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Weird Rocking At Night?


So one night I was sleeping and I'm just lying there thinking about stuff (I can't remember what stuff though). Anyways, I was lying there then all of a sudden I started rocking back and forth really fast and I couldn't stop myself, its as if a ghost or something was doing it to me! And it wasn't my parents or brother cause it was like 3 in the morning when it happened. And I was rocking back and forth like that for atleast a minute then it suddenly stopped. But heres another weird thing, I couldn't get myself up!

I tried and tried but something was holding me back! Eventually I did but it was like where I would try a couple times and I would be able to get up a little bit more each time I tried, and eventually I got up successfully! But its happened 3 other times and I can't figure out what's going on! And heres another wierd thing, it would happen at the same time everytime! At 3 in the morning! Even if I was sleeping it would awaken me and do it to me! Could someone tell me what's going on!? Also I was sleeping and I woke up to it rocking me back and forth and I would see my computer turn on when its shut down with no power cord in it! And yes I was awake because I couldn't fall back asleep for the entire night!

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DCinAZ (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-04)
This sounds a lot like something that happens to my husband, it may be completely different but just consider it for a moment; he falls asleep laying on his back with his arms across his chest, after an hour or so he wakes up rocking from side to side, tries to sit up and can't. This is usually about the time I wake up from his thrashing and freaking out, I've been through this with him many times now so I know the drill, I have him roll onto his side then sit up, after which I rub his arms. See, the position he fell asleep in was/is the problem, his arms would fall asleep and he couldn't move or control them, thus the freak out began and once he starts that it pretty much consumes his rational thought processes. After his arms come back to life we have a good laugh and go back to sleep. Like I always say, I could be way off, it's just a theory.
Theif47 (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-04)
This happened to me except I did not rock but it only happened once
kellyjelly (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-03)
Sounds like what happened to me. I was in this bed just for the night at my Dad's place and all of a sudden it started rocking, but just softly rocking, and then it would stop. And I felt like I was being pushed back against the bed... But I haven't worked out yet if it was just my nerves or something paranormal...

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