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My Weird House In Mississippi


I felt compelled to write this tonight, on Halloween. This is a collection of strange occurrences at a house I grew up in. Since this happened so long ago, some of the details may be a little left out, but I will try to keep everything together.

The house where these events happened was our first real house. My mom, sister and I moved out to MS in 1979 with my stepfather. He and my mom got married the following year in June.

When I was a young child of maybe eight or nine, my parents would say that I would sleepwalk. My stepfather (who I called daddy), would be the one to put me back in bed. They would say that my eyes would be open and rolled back in my head and I was making weird noises and my arms flailing around. I do not recall this of course. I can recall numerous nosebleeds though and have no idea why I mentioned that but maybe the nosebleeds are relevant to what happened to me.

Another time, I could see and hear my mattress breathing. I actually saw my mattress rise and fall. I ran out of my room so fast to tell whoever was awake what had happened. Of course it was swept under the rug.

Another time when my grandparents came to visit, I had an awful fright of a girl with dark pigtails was dangling them through the air vent that was on the ceiling of my bedroom. I felt as if she was trying to scare me and told this to my grandmother. She agreed with me. She recited the Lord's Prayer with me and told me if I saw this again, to recite the prayer again until I wasn't scared anymore. Well that never happened again as far as I can tell.

This final fright had me move my bedroom to my sister's bedroom. I saw these glowing sharp fingers and fingernails come out of the closet and wrap around the door of my closet! That was it! I had to get out of this room! I slept in my sisters bedroom for a long time, and soon moved out of that room due to mosquitos that lived in the bushes that where in front of the house. I liked to sleep with the windows open. I might add that the nosebleeds stopped after I moved out of my original bedroom.

I also had what I think was a dream, but I was aware of things that I was doing. I dreamt that I was outside my house at the front door with the screen door handle in my hand like I was going in to the house. I was staring at this huge orange ball of light that I thought was the sun, but in my dream, the sun was already up and as I was looking right at this I surmised that it was not the sun, because my eyes would be hurt. I suddenly remembered that my family does not use the front door because of the mosquitos and that made me feel entirely put out that I was left at the front door of my home. The orange ball was gone as I looked back up in the sky where I had seen this thing. I then laughed to myself and went round to the back door and let myself in. I kind of told my mom about it and she had nothing to say about it. We never talked about it again.

The doorbell would, at odd hours of the day and night, ring by itself. My stepfather, who is a jack of all trades so to speak, checked the wiring and everything was fine. No shorts.

When making a garden in which to grow things, my stepfather and I discovered a couple of arrowheads. One was made from stone, and another was made from flint. I wish I still had those arrowheads. The house was located near an unknown creek in Hattiesburg, MS. There was a cemetery across the main road, Country Club Rd. And behind that was a railroad track that is still in use to this day. My parents sold the house after I graduated high school and moved to the country on forty acres. They have built a huge, over 9000 square foot home on the land.

My toys that needed batteries would suddenly come on and be active with no batteries in them.

I would have 'crises' up until I was 13. I have a variant of Sickle Cell disease. I'm slightly asthmatic due to my frequent bouts of pneumonia. I now live at a really high elevation, and don't have many breathing problems. Just a lot of anxiety. But who is not anxious these days?

My grandfather passed away in 1988. I think it was three days after his death, that I had a dream about him. I dreamt that he was in the kitchen leaning over the sink looking out the window that faced the Baptist church next door. It was frightening to see him there knowing he was dead and leaning over the sink. You don't normally lean over the sink to look out at the church. He had this look on his face like, 'Why are you staring at me like that?' I was terrified and was creeping along the counter to get past him and I think he knew that. Then I believe that was the end of my dream. I felt reassured by relatives afterwards that he was saying goodbye in a weird kind of way. My grandfather and I were very close, and he called me his 'Little Shadow'. I still haven't had any visitation dreams of my aunt who passed in 1986 yet.

When I reached 11 years that is when my womanhood came. I started having really bizarre dreams of not being able to cross the street like normal, like my legs wouldn't work. I also dreamt of a man and could only see from this upper lip to his chin. He would kiss me and tell me, 'Don't forget the premise.' It is a dream that would haunt me until in 1998. I went numb from the waist down after being treated for a severe kidney infection. My legs still give me problems even though I am able to walk and drive a car now. A couple of months before, I went deaf in my left ear. The auditory nerve died and is not coming back. My leg pain is a constant and neurologists cannot figure out why my legs hurt the way they do and why they tingle like mad from my butt down to my ankles. My toes are still curled a bit and shoes don't fit like they used to. I have no forward balance. It is frustrating, because I loved to go roller skating. I did however wear Doc Martins when I was relearning how to walk again. This I did on my own. I never went to a hospital to get treatment for my immobility. I don't run, and if I do, it feels very awkward. I had moved from my parents' home and was kind of living on my own at this time. The 'premise guy' I believed to be 'Sam' (his name has been changed to protect his identity). He adamantly denies being the guy, but deep down I think he knows he is. Ten years later, we are back in contact with each other, and I still have very deep feelings for him.

I was dating a man named 'Rich' (his name as also been changed). He lived in Renton, WA and his place was near some train tracks. I would hear the train coming, and it would remind me of my childhood home. It was comforting in a way, being somewhere new by myself. I told my then boyfriend about this he thought it was very cool. He was my best playmate. We went to bed and I had a dream about my grandmother! She had passed soon after my grandfather had passed sometime in 1990. Well in the dream, my boyfriend was with me, and she was looking at him like, 'Who are you and what are you doing in my house?' (I frequently visit my grandparents' house, in my dreams, if I feel insecure sometimes.) My grandmother had dropped three dimes and was trying to pick them up but couldn't quite get them, then I offered to pick them up for her, and that was the end of the dream.

I have had many dreams about things to come before they actually happened. Take 9-11 for one. I dreamt of that. In my dream the towers where burning. There was chaos everywhere and the dream didn't quite make sense, and I did keep this dream in particular to myself. When that day came round and I saw the destruction on TV. I was floored! My grandfather, who was an architectural engineer, would have the plans for the twin towers on his drafting desk. I went back in my mind to when my grandfather was talking about when the towers where built, that a state of the art sprinkler system had to be installed to cool down the steel infrastructure. I could remember as a little girl sitting on his lap in his drawing room and he would tell me things about all the stuff he had designed. All I could think of was, 'I hope everyone gets out. I hope everyone gets out.' Well, we all know not everyone got out.

Well that is my tale and I hope that I haven't freaked everyone out. I don't have 'premise' or 'burning tower' dreams anymore. Nor do I have dreams about my decreased mobility. I think because all of these events have transpired.

Thanks for letting me tell my story.

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TygerDall (2 stories) (29 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-03)
Thanks to all who have responded to my story!
To dreamergal: You should see me walk up stairs! I am working on programming my mind to not think about getting the paralysis again. I feel more secure living in an upstairs apartment.
Plus my cats can go out onto my balcony at any time of the day or night.
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-02)
Wow Kind of we have something in common that we have problem to walk and deaf and anxitley. Dreams means some dease love one can visit the living love one in a dream by get in touch. About 9/11 yes its scare me about that I never want to ride in plane ever again and it's very sad. I did dream about my dease love fews of them come to me in a dream. Interest story I like it.
logan (3 stories) (222 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-01)

Your experience is very well explained. Its beleivable... Thanks for sharing and I do hope you get better with your health.

chopis (78 posts)
12 years ago (2010-11-01)
Weird indeed, and yes, unfortunately not everyone got out: (
Thanks for sharing your story,


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