop and call out but no one responds.

What would you do?

Leave your girlfriend in the car and go searching the bushes for survivors at 2:30am on a dark road? This is how we would all prefer to respond in a situation like this, but you cannot discount the fear factor and uncertainty in those conditions.

I think the writer's conduct is understandable under the circumstances.

DandK (9 stories) (287 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-27)
SUV on its side. Lights on. You and your girlfriend decide to go on your way and 'flag' down a sheriff. Did you? Did you call someone (you mentioned you were both highly educated Christians?)? Was it possible someone crawled out and in a stupor walked away from the vehicle and was lying on the ground somewhere waiting or hoping for help?

I'm sorry to be so blunt but this stinks to me. Somehow, I don't see self-described highly educated Christian people not making an effort to help people that may be in a troublesome situation. You see a bunch of frogs and all other concerns vanish.

Would you just wait to read about it in the news, or would you get to that gas station and call for help or at the least to report what you saw?

Nope. I don't usually do this, but I'm calling BS on this.
MK1 (1 stories) (12 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-27)
Thanks, [at] Biblio... I appreciate the kind welcome!

Crazy what your family ran across... Must have been a tad bewildering to see that many lizards in migration. Thanks for sharing that story!

Frogs? Baffling, for certain. I'd entertain any reasonable explanation, as I feel I have exhausted all leads on my end.
Bibliothecarius (5 stories) (745 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-27)
Greetings, MK1, and welcome to YGS.

While I have not got the slightest clue how these physical phenomena were caused, my family did run across (Ugh! Sorry, bad pun) a similar migration in our camper when I was young. However, this was a migration of 6"-10" lizards on a road in what was then southern Yugoslavia; perhaps they were Balkan green lizards, but I'm pretty sure there were also yellow, red, orange, and brown ones. There were thousands of them, but the migration path was only 1/2 of a mile wide at the most. There had been some serious volcanic activity in Turkey, apparently, so they'd begun their autumn migration early. A three-mile wide swath of frogs, though, is outright bizarre. Normally, that sort of behavior is linked with invertebrates, like army ants or locusts, not amphibians.
MK1 (1 stories) (12 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-27)
[at] matrix899,
Thanks for the kind comments and opinion. You raise a valid point.

Seeing the overturned SUVs with no visible reason for them to be like that was baffling to say the least. The first one was strange enough, since the vehicle clearly had a driver at some point, but seeing the second one left abandoned in the same manner was just insane. 2 new-looking vehicles just sitting there.

And the idea of an alternate dimension is something that could very well have happened. It was quite surreal and frightening to see the SUVs, and then the frogs?!?! I wondered aloud if we were seeing the Apocalypse.

I still often use that same stretch of highway in my travels, and the road still seems strange and just plain spooky at night. What I would give to have had a camera that evening...
matrix899 (1 stories) (36 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-27)

Thank you for sharing this very strange experience that obviously cannot be explained in terms of normal human experience.

Over the past few decades we have heard much theorizing about different dimensions and overlapping dimensions. This experience made me remember some of the theories regarding the possible existence of alternate realities.

Of course none of this has been proved, but experiences like this makes one wonder. I found the detail of the overturned SUVs particularly strange. I guess if there was such a thing as an alternate reality our perception in such a reality would be impossible to imagine.

Thanks again for sharing.
MK1 (1 stories) (12 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-26)
Hey, [at] tweed,
Thanks for the kind comments. Allow me to address your points:

1) I have no explanation for the SUV sitting on its side, or the other one which was upside down. I've worked in film and television on and off for 30 years, and I'd know a film set if I saw it, guaranteed.

Even an indie-film-budget shoot would not have been out in weather of that severity. No way. I understand the need to "get the shot," but in no way would anyone have been literally out in that weather.

Furthermore, I would have already known about a location shoot since I remain close to all of the usual suspects in the area, and this would have been a Hollywood budget to pull off the "scattered vehicles" look.

2) These frogs were not replicas, nor were they dead. These were actual living creatures, and there must have been a million of them or more. Read closely, this blanket of frogs went on for at least three miles!

They were EVERYWHERE... Hopping around at random, in the road, on the shoulder, in the ditches next to the road, the fields and land off each side of the road. There was a small living, hopping frog roughly every 3-5 inches apart.

Even a Hollywood budget would not have allowed for an allotment of millions of frogs...I'm quite sure a director would opt for adding digital replicas of the real thing in post-production.

3) I had rolled my window down and actually leaned outside my vehicle to confirm what I was seeing. The rain had largely stopped at the point where I saw the frogs. Absolutely no way the frogs were not real... When we stopped we actually heard them jumping against the car. They were real.

4) "Magnolia" is a film I am not familiar with, nor do I know of a town by that name. I have heard many urban legends, but I have never heard one (around here) about a plague of frogs. Everyone to whom I have told this story has been baffled...

Anyway...thanks for pondering aloud, Tweed! 😁
Tweed (23 stories) (2042 posts)
1 year ago (2016-09-26)
Hi there MK, far out how utterly bizarre.

Ummm SUV's placed neatly on their side cries 'film crew' to me.

Has anyone here got Magnolia on DVD? I'm wondering if you stumbled upon where they filmed the frog bit. Or some kind of pre production deserted road 'test run' (This happened to you in '96) for how to pull off the later date 'in production' scene. (Film completed in '99)
For anyone who has Magnolia handy, are there any red and green tipped SUV's in the frog bit?

You sure these frogs were live and not multiple good replicas? Thousands of active live frogs would surely make a heck of noise. Perhaps the wet conditions and rain gave them the impression of movement. I realise some live frogs or toads were used in the movie but these would be reserved for close ups and there wouldn't be thousands hopping about.

In my interweb searches for answers I learned that Magnolia is a place in Alabama. Far be it for me to recommend bloody Hollywood for answers but Paul Thomas Anderson is a far cry from Micheal friggen Bay, so maybe Anderson based some of his fiction on some real event he'd heard of in Alabama. The same event you drove through here. The film has a bunch of real life weird crap events at the beginning, so who knows. 😕

Or it's an act of GOD (dah dah daaaah!)
Whatever the hap it's downright weird, thanks for sharing! 😊

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